16 Top Cellophane Production Business Tips

In this post, I will show you Start Cellophane Production Business.

Do you know that cellophane cutting and sealing business is very lucrative?

Here we will also show you how lucrative is Cellophane Production Business and how to get started.

Cellophane Production Business
Cellophane Production Business : https://www.nairaland.com

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1.Cellophane Production Business Background

Cellophane Production Business is a man-made synthetic fiber.

That is strong while very light in weight.

Properties that lead to a wide variety of uses, such as fabric, rope and luggage.

Cellophane is made by pushing a molten nylon through a small hole in a device called spinneret.

This device then turns this molten Nylon into a filament.

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This Article will clearly guide you on ways to start your own cellophane making business.

And make good profits from your effort.

Cellophane processes many properties.

That makes it stand out as a easy to use, elastic material.

What’s more about cellophane is that.

It does not require any special arrangement or laundering effort.

Since it can be washed with any other item.

2.Cellophane Production Business money making

The Demand for cellophane worldwide has increased extensively.

This makes it a gold mine business to invest your time and effort into.

It is of major significance to any countries economy.

Because of its variety of uses, which makes it a number one business to start.

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3. Cellophane Production Business Profitability

Do you know you can become a millionaire by starting up a cellophane making business.

Yes, the demand for this dynamic product is never ending.

It has so many uses that cant even be fully mentioned.

Every year, Nigerians spends more than 50 billion naira on cellophane purchase.

The most profitable aspect of this business is that.

It is not a seasonal market and can be set up with just #20,000.

Yes, twenty thousand naira only.

You must now be very keen to know how to set up this business.

No worries, I will give you a detailed guide on how to set up this business.

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4. Cellophane Production Business Opportunities/Competition

What is that thing that they put our purchased goods inside.

At malls, local markets, stores and even that provision shop down the road; cellophane.

Even the famous pure water, is packaged with cellophane.

The competition in the Cellophane Production Business is much.

However, the demand always seems to outgrow supply.

So don’t worry about not selling your products.

In good time you might even be choosing your customers.

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5.Cellophane Production Business Start up tips

Now its time to give you the necessary tips on how to start a profitable and successful Cellophane Production Business.

Firstly,  you will need the equipment listed below.

I am assuming you want to start a small nylon business instead of a massive nylon plant.

6. Cellophane Production Business Raw materials

Most of the required raw materials can be gotten from refineries, since they are by products of petrochemical processing. Examples of this raw materials include Polythene, Polyethylene, Ecorene, Lupene and so on.

7. Cellophane Production Business Machines needed

Since I assume you want to start a small business for the mean time.

Here is a list of the machinery you will need for a small start up.

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Semi-Automatic Nylon Cutting Machine

Punching Blades

There is printing component that will enable you print designs on this bags.

You can buy this component or ignore it, you can sub-contract printing of designs to another company and pay them, printing in Balogun market Lagos early this year, went for 100 naira per print.

If you plan on making small cellophane bags without designs.

Then you don’t need this component at all.

However, if you can afford the cost of buying a fully automatic machine.

I will advice you get that one since its more effective and faster.

8. Cellophane Production Business Capital

You will need some capital to set this business up.

The required capital can differ depending on how large you want the business to be.

However, for starters you will need 2000 to 40,000 naira to set it up properly.

Ways you can raise the required capital include;

Personal savings


Family&friends e.t.c

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9. Cellophane Production Business Location

This is the location where the cellophane making will be going on.

It doesn’t have to be the size of a football field.

A nice spacious work space will do fine for the mean time.

The machines maybe a bit large so emphasize to your real estate agent about space.

You don’t want a cramped up working environment.

It is always a bonus to get a physical shop near or inside a local market.

This means you are closer to your customers and,transportation is easier.

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10. Cellophane Production Business Research

Do not be a victim of ignorance and lack of proper knowledge or maintenance.

Do your research on how to make this product.

It is far from enough to purchase the machines stated above.

You must learn how to use them or face the risk of having spoilt machines all over the place.

11. Cellophane Production Business Plans

Furthermore, develop a business plan on which you can manage your business.

