21 Ways to Start Event Planning Business

Events planners near me:  Starting an event planning business in Nigeria: what you need to know.

Are you interested in going into event planning business from home?

Are you in need of a sample event planning business template?

Do you want to know how to become a certified event planner.

Run your own company in which you manage events and thus making money?

Then I implore you to read on as this article is for you.

Events planners near me

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What is Event Planning?

Event planning may be described as a series of activities involving researching.

Planning and ensuring the smooth organization or flow of an event.

1. Description of the job of an event planner

  • Developing an event design and concept
  • Booking for a good location
  • Arranging for food from caterers
  • Decorating the interior of the venue of the event
  • Taking care of the entertainment needs
  • Putting in place transportation to and from the event
  • Making arrangement for any necessary accommodation for attendees
  • Coordinating the personnel or activities involved in the event
  • Recruiting employees to work during the event
  • Supervising at the site and evaluating the event

2. How to start event planning business

Now taking a look at the duties of an event planner listed.

You will come to agree with the fact that event planning is knowledge and skill.

Based service that cannot be replaced by a modern device or artificial intelligence.

It is human and natural just like modeling.

For some times to come, you are rest assured of a business and occupation and may be more prolific in the coming years.

3. Why the need to start an event planning business

As humans relish coming together to celebrate one thing or the other, events will always take place.

As a result, you will always be in business as long as the following events take place:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Annual general meeting
  • Seminars and conventions
  • Birthday parties
  • House warming
  • Anniversaries
  • Award ceremonies
  • Celebration of life
  • Trade exhibitions

Playing your part therefore involve keeping up with new trends in fashion and needs of clients.

As new modern ideas come up.

You need to upgrade the science of your event management strategy to keep up with the fast pace of time.

Having known how to become an event planner.

The question is can you meet up with the demand?

As ideas travel fast in this age, it would not be surprising if you have bigger demands.

So you need to be more prepared.

4. How to start event planning business

There is no limit to entering and starting up an event planning business.

The main idea is to start-up.

Business experts are of the opinion that you do the first two businesses.

That come your way at cheap prices so as to build clientele and good reputation.

5. Start-up of an Event Planning Business from Home- Sample Business Plan Template

Now, you can never think of becoming and established event planning entrepreneur without the requisite skills needed to be possessed.

In other words, you have to become an event planner first before proceeding to owning you own event Management Company.

Becoming an event planner involves a lot of technical and practical details that people forget easily.

To get a clearer view of what a modern event planner should be or aspire to be.

Here are some of the tips that will help make sure you are on the path of progress in the business.

Events planners near me

6. Make up your mind to become an event planner

As you aspire to become not just a casual event planner but a successful one at that.

You must invariably be well prepared for the multiplexing hurdles.

Which you are about to encounter in the course of this business.

You must be sure this is really what you want to do.

Event planning is a very stressful business, in fact one the most stressful.

You have to be prepared to face the challenges such as deadlines to meet.

Last minute change in customers plan and so on.

The choice is yours if you still want to become an event planner.

Events planners near me

7.Acquire the basic management knowledge

It requires a bit of technical know-how since it is a service based business.

In order to be successful, you must understand:

  • New trends in fashion
  • Human management
  • Catering
  • Design and decoration of interiors

All these you definitely can’t learn on your own, you need some coaching.

It is advisable to enroll for an event planning and management course from a reputable school or organization.

You can also take courses online that that will give you what you want as regards event planning.

8. Obtain certificates

Although, you don’t need to be a licensed event planner or complete an event planning course.

If you want to start an event management company.

However, to build your reputation and credibility, it is advisable to get certified.

Certificates will also come in handy when presenting proposals to corporate organizations.

It is also important that you possess certificates from well known professional bodies.

And organizations of event planners and managers and become a certified professional in special events.

As an event planner, you can work from home; you can get your clients on the internet.

9. Improve your entrepreneurial skills

Event planning requires good entrepreneurial skills just like any other business.

This is to create long term and happy customers.

To succeed, you need human relation skills, marketing skills.

Accounting skills, negotiation skills, culinary skills, communication skills etc.

Since this business involves dealing with humans.

You may not necessarily possess all these skills as long as you will partner with those who have these skills.

Events planners near me

10. Set your goals

You must be able to set and achieve goals in order to be a successful event planner.

You must be a big thinker.

