47 Top Business to Business(B2B) one can Start in Nigeria

Business to Business(B2B) :  Do you want to make money by helping other to grow and become profitable? If YES, here are Business one can Start in Nigeria

One of the most important keys to starting a business successfully is capital.

However, one of the best low cost; yet profitable business opportunities any body can tap into is a service business.

Most people shy away from service ; even though it is the easiest to start because it requires specialized knowledge or skill.

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1. What is the Business all about?

The business  involves the activities of serving other before the final consumers.

Starting this has its own advantages such large transactions occur between businesses.

And it is much easier to understand the need of business buyers compared to consumer buyers.

2. How to start the Business in Nigeria

So, if you are a person who has the skills of helping other businesses to grow.

Then starting a related business is undoubtedly the best match for you.

The most important thing you need to start a service business is that it required a  specialized knowledge or skill about the particular angle you are going to enter in that matter.

So, you must be an expert at something. Being an expert at something or having a specialized skill doesn’t require you much certificate.

You can acquire the necessary skills by attending seminars, workshops or apprenticing with an established expert. After the skill, you then proceed to gain some real life experience.

Aside these, you are good to go with your service business.

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3.  consultancy

Are you an experienced entrepreneur or business owner?

Do you know what it takes to start  build a business, run and grow a business?

Then you can start a business consultancy outfit.

You can help entrepreneurs get off the ground by offering advice and guidance.

You can also assist employees transit into entrepreneurs.

4. Advisory service

If you are well grounded with the metrics of running a business on a lean budget.

Raising venture capital and growing a business.

Then you can become adviser to start up entrepreneurs.

How about becoming a small coach?

Don’t fret, small business coaching services is a term that has been in existence for long and those in it are reaping the rewards but it’s never too late to get in.

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5. Feasibility study and research services

You can build a business around conducting feasibility study and research for entrepreneurs.

Not every entrepreneur is willing to undergo the stress of conducting a feasibility study on their business idea or opportunity.

So they will gladly pay someone to do the dirty work on their behalf.

6. Business plan writing services

Just like the case of feasibility research; most entrepreneurs avoid the dirty work of writing a business plan.

In fact, most entrepreneurs don’t even know how to write a plans that has the capacity to attract investors and they are not willing to commit time to learn it.

If you can satisfy this need; you have a business on hand.

A business plan writing service is a very lucrative business.

Which is very easy to start if you really have what it takes to go into it.

You will make a lot of money from this business because the ailing global economy is forcing people to find ways to become self-independent.

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7.Research opportunity research

There are people who started a business opportunity research services and they are doing well in this business.

All they do is to keep an eye on forthcoming trends, needs or opportunities; prepare a plan around it and sell it to major corporations.

Sometimes, they come up with product ideas and market potential.

Then they sell such ideas to major corporations to develop.

If such activity interests you, then you can start a research service business.

8. Brand consultancy and management

Do you have expertise in branding?

Then you can start advising small business how to build a brand or increase their brand awareness.

You can also offer brand management consultancy services to big firms if you can market yourself to them.

The success of every business, whether small or big, depends on the effectiveness of its marketing strategies.

This explains why marketing is regarded as the backbone of any business and why marketers are always in huge demand.

Advertisers will remain relevant for as long as advertising itself remains important to business owners.

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9. Logo Design

Logo design service demand is on the rise.

With small business looking for possible avenues to set themselves apart from competition.

Having a unique eye catching logo is definite one way to achieve that.

Can you design eye catching logos; then get into the logo design service business.

You can even partner with a brand consultant or marketing consultant to get more tips.

10.Marketing consultancy

Can you show me a cost effective way to increase my customer base by 30% – 70% or more?

If yes, then you have a business on hand.

You can position yourself as a professional marketing consultant and show small business owners how to attract customers and increase sales for a fee.

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11. Social media consultancy

The world is going social media crazy.

Do you know how to generate traffic and improve brand awareness on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Then you can become a social media consultant and make money for yourself.

12. Employee recruitment services

Human resource management is one of the many business processes that are now being outsourced.

Business owners are now concentrating on their core.

They don’t want to be bugged down by the process of employee recruitment and staff handling.

