20 Tips to Set-up Apex Entertainment Centre

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Apex Entertainment

Apex Entertainment: Most people would give up when it comes to hooking up an entertainment center. Although it may seem like a very difficult thing to do, it’s not.

1. Place all the components, TV, speakers where you want them.
2. Mount the flat panel TV & the surround sound speakers on the wall if possible.
3. Turn all equipment sideways on the shelves so you can get to the connections in the back.
4. Plug in all the power cords into a power strip.

Apex Entertainment

5. Use the composite video cables to connect the VCR to the receiver.
6. Connect the antenna to the High Definition TV receiver with a coaxial cable.
7. Connect the DVD player to the surround sound receiver, using the component video cables. For the audio connect the digital optical cable from the DVD player to the receiver.

Apex Entertainment

8. Connect the digital cable box to the TV using a coaxial cable.
9. Use a DVI/HDMI Cable to connect the TV to the High Definition TV receiver.
10. Connect the TV to the surround sound receiver using a set of audio and component video cables.

Apex Entertainment

11. Connect the surround sound speakers to the receiver using speaker wires. Connect the subwoofer to the surround sound receiver with a subwoofer cable.

12. Turn everything on. If necessary, switch channels and settings to match the labels on the connections you’ve just made, to test the connections.
13. Place the subwoofer in the front corner of the room to hear the bass better.

14. Upgrade your audio & video cables; remember your picture is only as good as your cables can transmit.

15. Take your time to go through the steps as you can see all the cables and connections are clearly labeled and color-coded.

Apex Entertainment

16. For digital systems the cable quality does not matter.

 The whole point of digital is that you either get a signal or you do not.
 Getting expensive cables for a digital set up is synonymous to buying quality cables for your lights at home, in-case the lights do not turn on which you flick the switch. “While digital transmissions are also degraded… variations do not matter since they are ignored when the signal is received.”

17. Make use of all diagrams included along with the entertainment set.

18. Label each cable/wire with a piece of masking tape and marker in case you move or replace equipment. Use wire ties or zip ties to keep the wires neat and tidy.

19. If you have multiple components with HDMI outputs and a capable audio receiver, connect each component to the receiver and use one HDMI cable to go from the receiver to the TV. This will make the system much easier to control and you’ll have less cables to buy.

Apex Entertainment

20. Things You’ll Need

  • Component Video Cables
  • Digital Optical Cables
  • Coaxial Cables & Subwoofer Cable
  • HDTV Tuner/Receiver (if not already built in)
  • Digital Cable Box
  • DVI/HDMI cables
  • Antenna (to watch local channels)
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Receiver
  • Power source (for clean and pure connection)
  • Blu-Ray Player (for high definition movies)
  • 5.1 Surround Speakers
  • Speaker Wire
  • Wall mounts for speakers.

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