21 Best way to open Fleet Business

Fleet Business: Is your New Year’s resolution is to make your fleet as profitable as it can be?
If so, you’ve chosen a good one. Unlike so many unrealistic resolutions.
This one can actually become a reality.

The best practices below, which are arranged according to four major fleet management concerns.

Should help you boost your revenue and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

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1. Fleet Business

If you count on one or more vehicles in the day to day of your small business fleet.

Management strategies are critical to a smooth operation.

When you run a small business, fleet management is no different than managing a team.

An employee can call in sick, a delivery truck can break down.

You pay an employee’s salary, and you pay for the upkeep of your fleet.

2. Fleet Business

Just like your employees are a vital part of your operations, your fleet vehicles are, too.

You rely on both of them to get the job done and to make sure your customers are happy.

When a key team member is unexpectedly out sick, everyone has to scramble to make things work.

The same holds true for an unexpected vehicle breakdown.

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3. Fleet Business

The flip side of this is that when you and your team plan ahead for vacations and time off.

It’s much easier to work without that person for a few days.

You’ve planned a course of action to fill the void while they are gone.

The same applies to your fleet vehicles.

If you keep them in good shape with a regular maintenance schedule.

You’ll keep your overall expenses down and limit the surprises.

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Fleet Business

4. Keep detailed records

Whether you use a spreadsheet or software specifically for fleet management, detailed reports will help you hone in on how efficiently your fleet is running. You’ll especially want to keep track of service expenses, fuel consumption, and repairs so you know the true expense of each vehicle.

5. Get regular tune-ups and oil changes

Use a rotating schedule, so your entire fleet gets regular oil changes and tune-ups. Changing the oil as per the manufacturer’s schedule is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your car alive. Or as the mechanics on Car Talk put it, “Changing your vehicle’s oil is one of the most important things you can do to avoid bringing large bags of money to your mechanic later on.”

Beyond oil and filter changes, be sure to check the oil level in your vehicles every few hundred miles. You could make this part of your drivers’ checklist or have an assigned person on staff to keep up with mechanical work.

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Fleet Business

6. Check the tires

You may have the same tires on your personal car for two, three, or even four years depending on how often and where you drive. Not so with your fleet vehicles. For any business, especially a small business, fleet management is about keeping your cars on the road. You can’t do that without good tires.

Poorly inflated tires, worn tread, and misalignment can reduce your gas mileage, make steering and braking difficult, reduce traction, and strain your car’s suspension.

And with fleet vehicles, tires can wear down a lot faster than you may realize. Check your tires regularly for proper inflation and adequate tread, and check with your mechanic right away if it feels like your car is pulling to one side, shakes during braking, or vibrates excessively on the road.

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7. Build a relationship

Speaking of which, your mechanic is going to be your fleet’s best friend. Build a relationship with them just like you would with any vendor. When you’re in a pinch with a major delivery on the line, wouldn’t it be nice to have a mechanic who can “fit you in” right away?

8. Keep your fleet insured

It goes without saying that you need insurance for your personal vehicle. And you know you need business insurance. But don’t skip out on fleet vehicle insurance. General business insurance won’t necessarily cover fleet and commercial vehicles. There are a variety of options and plans available, so talk directly to your insurance agent to work out the best plan for your small business.

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9. Talk to your drivers

No one knows better than the driver if there is a problem. Even with a regular maintenance schedule, issues come up. Speak to your drivers at the end of the day to find out if you need to address anything. It might be worth mentioning that if your driver makes a commission on mileage, you’ll need to pay them for their time “off” the road, otherwise, they won’t have any incentive to share vehicle status with you.

10. Rotate maintenance

If you have a small fleet, you may be able to take all your vehicles to the mechanic and get them serviced in one day. For larger fleets, keep a rotating schedule so you can keep as many vehicles on the road as possible. Give your drivers a day of administrative duties or career training while their car or truck is in the shop.

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Fuel Efficiency

11. The Good Kind of Inflation

Remind your drivers that their tires should always be inflated to the ideal pressure levels (a telematics program can verify tire pressure). If a vehicle’s tires are inflated correctly, its gas mileage could increase by as much as 3 percent. What’s more, the average truck gets about 0.6 percent better gas mileage with proper inflation.

12. Cruising to Victory

Cruise control can save gas, and autonomous cruise control is especially beneficial . By automatically changing a truck’s speed cruise control can help ensure that it never gets too near other vehicles. When used in this way, it can lower the amount of fuel a truck expends during highway driving by about 2.8 percent.

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13. Taking It Easy

If a driver often starts and stops abruptly, his or her vehicle can use up to 40 percent more fuel. Therefore, all starts and stops, except in emergency situations, should be smooth, gradual and controlled. In fact, in some instances, braking is wasteful. It’s better if a truck can simply come to a stop on its own. A quick training session on efficient stopping and starting can save you a ton of money.

Smart Leasing

14. It’s Better to Shop Around

Maybe you’ve been partnering with the same truck leasing company for a long time. It’s crucial to survey the marketplace each year, otherwise, you’ll never know if a new company is poised to offer you more attractive prices, terms or services.

If you’re happy with your current leaser but you still find a better deal elsewhere, at least let your leasing company know about it and ask if they are willing to price match.

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15.Leasing Contracts Are in the Details

When you’re looking at leasing contracts, remember that the overall cost isn’t the only thing that will affect your company’s profitability. Rather, you should weigh such details as the length of vehicle warranties, truck performance guarantees, how billing and invoice disagreements are resolved and the frequency of payment installments.

16. Hitting the Scale

When it comes to vehicle leasing, scalability can be vital. If your company suddenly booms, your leaser should be able to provide you with new vehicles right away so you can handle the rush. On the other hand, if business starts to slow and you don’t need as many vehicles on the road, it’s great if you can return some of your trucks without incurring penalties.

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Fleet Compliance

17. Remembering Those Tune-Ups

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration tells us that, in 2015, more than a fifth of roadside inspections led to fines due to maintenance-related violations. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget when it’s time for a vehicle to undergo a servicing.

Fleet management software will let you know when a truck is due to go to the mechanic, and it can schedule all other maintenance tasks for you. The likelihood of a compliance mistake will then drop dramatically.

18. Licensing and Registration Reminders

In a similar way, some fleet management software can store the license plate numbers and registration expiration dates of all your trucks.

When it’s almost time to get a plate or registration renewal, your automated program will send you an alert. Once again, you needn’t worry about overlooking a deadline.

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Fleet Business

19. Preventing Mechanical Failures and Accidents

Fleet management software can tell you when a vehicle’s performance is starting to decline, and it can offer suggestions to help you determine which part is responsible. You can then have the truck checked out, and the offending part can be replaced at once. By contrast, if you were unaware of such issues, they could worsen and eventually cause much more costly damage.

20. Thinking Small

When it’s time to replace one of your vehicles, you should consider buying or leasing a smaller and lighter truck, one with a more compact engine. It will be nimbler and cheaper to maintain over the long haul.

Sure, there are times when fleet managers need the largest and most powerful vehicles available. However, many companies operate trucks that are bigger than they have to be. Fleet management software can assist you in figuring out which of your vehicles could be downsized without causing any loss of productivity.

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21. Fleet Business

With these tips in mind, imagine what your year might be like. Your team members would drive their trucks in ways that exponentially conserve fuel. Your leasing company would supply you with extremely favorable terms. Your fleet management software would monitor your compliance and maintenance duties, saving you time, money and more than a few headaches. Every one of your vehicles would stay in the best possible condition. Altogether, it looks like you may have a very exciting — and profitable — year ahead of you.

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