7 Tips for Working with the Business Consumer Alliance

Business consumer alliance: Working with advocacy organizations can be a tricky process. The stakes are high and it’s important to get everything right from the beginning.

Working with advocacy groups requires special care and attention to details, as any misstep could have major consequences for your organization.
Working with an advocacy organization can be challenging for businesses because these relationships involve trust and collaboration on objectives that may not directly align with business interests.

Working with these groups requires a delicate balance of power, where both sides understand their own agenda but also remain open to compromise and negotiation in pursuit of mutual goals.
Working with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) can be even trickier than most advocate relationships because of the nature of our organization and our own personal histories working in various industries as well as the nonprofit sector. However, by following these seven tips, you can work more effectively and productively with the BCA – and any advocacy partner – moving forward.

7 Tips for Working with the Business Consumer Alliance

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Today’s business consumers are increasingly tech-savvy and digitally connected. They expect businesses to have websites, mobile apps, and other digital resources that are easy to find and use. In fact, a recent survey by the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) found that nearly half of Americans now search for local businesses online before visiting them in person. In addition, almost one-third of respondents said they would give local businesses negative online reviews if their experiences at those locations were disappointing. To maintain your company’s reputation as a trustworthy business partner, it’s important that you meet consumers where they are — digitally speaking. Whether your company is an established corporation or a startup just getting off the ground, here are some tips for working with the BCA to help you build stronger connections with your target customers.

Make your website a consumer-friendly Experience

If you have customers looking for you online, but you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on some prime customer acquisition opportunities. By the same token, you’ll also miss an opportunity to build trust with your clients by not having a consumer-friendly website. A consumer-friendly website is one that’s easy to navigate and provides useful information, such as opening hours, contact information and a map, directions, hours of operation, product or service offerings, and more. Consumer-friendly websites can be found through search engines and are worth their weight in gold when it comes to building business reputation.

Offer mobile app(s)

Mobile apps are a popular way for consumers to interact with businesses. If you’re not already offering mobile users a way to access your services, products, and information, you’re missing out on a huge customer base. By offering mobile apps, you can give your customers an easy way to find your business and transact with it at any time of day, from anywhere. You can also use apps to run loyalty programs, send push notifications, and prompt customers to leave reviews.

Add a map with your contact information on your website

While having your contact information on your website is a must, many businesses simply list their address and phone number. If you want to encourage your customers to buy from you, you have to have added value and convenience. By adding a map with directions from major roads or a transit station, you’re giving your customers a quick, easy way to get to your business. By doing so, you’re also giving your customers the option to use your directions to buy from your business at their convenience.

Provide digital coupons

Digital coupons let customers know that you have special deals and promotions available to them — and they give them an easy way to redeem those deals. Digital coupons can be hosted on your website, on social media pages, or through a mobile app. Similarly, they can be redeemed online or through the mobile app. By offering digital coupons, you’re giving your customers an easy way to save money — and you’re giving them a reason to visit your business.

Host Google ads and email campaigns

Google Ads and email campaigns can be powerful marketing tools that bring customers to your business. By hosting Google Ads and email campaigns, you’re reaching people who are actively looking for goods and services just like yours. You’re also targeting people who may not be familiar with your business. You can target these customers with ads that take them to your website, Facebook page, or other social media pages. You can also guide them toward your contact information so that they can visit your business in person.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that the BCA is here to help businesses and consumers navigate the new online experience. Businesses are expected to be digitally savvy, while consumers are expected to trust their interactions with those businesses. Whether you’re an established corporation or a startup just getting off the ground, these tips can help you build stronger connections with your target customers.

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