Top 15 Event Planning Possible Solutions in Nigeria

 Event Planning Possible Solutions:Possible Mistakes in Event planning & marketing Business in Nigeria :Planning an event especially for business can be a very tricky endeavor, here are some of the critical mistakes you should avoid ensuring a successful event.

 1. Lack of experienced event managers.

Problem: Event planning can quickly grow out of control without an experienced event manager at the helm who knows what they are doing.

B The first step is to hire event managers with certifications and the finesse required to understand and manage the customer’s needs.

Good event managers have the right combination of ‘soft skills’ and can demonstrate how to facilitate planning meetings, manage risk and handle a variety of different stakeholders. it’s really comes down to people skills, especially given the different stakeholders.

Event Planning Possible Solutions

2. Not Setting Event Goals

Many event owners and even their planners focus on trying to ensure nothing goes wrong with the event so much that they forget to define the objectives for the event. Event goals and desired outcomes should be identified from the beginning.

3. Too much or too little catering

To underestimate and overestimate the catering needed for an event is one of the most common mistakes we see. Attendees won’t have a good experience if there are not enough refreshments and on the other side, an overestimation could blow a hole in your budget as catering is one of the largest and often overlooked costs. As a final note, if your event is over lunch, breakfast or dinner, you need to serve food!

Event Planning Possible Solutions

4. Failure to allocate the right resources, with the right skills.

Problem: It’s seems fairly obvious that proper event staffing is critical, yet improperly allocating resources tops the list of most common event management mistakes. Not having the right people managing an event can be a recipe for disaster. The key to a successful event is getting the right people with the right skills. All the planning in the world won’t overcome an insufficiency of talent.

Event Planning Possible Solutions:

Solution: Event managers need full visibility into the skills and workloads of all of their resources, including vendors, contractors and outsourcers, who often get left out of skills assessments even though they’re doing a “huge” proportion of work. A thorough assessment of all resources at the outset of the planning process can provide such visibility into everyone’s skills and workloads. Once event planners know everyone’s capabilities and who’s doing what, it becomes far easier to figure out how to allocate resources across the myriad elements and day-to-day work.

5. Miscalculating staff required

At an event there needs to be someone greeting and registering new arrivals and speakers, staff on catering, AV, depending on the layout people to direct, people to sell and the list goes on. It’s common for people to forget basic staff needs or to miscalculate it. Make sure you’ve seen the venue beforehand, and you’ve worked out how many staff members you’ll need for the event to run smoothly.

Event Planning Possible Solutions

6.Simple process mistakes by not following standard, repeatable event management processes.

Problem: This is a far more common event management mistake than most event planners imagine. Lack of an agreed uopn plan increases the risk that tasks related to the event will fall through the cracks, that the event will have last minute issues,  fall short on budget and ultimately miss a major objective.

Solution: A well defined and agreed upon event plan helps planners tackle every task efficiently and raises the appropriate level of awareness of all the activities involved in the execution of an event. Having baseline of repeatable processes for scoping, scheduling, allocating resources and communicating with stakeholders removes a lot of the guesswork associated with events.

7. Failure To Allow Enough Set Up Time

Nothing is more annoying and unprofessional to attendees as arriving at an event to meet workers running about still trying to set up the venue.

Timing is very crucial with events, so you must have a good estimate of how much of it you need to get everything in place. Let your goal be to always have everything set so your attendees can walk into a perfect event.

Event Planning Possible Solutions

8. Seasonal timing

We’ve spoken about days and times that work in event strategies, but often event failures can be put down to hosting an event on an entirely wrong time of the year. In general, avoid bank holidays, half terms, Christmas, Easter, as a further example don’t run an accountancy focused event at the end of the financial year, or don’t run an event for retailers close to Christmas as they’ll be busy selling.

9. Not choosing an easy to reach venue

With events in London especially, we’ve often seen that having a tube stop nearby can make the difference between people coming to your event or not. Make sure you’re near a major public transport hub if you’re hosting the event in a city, that there’s ample parking if needed and that you give clear directions to the venue.

10. Failing To Budget Properly

Another costly mistake many event planners make is to overlook some items on the budget. Leaving such out could be a very costly mistake and may cause budget overrun and in some cases, failed events. So don’t overlook any budget item the next time you are planning an event.

Event Planning Possible Solutions

11. Not standing out from the crowd

It’s critical that your event stands out from the rest, you need to give people a reason to take time out of their busy schedules to attend your event. Don’t have a boilerplate topic, choose your speakers carefully and make sure it’s a creative theme and format. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you need to be on topic, trendy and relevant.

12. Forgetting To Schedule A Walk Through With Clients

Communicating event details to clients through emails and spread sheets are no doubt very crucial. Relying however on such alone, could lead to oversights.

It is therefore advisable to walk through the day’s itinerary onsite with the client where possible, discussing the details of the event as if it was happening right there at that moment. That way, you can agree on the final arrangements and avoid having an unhappy client.

Event Planning Possible Solutions

13. Ignoring Murphy’s Law.

Problem: If anything can go wrong, it probably will! Stuff happens at the last minute, leaving everybody surprised by it. Consequently, the event goes into a tailspin while the event planner tries to clean up a mess they had not anticipated.

Solution: Perform an event risk assessment as an early part of the event planning process. Set time aside with your event team to brainstorm  what could happen to derail the event, cause a budget overrun, or to prevent you from delivering the expected results. Then figure out ways you can mitigate those risks. This exercise doesn’t take a long time, and it’s enormously helpful in understanding the weak links before planning even gets underway.

14. Assuming Things Will Run Smoothly

It will be an event planner’s greatest undoing not to double-check event tasks and arrangements as it is very unlikely at any event for things to go smoothly as planned and uninterrupted. So be sure to always check, double check and check again to ensure all arrangements are going on well, from venue booking to menu lists and even the printing on all literature.

You wouldn’t want to discover an hour to the start of your event that instead of the chocolate brown and cream themed event, your decoration is appearing brown and peach.

Since this event planning mistake will be blamed on you, even if you have team members handling different tasks, be sure to check everything yourself over and again.

Event Planning Possible Solutions

15. Not Following Up After The Event

This is one of the common mistakes event planners make, thinking that once the event is over, it’s just over. Two post-event activities are important.

One, obtain a feedback immediately after the event. That helps you to know what you did well and what to improve upon at your next event. Two, be sure to personally call to appreciate everyone on your team who has contributed to the success of the event. That way, you build a motivated team for future event.

Keep the above mentioned common event planning mistakes in mind when planning your next event. It helps you to avoid them and makes things easier for you.

For best output at your next event and/or quality training for a profitable career in event planning, please contact us through any of the means we have provided and we will give you the greatest pleasure you could never imagine.

PLANNING an event is a very delicate task which many times is negatively impacted by a variety of circumstances.
This is why planning requires a great attention to details as a little mistake is capable of ruining the whole event, leaving behind regrets too great to quickly recover from.Event planning mistakes could lead to drained budgets, dissatisfied clients, `angry guests and loss of credibility which will in turn affect any event planner’s chances of planning future events.

It therefore behooves an event planner to be very much aware of these common event

planning mistakes to make the most of their events.

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