You can step in and solve this problem by starting your own employee recruitment firm.

A recruitment agency, also known as staffing agency.

Or employment agency is one of the fastest growing recession proof businesses of the 21st century.

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13. Bookkeeping services

Are you good with numbers? Is balancing the books something you are passionate about?

Are you good at accounting? Then nothing stops you from starting a bookkeeping service business.

Bookkeeping involves keeping records of financial transactions.

Analyzing those records and interpreting them to your clients.

Bookkeeping is very important because it helps people keep record of their financial transactions.

And make appropriate tax returns.

Financial records may be used by owners to make decisions.

The government use it for evaluating tax payments and potential investors or lenders use it to make critical decisions.

14. Press release writing services

Got a background in writing?

Use your skills to help others get publicity by starting a press release writing service.

Market your services to small businesses that don’t have.

Or can’t afford dedicated in-house publicists and offer to write press releases as needed.

Make sure you research going rates for your industry and area so that you’re charging fairly.

And take the time to develop a strong portfolio of your work.

You’ll need this in order to impress prospective clients and grow your business.

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15. Start-up venture capital brokerage

Raising capital is one of the challenges entrepreneurs dread most but unfortunately.

It’s a nightmare we can’t run away from.

If you can position yourself as a middleman or broker.

Linking up start up entrepreneurs with venture capitalists and angel investors, then you are in business.

You make money in this by charging a percentage of the total money raised by the entrepreneur.

Some smart entrepreneurs have even taken this idea online (Crowd Funding), you can do the same.

16.Printing services-:

This business is well known and may look common, but it still remains profitable.

You can start a printing business cards, brochures, flyers, posters and catalogues for small businesses.

17. Event management

Most small business owners’ love being part of summits, expos and trade shows.

But they just don’t know how to go about it or how to package their product and services at such shows.

This need creates a vacuum for smart entrepreneurs who have an eye for event packaging.

Now you can never talk about running an event planning business without having the skills needed of an event planner.

What this means in essence is that you have to first become an event planner before you can proceed to running your own event management company.

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18. E-Commerce Solutions

Facilitating e-commerce solutions to brick and motor.

As well as to start up business owners is a thriving business opportunity.

For someone who is backed up with good e-commerce web designing.

Development, enterprise resource planning software’s etc know-how in these days.

19. Virtual assistant service

If you love enjoying administrative work, then one of the best way you should consider starting is virtual assistant service which will help local companies to track their easily administrative activities without sacrificing high costs on hiring a full time employee.

20. eCommerce Shipping-:

An individual with few vehicles should think off starting an e-commerce shipping that would make easy for e-commerce companies to receive products from suppliers.

21. Web Content Service-:

With the skills of articulating high quality content, one can initiate a web content service that would help e-commerce companies to engage better with their customers.

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23. HR Consultancy-

 The perfect small opportunity for someone who has some experience in human resource management, the task involves supplying manpower to large number of companies out there.

24. IT Consultancy

So, you want to be the superhero service provider who bursts into offices to save the day? Or rather fix people’s computers? IT consultancy is a popular option for those looking to start their own business. If you have the know-how and the techy smarts, you can offer an invaluable service to almost every business out there.

After all, who doesn’t need IT support these days? That cuts both ways, though. It is a crowded market, and these days IT consultants offer everything from run of the mill IT support, help desk and onsite services, to server monitoring, disaster recovery, security and offsite backup.

25. Nutritionist 

Nutrition is on everybody’s mind these days. People want to live longer, healthier lives, which is directly attributed to eating a balanced diet. It is also high on the government’s agenda and has become a cause for concern among health experts, as official figures reveal obesity rates in Britain are soaring, with nearly one quarter of the adult population now classed as clinically obese. Never before have more initiatives been launched in an effort to combat this escalating epidemic:

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26.E-commerce warehouse/shipper

You’ll need some extra space at home if you want to run this out of your house.

But with a well-organized basement or garage space, you can do it. E-commerce is a huge one.

And it’s an especially appealing one for small business owners who can’t afford to rent a retail space.

The problem, of course, is that packing and shipping all those orders can be a real hassle.

