10 Ways to Use Your Local Grocery Store for the Best Deals!

Fine fare supermarket: When it comes to grocery shopping, digital prices and dynamic promotions are making the industry more exciting than ever. Supermarkets are putting up increasingly creative strategies to win over customers, but in this cut-throat digital era, how do you make sure you’re getting the best deals?

The answer is simple: Get familiar with your local grocery store! Each store has its own quirks and advantages that can help you get the most bang for your buck. From membership programs to special rewards programs, there are numerous ways to save money on food.
With these 10 useful tips, you can make sure that every trip to the local grocery store leaves your wallet a little fatter. Read on and get ready to take your local market to school!

10 Ways to Use Your Local Grocery Store for the Best Deals!

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When it comes to grocery shopping, many people tend to focus on one or two stores in their area. For example, some people may have a favorite supermarket chain that they always go to and never visit the other options available to them. However, if you look deeper at the prices of different stores and their deals, you’ll soon find out that there are better ways to shop for groceries. If you’re willing to do a little planning and research about your local grocery store scene, you can save money on your weekly grocery bill every week! Here are 10 ways that you can use your local grocery store for the best deals:

Check the newspaper for store ads and coupons

Before you even step foot in your local grocery store, you can make sure to maximize your savings for the week by checking their advertisements and coupons. Some stores will have advertisements and coupon sections in your local newspapers or online. This can help you plan out your weekly meals and figure out which store has the best deals on the items that you need the most. Having coupons available to you can also help you snag deals at your favorite stores. Stores will often run specials through the week and feature items that are on sale for that week. Having coupons for these items can help you save even more money on the items that you need. Additionally, stores will often offer coupons online to people who sign up for their emails. These are often targeted coupons that are specific to your shopping habits. For example, if you shop at a grocery store and buy items that earn you rewards, the store may send you coupons for those items to try to get you to shop at their store more often.

Go to the store at the right time of day

The right time of day to shop at your local grocery store can depend on a few factors. First, you’ll want to make sure that you hit the store on a day when there is a sale. Some stores will have certain days of the week that items are discounted. This is a great time to shop for those items as you’ll be able to save money on them. You’ll also want to make sure that you shop at a time when the store is less busy. Some stores are much busier on certain days of the week than others. Similarly, some stores will have busier times of the year than others. If you shop at a time that is less busy, you’ll be able to get in and out of the store much faster, which will allow you to save some time, too!

Take advantage of loss leaders

Loss leaders are items that stores sell at a heavily discounted price. These items are typically staples such as eggs, milk, and bread. The great thing about loss leaders is that you’re guaranteed to get a great price on these items since they’re heavily discounted and will likely be sold out quickly. Most stores will have a loss leader that is advertised and available at all hours that the store is open. For example, if a store is selling eggs for $0.99 per dozen, you can be sure that these eggs will sell out quickly. If you’re able to grab a couple of dozen and freeze them, you’ll be able to have eggs for a few months for a very cheap price!

Shop off-season produce

This one might not be for everyone, but if you’re a serious shopper and want to save even more money, you might want to consider buying produce that isn’t in season. Typically, produce that isn’t in season is imported and costs more as a result. Depending on where you live, you might be able to shop at the end of the season and find great prices on produce such as strawberries, blueberries, and apples. Since these are ending their season and have fewer customers, stores will have to drop the price to sell them. You’ll want to make sure that you freeze these items as soon as you get home, though, or they may not last as long.

Use a flexible grocery app

A flexible grocery app is a great tool for saving money on your weekly grocery bill. These apps allow you to set budgets for your meals and track the items that you buy. You can even scan items as you shop, putting them in a virtual cart, to make sure you’re only buying what you came in for. Additionally, many of these grocery apps will help you find the best deals in your local grocery stores. You can search for specific items and see which store has the best price on that item. This way, you can shop where you know you’ll get the best deal.

Check for Double Stuffs and BOGOs

Double Stuffs and BOGOs are two more great ways to save money on your grocery bill. A Double Stuf, or Double Stuff, refers to a bag of potato chips that has the maximum amount of chips inside it. For example, a bag of chips that is normally 12 ounces and has only 10 ounces in it will be marked as a Double Stuff. BOGOs are Buy One, Get One deals that are available at many grocery stores. You can typically find BOGOs on items such as candy, snacks, and cookies. This isn’t a list of everything that you can save money on at your local grocery store, but these are just a few great ways that you can take advantage of the deals that are available.

Get your staples at a warehouse store

If you’re planning on doing a lot of cooking and baking at home, you might want to consider buying your staples at a warehouse store. Staples such as flour, sugar, and oils are often cheaper at warehouse stores than they are at traditional grocery stores. Warehouse stores also tend to have more deals and coupons available compared to traditional grocery stores. Additionally, many of these stores have online shopping and pickup options, so you can skip the trip entirely.

Try out different stores and brands

Different grocery stores will have different brands and varieties of items. For example, one grocery store may sell a certain type of canned salmon while another may sell a different brand. You can experiment with different stores and brands to see which one you like best. You might be surprised to find out that a certain brand at one store is less expensive than the same brand at a different store. You can also experiment with the different types of stores in your area. For example, if you normally shop at a chain grocery store, try shopping at a smaller local store. You may find that these stores have different deals or have a different variety of products.


There’s no doubt that grocery shopping can be a hassle. However, if you’re willing to put in a little bit of extra effort to shop smarter and make better choices, you can absolutely save money on your weekly grocery bill. These 10 ways will help you shop smarter, get better deals, and save money. So, why not get started today?

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