11. Carry out a feasibility study and identify your market

In doing this, the following question should be answered:

  • Why do you need to start an event planning business?
  • Why do you choose to become an event planner?
  • What aspect of event planning are you interested in?
  • Do you want to become a generalist or a specialist?

The key to success in this business is to know what type of business.

To offer a this will determine the image of you want to project.

The clients you want to deal with and more importantly the price you want to charge.

Events planners near me

12. Carve out your niche as an event planner

You need and specialize as an event planner.

And this depends on your areas of expertise and your location.

Will you specialize in corporate events or birthday parties?

These questions are begging to be answered.

For example, your area of specialization would be restricted to social events if you are not living in a commercial area.

Clients looking for generalist approach cannot be offered with specialized event planning style.

13. Choose your clientele

Knowing your clientele is the same as knowing occasions to you can handle.

Do you want to focus on corporate or individual clients?

It is not enough to be sure with the services you will offer.

A research is required on the clients who often need such services and what section of the market has the most potential.

Your business can be developed from there and you may even come across an untapped area.

Many individuals discover that they don’t have the expertise and time to plan events themselves.

This is where individual planners can come in and give deserving attention to these events.

14. How to start event planning business

Small and large businesses hire event planners.

To coordinate events from trainings, conferences.

Meetings to trade exhibitions with thousands of attendees.

It is very important to consider yourself.

And know that you have the passion for the job and afterwards the money will come.

It is a rewarding business if it is your passion and if you are able to work hard.

15. Getting a business plan for your event planning company

Having a business plan can be an added advantage to you when it comes to starting a business and growing it.

After conducting your feasibility study, it is advisable to write a business plan.

This will enable you focus on your market and further enable you to adapt to change fast.

One of the first things to do is to identify the market limits or trading area of your business.

To conduct a market analysis, these questions need to be answered:

  • Is there large enough population base to support your event planning service?
  • Will the economic base of the community provide a healthy environment for your business?
  • Is your focus social or corporate events or both?

For instance, you need to be aware of the number of corporations in your area that hold regular seminars and conferences, their respective size.

Their budget for the events and if they do require outside is services.

Events planners near me

16. Start on a small scale

It is always best to launch your event planning career from social events.

Planning for social events is a growing industry.

There are more opportunities than the already established planners can handle.

So you need not be discouraged even if there seem to be a massive competition in your area.

Know that if you struggle to be the best, do a thorough research of your market.

Improve yourself and come up with a good business plan.

You will always have your space in the market place.

17. Assemble the needed manpower and equipment

Event planning is often a one-man business.

And every other thing can be contracted out to third party organizers and providers.

If you are aiming high in the business.

You need to have your own required equipment and manpower.

This is because in the long run.

You cut cost from having these equipment and manpower.

Rather than renting them and cutting the contract.

Events planners near me

18. Apply for a small-business insurance

In setting up an event planning business.

One very vital consideration is insurance as this will go a long way in securing your business.

You can get useful information on how to go about this .

By checking the website of National Alliance of Special Event Planners (NASEP).

19. Develop a marketing plan

In starting an event planning service, it is important to have good marketing plan.

You must be aware of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats involved in your business.

Your plan must identify your strength.

And then set up a detailed plan to address the weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

This marketing plan will serve as your guide to outsmarting and outperforming your rivals.

20. Get a good location office or location

You are advised to run your business from home as a starter in the event planning business.

It is also important to be tap into the new arena f social media for business.

Therefore, in one way or the other you need an office online through creating a website or opening a Face book page.

21. super tips to making your event planning company a success

Running a successful business is a priority for entrepreneur worldwide.

In order to see their business move up the radar, entrepreneurs need to imbibe some traits.

The event planning business is to some extent a competitive one and therefore we have to stay abreast of latest happenings in this domain.

Therefore, if you intend to go into or you are already in this industry.

Then it is very necessary to take note and imbibe some of these tips.

They are tested and are to help you run a successful event planning company.

  1. Be a hard working researcher
  2. Be a technology aficionado
  3. Acquire business training
  4. Pay attention to details
  5. Be skillful in closing deals
  6. Go extra mile
  7. Train and re-train
  8. Be transparent
  9. Identify and reward repeat customers
  10. Reward employees

These tips would do you a great deal of good.

Have it in mind not to toy with any practice that will make or mar the success of your business.

On a final note, strive not only to become an event planner but to be a leader in the business.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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