Many e-commerce companies would like to outsource this function to a third party who can keep the inventory in stock and ship orders as they come in.

There are not many companies that offer this service to small retailers.

So you could be filling a huge gap in the market

27.Window cleaning business

Window cleaning is not all buckets and suds and step ladders. It’s a lot more dangerous than that. If you believe research conducted by Churchill Insurance way back in 2004, window cleaning might even be the most dangerous job in Britain. Thankfully, it’s not quite as risky as such surveys suggest: things have become a little safer with the passing of time. “Window cleaners now have equipment that allows them to completely eliminate the need to work at height.

28.Web design business

Nearly everyone has a next door neighbour whose ‘genius’ sixteen-year-old is a web designer. But it’s safe to say, that’s not really the level you’re at once you start thinking ‘web design . If you are planning on setting up a web design agency, you need to aim higher than the standard-issue sites born of amateur enthusiasm: web design is a highly competitive area. The dot-com bubble has long burst, but nowadays, just about every other needs online presence. In the beginning there was a rush for everyone to have a website.

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29. Handyman 

The handyman is a fairly new concept industry-wise. Years ago, property maintenance companies confined themselves to specific services, such as plumbing, electrical, and painting. However, recently there has been an eruption of handyman work, carving themselves out as distinct service providers. With the ever-depressing job market, people are seeking new ways to make a living, and an increasing number of people are following their passion and setting up their own companies.

30. Beauty salon or spa

Industry analysts claim that beauty salons have performed well during the recession; a 2009 report from market research leaders Mintel found that only one in 10 women had stopped going to the salon to save money during the downturn. Furthermore a number of recent trends, notably the increasing number of men seeking specialist health and beauty treatment, have provided real benefit to salons up and down the country.

31. Socially responsible public relations

There are lots of PR firms out there, but as it become more specialized, so do their public relations need. Socially responsible, fair trade, organic, local, B Corps and other kinds of businesses with a socially responsible bent need public relations firms that will market their story to a whole different audience and deliver a different kind of message. A PR firm that specializes in that kind of work will attract clients who know they need a specialist.

32.Mobile consulting

Apps, apps and more apps! That’s all small businesses hear about. The fact is, though, that most truly small businesses have no idea how to create or deploy an app. There are lots of companies out there willing to do it for them, but most are probably out of their price range. A start up that can afford to offer the service for less would surely find a niche market.

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The plumbing industry has become somewhat of a sexy career option over the last decade. Fuelled by press coverage of demand for plumbers outstripping supply, and countless case studies of the ‘city-professional turned tradesman’, the industry has taken on a new lease of life.

Far from the image of a guy in overalls with his head under a kitchen sink, the industry is an incredibly varied one. Specialist areas range from emergency repairs and bathroom installations and to fitting energy efficient and alternative fuel sources.

34.Waste and recycling

On the face of it, it doesn’t look like the best time to set up in the waste and recycling sector. Despite lots of green talk, local councils across the UK are stockpiling sorted household waste in warehouses. People are more environmentally aware than ever, but recycling companies are just sitting on their waste paper, scrap metal and plastic bottles. Not processing anything, mind, simply …waiting for the market to bounce. The whole market for recycled output is in a state of flux.

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35.Mobile Restaurant/Food Delivery

Walk down any high street in the country and you can be almost certain of finding at least a small selection of restaurants. Not only has eating out become a staple leisure activity for the  population, but it’s also one of the most popular dream businesses.

Individuals who ordinarily wouldn’t have the slightest inclination to run their own business are drawn to the glamour of the restaurant trade, either through a passion for cooking or a love of playing the host. The reality of running a restaurant is a harsh one however.

36.Corporate Wellness center

The issue of health and fitness is never long out of the media these days. With obesity levels rising and the NHS straining under the weight of treating related illnesses there’s a high demand for gyms and fitness centres. Exercise comes in many forms and most commercial gyms will offer group classes, as well as an area for individual fitness training. Gone are the days when gyms brought to mind the image of Schwarzenegger/Stallone look-alikes pumping iron. Gyms are now the refuge of yummy-mummies and City professionals.

