50 Creative Alternatives to the Typical Work Day

Creativity lab: New work patterns are emerging across the world. We’re seeing a return to craftsmanship, the rise of co-working spaces and a demand for remote working. In this digital age, collaborative and independent workers are choosing alternatives to traditional offices and clearly defined working hours.
These new work patterns have been inspired by principles like telecommuting, flextime and home office. These work styles have gained popularity among remote workers, freelancers, consultants and mobile professionals who want more flexibility in their daily routine.
Working from home is one of the most popular alternatives to the typical 9-to-5 work day. Remote working has become commonplace for many people, whether that means leaving at 5:00 p.m. to go pick up kids or logging in from a cabin in the woods on weekends. It can be invigorating—or lonely—depending on your personality type. For some people, it’s a natural fit while others may feel more comfortable with more structure around when they come into work every day or what days they come in at all…

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50 Creative Alternatives to the Typical Work Day

Creativity lab: BusinessHAB.com

Creativity lab: Today’s workers need to be innovative and courageous to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their job. Workplace grind is real, and it’s difficult for workers to find ways to shake things up and keep things interesting on a daily basis. Negativity can creep in pretty fast when you have the same routine every day for weeks, months or even years at a time. Working from home, telecommuting or Working Outside the Home are all common terms used to describe someone who either primarily or occasionally works from somewhere other than an office. While working remotely is not for everyone, there are some great benefits that come with it depending on your job and how much you enjoy being alone. Working remotely is also a fantastic option if you want to explore alternative work environments while keeping your current job. The following list of alternative work environments can help spark new ideas if you feel like your workday has become too predictable and boring.

Change your environment

If you work from home or in an office, try changing your environment every once in a while so you can shake things up. If the thought of going into an office every day makes you feel sick, try working from a different location that you enjoy, like a coffee shop. If you work in a cubicle at an office, try working at a conference table or try working outside. Different environments give you different perspectives, so if you are stuck in a rut in one environment, try changing your scenery.

Take a walking meeting

If you need to meet with someone but don’t want to sacrifice your creativity or productivity while doing so, try taking a walking meeting. Walking meetings give you extra time to think out loud and get your thoughts in order while also burning calories at the same time. You can also try taking a walking meeting as a way to end your workday so you don’t sit at your desk for too long.

Go to a coffee shop

If you work from home, a coffee shop can be a great place to get out of your own head and spark some creativity. Try working at a coffee shop for a few hours every week to give your home office a break and give yourself a change of scenery. If you work at an office, or even remotely for that matter, try going to a coffee shop with a co-worker or client every once in a while.

Don’t eat at your desk

Some offices have strict rules about not eating at your desk, but others don’t. If you work at a desk, make the decision to not eat at your desk. Eating while you work can cause digestive issues and make you lethargic. It’s better to eat at least two hours before you sit down to work anyway.

Go to a fitness class

If you work at an office, try going to a fitness class once a week or once every other week. It’s a great way to relieve stress, stay healthy, meet new people and socialize with co-workers. If you work from home or remotely, try finding a class that you can do from your home.

Hire a babysitter

Creativity lab: If you work at home with kids or work remotely, consider hiring a babysitter to come to your house or to come to your office for a few hours once every week or twice every other week. It’s a great way to give yourself a break from the day-to-day and socialize with another person who is almost always a child.

Have an office-less workday

If your company allows it, try having an office-less workday once every quarter or once a year. Have everyone meet up at a nearby park or coffee shop, or take an all-out field trip to somewhere fun near your office. Having an office-less workday is a great way to get everyone out of the office and to meet new people while getting some fresh air and a change of scenery.

Try working in the evening

If you work from home or remotely, try working in the evening once a week or once every two weeks. Working in the evening is less distracting than working in the morning and in the afternoon. It’s a great way to have some alone time while still being able to work.

Play music you love while you work

Creativity lab: If you work in an office or remotely, try playing music you love while you work. It’s a great way to change up the atmosphere and get your creative juices flowing. It’s an especially great idea if you work remotely and don’t want to disturb your neighbors or coworkers. These workday changes are all great ways to get out of a rut and inject something new and exciting into your workday. It’s important to keep your work day interesting and varied, and these tips will help you do just that!

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