7 Steps to Register As Apprentice Carpenter in Nigeria

Register As Apprentice Carpenter: An apprentice carpenter works under the supervision of an experienced carpenter, learning necessary skills through on-the-job training.

This training covers blueprint reading, fundamental carpentry skills, mathematics, and construction safety.

Apprentices are paid during this period, allowing for an income while receiving an education.

Carpentry work can be physically demanding.

And work must often be accomplished outdoors in all kinds of weather.

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Register As Apprentice Carpenter: https://www.sait.ca

Register As Apprentice Carpenter

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1. Register As Apprentice Carpenter

Working as an apprentice requires no special training.

The job of an apprentice is about learning and training.

You do need to have strength, stamina, and hand-eye coordination.

You’ll also need an understanding of mathematics, attention to detail.

Problem-solving skills, and the ability to use hand and power tools.

2. Obtain first school

Carpentry apprenticeship programs typically include some form of basic education among the requirements for entry.

Some programs allow high school students who are close to graduation to begin apprenticeships on promise of receiving a diploma.

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Register As Apprentice Carpenter

3.  Enter a Formal Apprenticeship Program

Registered apprenticeships allow individuals to learn valuable job skills.

And carpenters are among the top users of this program.

Apprentice carpenters get hands-on training while earning a paycheck.

Pre-employment Carpenter certificate program | SAIT, Calgary, Canada

4. Gain Experience

Completing an apprenticeship program can take 3-4 years, after which time carpenters become journey workers.

Exposure to so many of the other construction trades in this occupation can provide the knowledge needed to become a general contractor or supervisor.

Per the BLS, it is also advantageous to be able to speak English as well  for advancement.

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5. Get the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of tools, equipment, and materials common to the carpentry trade.
  • Knowledge of cabinet-making techniques.
  • Skills in the construction, repair, restoration, and installation of wood or related materials.
  • Ability to estimate time and materials needed for assigned work projects.

6. Examples of Duties:

  • Constructs, repairs, restores and installs structures such as floors, doors, walls, windows, stairways, furniture, cabinets, shelves, and roofs.
  • Operates and performs preventative maintenance on hand and power saws.
  • Planers, lathes, joiners, shapers, drills, sanders and a variety of hand tools.
  • Installs locks, knobs, hinges, closures, and other fixtures to structures.
  • Cleans equipment, shop area, and work site area.

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Register As Apprentice Carpenter

7. Know the Primary responsibilities

  • Prepare the layout of the project.
  • Estimate height, width, length, and other proportions.
  • Select materials.
  • Work with blueprints or instructions from supervisors.
  • Work with materials such as wood, plastic, fiberglass, or drywall.
  • Utilize chisels, planes, saws, drills, and sanders to repair and erect structures.
  • Join materials with nails, screws, staples, or adhesives.
  • Work on top of stilts, ladders, and the top beams of buildings.
  • Check work along the way to ensure it’s up to code and specifications.

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    Register As Apprentice Carpenter

  • Use levels, rules, plumb bobs, framing squares, and surveying equipment to ensure everything is level and secure.
  • Work with prefabricated buildings.
  • Build stairs, mantles, and furniture.
  • Install cabinets and molding.
  • Remodel homes and businesses.
  • Create structures for pouring concrete.

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    Register As Apprentice Carpenter

  • Erect scaffolding.
  • Build tunnel bracing.
  • Build concrete forms for tunnel or sewer construction project.
  • Replace panes of glass, ceiling tiles, and doors.
  • Repair or build furniture.
  • Install partitions, doors, and windows.
  • Move and install machinery.

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