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37. Taxi firm and private car hire 

Getting from A to B in parts of Nigeria is becoming increasingly difficult – just look at the ailing rail network, the overcrowded tube and the clogged-up bus lanes. Fortunately, there is one sector that can benefit from all this frustration with public transport: the taxi and private hire industry.

No longer confined to helping elderly ladies with their weekend shopping, taxis and private hire vehicles now offer an invaluable service to people who need to get to work on time or simply want to get home at two in the morning after a night on the tiles.

38. Estate agency

An estate agent is actually a wide-ranging title applied to a number of specialism. Some estate agents specialize in the residential market, but even then, individual homes vary from studio apartments to mansions with acres of land. Some agents specialize in dealing with commercial properties such as office blocks, factories, shops and licensed premises.

39.Copy writing business

The awareness is increasing among small and big businesses that responsiveness to their ads and marketing collateral hinges largely on how well their ad copy is written. Refining Ad budget and attracting huge traffic is useless without optimum conversion to leads and sales.

Only when online and offline content are well designed and cleverly written can they successfully attract readers and convince them to purchase the advertised products or services, or take any action as desired by the advertiser.

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40. Courier service

In the 1980s boom years, courier companies called all the shots. If a client wanted a parcel delivered, the couriers would dictate when it arrived.

These days, though, the fact is more customers led. People expect good service and don’t want to wait in all day for their packages.

If you can’t deliver when they want you to, they’ll go elsewhere. Thanks to this, there are opportunities available for smaller firms which can offer a more personal, local service. Although there are a lot of van couriers, this is something motorbike or cycle couriers are perfect for.

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41. Hotel business

According the British Hospitality Association (BHA), the hospitality industry now supports more than 2.7 million people. The hotel industry represents a hugely important part of it, with more than 45,000 establishments across the UK responsible for jobs in hotels and related services. You can make good money by starting a hotel business.

42.  Training company

As the internet and technological developments revolutionize the way we do business, employers are clamoring for new skills. And it isn’t just about IT – management and skills are also in demand.

Training has come to be seen as a way to boost business: in a survey conducted in 2014, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that two main changes anticipated by it over the next few years are more integration of learning and development activity with strategy, and increased importance placed on monitoring, and on evaluating training and effectiveness.

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43.  Security services

When the economy is grim, people get frustrated. And out of desperation to get some quick bucks, they indulge in various forms of crime, especially burglary. Even when the economy is smiling, homeowners and owners of other valuable property hire security guards to protect their assets. And this becomes even more necessary during recessions.

44.  Repair services

Repair services are needed by businesses and even home owners. There will always be people whose kitchen sinks clog, whose air-conditioning breaks down, whose roof starts leaking or whose car suffers from overheating.  What these mean is pure opportunity, even when economic times seem shaky.

And even if potential clients try to delay much needed repair, they will still come to you for help eventually. But it’s worthwhile you note that many, if not all, of these it require specialized training, skills and equipment.

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45. Internet marketing

Thanks to the internet, virtually every product and service you require is just several clicks away. Thanks to widespread and ever-increasing internet accessibility, more and more opportunities suited for entrepreneur are being created.

Reading the profiles of some of the blogging industry’s most iconic names you might be surprised to know what these guys were doing before they became big. Before getting started you’ll want to get acquainted with web traffic optimization.

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46.  Debt-Related Companies

If you want to start this business, a debt collection agency is one of the best options available. Of course, there are other debt-related industries that you could get involved in. Perhaps you could offer debt counselling services, or get into the debt consolidation industry. Whatever option you choose, companies revolving around debt in one form or another will almost always do well.

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47. Pizza Delivery Business

It’s no news that the fast food industry is booming. Due to tight schedules and busy routines, a lot of people are turning to fast foods and ready-made meals that do not require a lot of time and effort to prepare. One hot favourite is Pizza.

A lot of people love Pizza because it’s delicious and comes in different sizes, and consumers can order any type of topping they like: pepperoni, sausage, cheese etc. Starting a pizza delivery is fairly easy. Pizza delivery simply means that you would take pizza orders from clients usually by telephone or sometimes through the internet.

If you need a complete business plan or you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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