5 Reasons Why Experience is the Best Thing You Can Bring to Your Job Search

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Arvato digital services llc: Are you a recent college graduate trying to break into the job market? Are you struggling to find your first real job and instead have gained a string of internships under your belt? Or are you an experienced candidate still looking for your next opportunity after being laid off, taking voluntary redundancy, or updating your skillset?

You might feel like the job search is harder than ever right now. There are more applicants and fewer positions, especially if you’re looking at entry-level roles. Everyone is competing for the same set of jobs with similar qualifications and experience.
That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for someone with less work experience to get hired or that you should avoid applying for those positions entirely. You just need to be strategic from the outset about how you can leverage other aspects of your CV in order to give yourself an edge over other candidates. Here are five things that will almost always give you an advantage in the job search process:

5 Reasons Why Experience is the Best Thing You Can Bring to Your Job Search

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‍With the job market being as competitive as it is, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to securing your next role. You need to think creatively if you want to stand out from the crowd. We all know that employers are looking for people who can bring something unique to their business; some sort of special skill or ability that not everyone has. Having experience in a particular field or subject does wonders for your CV and job search in general, but it’s often overlooked in the frantic rush of CV writing and interview prep. However, its importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

It proves that you’re invested in your field

If you’ve worked in the same industry or field for a long time, it shows you’re committed to your profession and have a real passion for the field. Employers like to see that you’re invested in your industry, because it means you’ll have a vested interest in the continued growth of your company. You may have noticed that there are many people searching for jobs who have no real interest in the work they’re doing; they just want a nice paycheck at the end of the week. Employers can spot this a mile away. You need to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to do that is to show that you’re invested in your field, and that you’ve been working in it for some time.

It shows that you have a track record of success

Employers want to know that you can deliver results, and nothing shows that off better than a solid track record of success. Having experience in the field you’re applying for shows that you’ve managed to achieve great results under very different circumstances. You’ve worked in different situations, with different types of people and under different pressures, so you’re prepared for any situation that you might face in your new role. You’re also likely to have gained plenty of transferable skills during your time in the field, which can be applied to the new role. With 20+ years in the recruitment industry, the team at Hays know that having a track record of success is one of the best things you can bring to your job search.

It demonstrates that you understand the ins and outs of your industry

Having experience in your industry will have given you insight into the latest developments and trends within your field. You’ll have an idea of what’s working and what isn’t, and you’ll have a better idea of what’s on the horizon for your industry. You’ll have a better understanding of the challenges that your sector is facing, and you’ll probably have some great ideas on how they can be overcome. This type of insight is extremely valuable in your job search, as it will give you a leg up over your competition. Employers love people who are invested in their field and have a good understanding of the latest developments. Your experience will have also given you an insight into the type of clients you work with and what they need, which is extremely valuable information.

It gives you leverage during salary negotiations

Having experience in a particular field will give you leverage when you’re negotiating your salary. Employers almost always try to get the candidate to accept a salary that’s lower than what they’re expecting. You have to be prepared to stand your ground, even if your salary expectations aren’t met, or you’ll be easily manipulated into a lower salary. Having experience in the field will give you the confidence and the facts to support your salary requirements, making it more difficult for the employer to get the better of you.

It shows that you’re adaptable, resilient and hustle-ready

If you’ve been working in the same field for a long time, you’ve likely come across some huge challenges and obstacles. You’ve probably seen your fair share of successes and failures. You’ve likely discovered how to deal with incredibly challenging clients, and you’ve gained valuable insight into the ins and outs of your industry. You’ve seen the ups and downs of the business world, and you’ve come out the other side with valuable experience that you can bring to your new role. Having experience in your field will have taught you how to overcome challenges and deal with adversity.

Bottom line: the more experience you have, the better

There’s no doubt that experience is the best thing you can bring to your job search. It proves that you’re invested in your field, that you have a track record of success, that you understand the ins and outs of your industry, that you have leverage when it comes to salary negotiations and that you’re adaptable, resilient and hustle-ready. Having experience isn’t guaranteed to land you the job, but it certainly gives you an advantage over your competition, and it’s something that employers desperately want to see.

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