How to Invest in Agriculture and get Return on Investment

How to Invest in Agriculture and get Return on Investment

How to Invest in Agriculture and get Return on Investment: Agriculture is one business that, a people or a nation cannot do without; we cannot shy away from the fact that agriculture remains one of the most profitable businesses, the world over.

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Although, starting an agricultural business and running the business, in terms of cost is low, yet it remains a business, if not the only business that can generate over one hundred percent return on investment (ROI).

It is a given that Nigeria, as a nation is battling with the issue of unemployment; be that as it may, agriculture business has become one of the major avenues for employment of the teeming Nigerian populace since the present economic reality in the country has rendered many hopeless.

It is however, true that agriculture business before now was considered a dirty business, which was a business reserved for the poor, interestingly today, the Nigerian youths have began to embrace agricultural business.

We are all aware that the issue of drift from rural areas to urban centers has however, posed a serious challenge to the development of agricultural business in Nigeria, and besides, this drift, as a result has brought about unusual increase in population of the urban cities’ dwellers within the Nigerian state hence, rendered these cities incapacitated in absorbing this volume of persons into the labour market, sometimes occasioned by urbanization.

Agriculture in Nigeria

However, I still maintain my stand that this drift from the rural areas to urban centers could be discouraged by redirecting the focus of Nigerian to the most lucrative business ever in the history of man, and that business is agricultural business, please note, no nation, the world over, can be considered wealthy, except, the nation is able to feed its citizenry.

Nonetheless, the most interesting thing about agricultural business is that.

It can be started without so much acquisition of knowledge though, knowledge at some point is very vital.

But the fact remains that you do not need a Degree in Agricultural science to venture in agricultural business.

So without much ado, in this article.

I am going to show you how to invest in agriculture and recover your investment one hundred percent.

There are diverse ways to invest in agriculture business.

Either in crop production or livestock production.

Whichever way; you can invest profitably in agricultural business.

You can invest in agriculture in diverse ways, such as:

Agriculture in Nigeria

1. Crop production, processing and packaging:

Many today, consider life very sophisticated, and luxurious because of their social standing, background and political relevancy.

And in most times these set of persons are very busy type.

This life style, convenience, sometimes comfort can become business opportunities for those of us with eagle eyes.

To invest in this agricultural business opportunity, you will either lease land in any part of the country with a favorable climate that you know will allow the growth of the crops you intend to grow.

Agriculture in Nigeria

Hire labourers, cultivate that land and grow crops such as Yams, Beans, Rice, Potatoes, Plantain, Pepper, Onions even palm fruits that bear fruits in just, to say eight ten years.

These crops, at maturity you harvest them and they become foodstuff.

Get them from the farm clean them and package them in precise fractions and sell them either to wholesalers or you sell them directly to the end users.

Many of these elites who do not have time to go for shopping will just be lessen from the stress that goes along with shopping and they will be glad that in just a phone call can deliver their product at their door steps.

You can source for customers; build a database of your customers.

You can equally increase your cash flow, those of your customers who will be willing to pay up-front.

That is why you should make your agricultural business a real business, where you focus all your attention on.

2. Why not invest in fruit production:

This area of investment in agriculture is infact, money spinning business.

Check out, about sixty five to seventy percent Nigerians are relying in fruit consumption because of the degree of nutrients fruits have provided to human body.

I doubt if you need any professionalism to venture into fruit production and processing aspect of agricultural business. All you need is however, having some sense of hygiene, and how do you go about this?

I will tell you;

You either buy these fruits in bulks from the producers Or even from wholesalers and as well process them. Or you can equally become the sole producer of fruits.

You can produce them, process them and possibly packaged them for sell.

This is how you go about it;

Like I stated earlier, just secure or you lease a land for the purpose of growing these fruits.

Such as Pineapples, Quavers, Oranges, Apples, Banana.

And many of those consumable fruits and be sure that where you intend to grow these fruits the climate of that place favours the growing of these fruits crops.

Hire labourers, cultivate the land and grow your fruit crops.

Harvest them; once they are matured clean them for sale.

Agriculture in Nigeria

You are standing a chance of making cool cash from this investment because most Nigerian.

Both the working class and the elites love eating fruits most especially once these fruits are clean and neat.

While a good number of them preferred being serve chilled.

Never forget” most of these persons who patronized fruit shops are worn out of taking non-natural fruit juice from the fruit and juice shops.

So what is your opportunity of making money from this challenge is that with your extractor as well as blender machines.

You can be smiling to your bank with huge sum of money from juice production.

Agriculture in Nigeria

These individuals are likely to pay you ask you to keep their change and still tell you thank you.

Why because you have solved the problem by giving them that natural source of nutrients that has been denied them in fast food centers with fake and false flavours.

At this juncture friends, I will love that you avail yourself of these many opportunities of investing in agricultural business.

Why not take an action after reading this article and make the first move.

Take a stand; invest in agricultural business and make your money, good luck!!!

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