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Business for Young Engineers:

 Momas Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Limited.

An indigenous Meter manufacturing company.

Has inaugurated a metering school as part of efforts to bridge the manpower gap in the metering subsector of the nation’s power sector.

The Momas Metering School, located in Mowe, Ogun State, was inaugurated by the President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Mr. Adekunle Mokuolu.

Business for Young Engineers :

It was described that the school as a unique innovation that would contribute immensely to capacity building for professionals in the metering space.

I really want to salute the courage of the leadership and management of MEMMCOL for setting up this school.

Because it is only the training and retraining of those who would manage and maintain any facility.

Or infrastructure that underpins the hidden strength of the facility and guarantees that it delivers optimum value.


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Business for Young Engineers :

Establishing a school like this goes to show that MEMMCOL is a master of its practice and it wants to institutionalise what it is doing for generations to come.”

With the introduction of the new Meter Assets Provider Regulations.

Nigerians can access meters themselves and get training on how to install, audit and maintain them.

Or they can now have more individuals to deliver these services professionally.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission recently released the MAP regulation.

Which seeks to bridge the metering gap in the nation’s electricity supply industry.

The gap was put at 4,740,275 meters as of December 31, 2017.

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Business for Young Engineers :

The engineering industry was impressed by the contribution of MEMMCOL to nation building through the establishment of the training school.

Which is described as a critical intervention in the Nigerian power sector.

Full endorsement and professional backing of the NSE to the school.

This school can now use the logo of the society to endorse its certification.”

This school comes as a result of the wide gap in the industry in terms of manpower requirement.

Business for Young Engineers

You will discover that many people, after they finish school.

Do not have the practical knowledge of how a meter can be installed, audited or prepared.

This is why MEMMCOL had decided to take the bull by the horns to establish an institution that would train the required manpower to fill this gap.

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Business for Young Engineers : Now that MAP is coming.

This is an opportunity for many Nigerians to key into the vision of the government and for many Nigerians to benefit from it by getting trained.

“The school will be of immense benefit to young engineers, technicians and regular individuals.

Who have passion for meter installation and such electrical execution.

The school is the first training school in Nigeria.

To provide requisite training and practical exposure to eligible candidates.

Business for Young Engineers

In the areas of meter installation, inspection.

As well as repair and maintenance.

Business for Young Engineers :

The school was designed in such a way that participants are subjected to rigorous practical training for one month.

After which they will have to pass an examination verifying their knowledge and practical skills acquisition before they are issued certificates.

Candidates who come to this school can be certified in any of the programmes .

Business for Young Engineers :

Including meter installation, meter management system, meter vending, meter auditing, cable termination and joints and meter repair and maintenance.

“We have invested a lot of resources in our people through training and retraining.

Some of the engineers here in MEMMCOL have been trained in India and the United States of America.

At several metering schools to ensure they compete favorably with their counterparts anywhere in the world.

And we now want to ensure more young Nigerians can get this training at the same standard here in Nigeria.

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