11 Best Medical Ventilators for Hospitals

Best Medical Ventilators: A ventilator is a machine that provides mechanical ventilation by moving breathable air into and out of the lungs.

To deliver breaths to a patient who is physically unable to breathe, or breathing insufficiently.

Ventilators are computerized microprocessor-controlled machines.

But patients can also be ventilated with a simple, hand-operated bag valve mask.

Ventilators are chiefly used in intensive-care medicine, home care.

And emergency medicine (as standalone units) and in anesthesiology (as a component of an anesthesia machine).

Ventilators are sometimes called “respirators”.

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Ventilators and COVID-19: How They Can Save People's Lives

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However, contemporary hospital and medical terminology uses the word “respirator” to refer to a protective face-mask.

Before COVID-19 became a pandemic, a need for ventilation was one of the most common reasons Trusted Source people received treatment in ICUs.

Since then, the demand for ventilators has increased.

This article is about one type of machine used to assist breathing.

For the broader article, on both positive- and negative-pressure devices.

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Who needs a ventilator?

People require ventilation if they are experiencing respiratory failure.

When this occurs, a person cannot get enough oxygen and may not be able to expel carbon dioxide very well either.

It can be a life-threatening condition.

There are many injuries and conditions that can cause respiratory failure.

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Including Trusted Trusted Source:

  • head injury
  • stroke
  • lung disease
  • spinal cord injury
  • polio
  • sudden cardiac arrest
  • neonatal respiratory distress syndrome
  • acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
  • pneumonia
  • sepsis

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Some people with COVID-19 have severe difficulty breathing, or develop ARDS.

However, this only occurs in people who become critically illTrusted Source.

Which accounts for around 5%Trusted Source of all confirmed COVID-19 cases.

In addition, doctors also use ventilators for people who undergo surgery.

And will not be able to breathe on their own due to anesthesia.

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Medical Ventilators:

  1. Draeger Medical Ventilators
  2. GE Medical Ventilators
  3. Hamilton Medical Ventilators
  4. ICU Ventilator
  5. Maquet Medical Ventilators
  6. Noninvasive Ventilation
  7. Philips Medical Ventilators
  8. Portable Medical Ventilator
  9. Resmed Medical Ventilators
  10. Schiller Medical Ventilators
  11. Siemens Ventilator

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Ventilators are devices that support a person’s breathing if they are experiencing respiratory failure.

There are different types of ventilator, including noninvasive and invasive.

That provide varying degrees of support. Demand for ventilators has increased due to COVID-19.

It can take time to recover from being on a ventilator.

Serious illness can impact mental health and physical health.

People experiencing persistent symptoms after weaning off ventilator support should speak to their doctor.

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