How to Start Driving School Business

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How to Start Driving School Business : Are you interested in starting a driving school? Driving school business can be initiated at metro or sub-urban cities as small scale basis.


Any individual with good knowledge about driving can initiate this venture with moderate capital investment. Starting a driving school is a self-rewarding and profitable business .

You will be making handsome money by helping others about how to drive an automobile. This business can be operated as part time also.

For every location having a driving license is mandatory to drive vehicles on the road.

Everyone has need to learn how to safely operate a vehicle. After having a training from an authorized driving school, it is easier to get an learner license from the Motor Vehicle authority.

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1. Driving School Business Plan

Before initiating a driving school do some research on the location where you want to establish the business. How many driving schools are there already? How they are doing advertisement etc. These will definitely help you in creating a detailed business plan.

Business plan is a most important tool in starting a business. Determine first your company’s ownership pattern. Fix with how many vehicle you will going to be started.

Determine your marketing strategy and manpower planning. These every steps will give you a conclusion about your startup budget. Calculate an expected revenue return.

With a proper business plan you can apply for a business loan from bank or approach to any angel investor. In starting driving school business you can consider either buying a franchise or establishing your own.

2. Driving School Business Registration

First register your business with the appropriate Government Authority of your location. In India you can register your firm at Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Permission and licensing procedure to start driving school is different state wise. In most countries you will need to obtain driving instructor license from the authority.

To get permission of establishing driving school you may need to deposit fees to the appropriate authority. Other than a written and practical test you may need to face a criminal background check in getting license.

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3. Establishing Driving School

You will need to find a right location for setting up the school. You may consider having the space in rent. While selecting the space consider to having at least one classroom and one office space inside. Also pay attention in getting the parking facility.

Arrange the vehicles for training. In some cases, you will need to do some addition and alteration in the operating process of the vehicle. You can purchase second hand vehicle to start or you can hire on monthly basis.

Hire proper skilled manpower. Having experience in driving instruction is preferred. Check the license and background before getting the engaged finally.

Prepare your training curriculum both for theory and practical. Offering a better quality training definitely help you in pulling more student. prepare the curriculum on a easy and student friendly way.

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4. Get Candidates For Driving School

Getting candidates is the primary condition is getting success in a driving school business. Promote you school on the outside of your training vehicles.

You can use flyers and print media for advertising. Advertise locally. Try to build a professional image of your business. Setup your own website.

Promote your driving school on social media. Give some content there about the benefits of getting training from your driving school.


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