Experts have discovered that the reason why 60% of businesses fail in Nigeria.

This is because the lack a proper business plan.

Some people develop into businesses without even been able to differentiate capital from profit.

Develop a business plan and follow it with a all commitment.

Set a goal and objective and do not stop till you attain it.

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12.Cellophane Production Business Marketing Strategies

Cellophane bags are made by heating and cutting rolls of film.

Rolls of sheeting or tubing are fed through the machine.

The Device then draws out the rolls into segments of specified length.

Cycles to place a seal on each segment.

And cuts off each segment to make an individual bag.

This process might seen rudimentary in nature.

But trust me, it becomes a part of you in no time.

Like putting on your cloths in the morning.

13. Cellophane Production Business Products

 Now that you have finished cellophane for sale.

Its time to sell your products.

You can sell your cellophane as a wholesaler to this pure water companies or even shopping malls.

However, this stores may require that you, print certain brand designs on the cellophane bags.

And they prefer to buy in bundles.

Once you get four of this kind of customers.

You can be raking in 100,000 naira every month for the first six months.

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14.Cellophane Production Business Assistance

When the business must have matured enough and your customer demands are so much that it starts to weigh down on you.

It is time to employ some extra hands.

You can do this putting a wanted sign outside your shop.

It works every time.

Take care to make sure you employ hard working and competent workers.

You do not want to employ workers who slack and make silly mistakes.

And will therefore cost you customers and money.

15.Cellophane Production Business Advert

Since you are now your own boss.

You can create business cards for your self and some flyers for distribution.

To let people know about your business and its location.

16.Cellophane Production Business Challenges 

Apart from the normal challenges entrepreneurs face in the business world.

Like raising capital, getting a good location, finding the right employees and so on.

Small scale business owners face other kind of challenges.

Some challenges in the cellophane manufacturing business include;

1. Power Supply

Epileptic power supply is one of the major challenges small scale business owners face in Nigeria.

Power is needed to run the machines and when there is no power.

Business owners have to purchase fuel to power their generators

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2. Finding Machine

Although, machines for small scale nylon manufacturing can be fabricated locally.

It is quite difficult to find a machine when trying to expand your business.

The problems listed above are some of the hurdles you might come across when starting the business.

However, with hard work, patience and commitment.

They will be nothing compared to the profits you will be making.

17.Cellophane Production Business Success Factors

Cellophane products enjoy both national and international patronage.

In fact, it is one of the fasted selling consumer goods in the country today.

This is because its demand has a relationship with the level of demand for other goods.

The product is demanded all year round and not affected by season; nevertheless.

It has a greater demand during the raining season.

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18.Cellophane Production Business Market Feasibility


The demand for cellophane shopping bags has been identified.

To continue to expand as the standard of living of the over 160 million population.

Growing at the rate of 5.7% per annum continues to surge.

The supply gap situation in Nigeria has created a market gap estimated at N 2.7 Billion annually in revenue.

A growing market exists for the production of polythene in Nigeria.

Because of the relative high demand for other goods.

The product is packaged at the production stage.

And its delivery is usually straight to the buyer.

A lot of opportunity abounds in the cellophane business.

The pricing is determined by the quality and quantity demanded by the buyers.

As well as the cost of production and mark-up expected.

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The target market for cellophane or shopping bags includes:-

  1. Supermarkets
  2. Pure water companies
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Market traders
  5. Banks
  6. Eateries
  7. Telecommunication shops
  8. Hospitals
  9. Fashion outfits
  10. Laundry outfits
  11. Waste management companies
  12. Government agencies
  13. Schools
  14. Bukateria
  15. Bakeries
  16. Etc.

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The strategy to be adopted in marketing the product is through word of mouth.

And providing samples to the prospective buyers.

Marketing of nylon should not involve heavy budget as it is already a fast moving consumer goods that has over the time defy all age, gender, class or nationality.

Also, the competition in the nylon making industries is a healthy one due to supply deficit in the Nigerian economy.

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Although, there may be many players in your country’s cellophane production industry.

Supply is yet far from being saturated in most countries due to the constantly huge demands.

So, there is a ready market for the products everywhere at any time.

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