5 Guideline to Ideal Hatchery Business

Ideal hatchery : its products are the most widely consumed food in the whole world which makes the chicken hatchery business a great endeavor to take.

In the world, it is rare to find any house without eggs or chicken not cooked once in a week or month.

So if you have the required knowledge, capital and place you can definitely give a thought in starting a chicken hatchery business.

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Starting any kind of business always needs special skill.

If you already have experience in chicken hatchery business.

Then it is okay and you can gather more knowledge and information about the same .

And if you don’t have knowledge and information about chicken hatchery.

And still interested in starting your own chicken hatchery business.

Then it is suggested to get the required skills for the same.

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  • You can join college courses regarding livestock management training.
  • Take a job for part-time basis in any of the renowned hatchery business and learn the ways in the most practical manner.
  • If you don’t get a job, do the work for free as a volunteer to get the necessary experience.
  • Visit different chicken hatchery websites and learn about their way of working.
  • Practical visit and doing an interview with the staffs is also very helpful.


Starting a chicken hatchery business is a big step that you are going to take and for that.

You need to make many arrangements and planning.

You can start your hatchery business in a small scale as a testing phase.

And when the cash starts flowing from the business you can easily grow the same.

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1. CREATE A BUSINESS PLAN:  Create proper business plan about your chicken hatchery after doing a thorough research about the same.

This business plan will also help you to get financial loans from institutions.

Every business needs to have a proper planning to run it effectively.

2. ARRANGE CAPITAL:  As you need to manage livestock.

So there is a recurring expense everyday along with that you need to pay a huge amount in the location of the business along with the setup.

The need of capital is, however, dependent on the size of the business.

And you can also get loan facility from financial institutions after submitting a proper business plan.

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3. SELECT A LOCATION:  Selecting a proper location is a critical task for starting a chicken hatchery business.

There are various legal guidelines which need to be followed for selecting a location for hatchery business.

Contact your local administrative office for getting the details.

The selected location should have following features for the best result: –

  • The place should have a proper drainage system.
  • A higher ground is preferable.
  • Pollution free environment with fresh air and away from industries and heavy traffic.
  • Preferably away from slaughterhouse or other farms.
  • Enough space for chicken hatchery and keeping the different machinery.
  • Good infrastructure like good transport system, electricity and suitable water supply.

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Ideal hatchery

4. LEGAL GUIDELINES:  Contact your local administrator office for the details information about the legal guidelines.

Not only in setup of the hatchery business.

There are quality guidelines for producing one-day old chicken as per customer specifications under the ISI Specification:

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IS: 9800:1981, which determines the basic requirement of one-day old chicken supply.

5. FIND CUSTOMERS:  Extensive promotion is not required for finding customers for your chicken hatchery as the demand of hatchery business is too high than the supply.

Just a few contacts with the customers will give you a huge number of clients.

You can, however, use different modern promotion ways like creating a website for your chicken hatchery business to attract more clients.


To setup your ideal hatchery business.

You will need a spacious area for operating for providing a place for the day old chicks.

A place for keeping the machinery etc.

For setting a small scale chicken hatchery you will at least need a space of 2000 Sq Ft.

List of basic machinery for ideal hatchery: –

  • Egg Hatcher (Automatic)
  • Egg setter
  • Electric egg tester
  • Electric Debeaker
  • Egg weighing scale
  • Feeder, waterer, and brooder
  • Weighing balance
  • Generator
  • Air conditioner
  • Refrigerator

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You can start your chicken hatchery business in two ways, either by buying eggs or buying one-day old chicks and the latter option is the best one to choose.

The procured one-day old parent stock chicks must be of improved species and must get the supply from a reliable and trusted source.

Provide balanced nutrition and proper medication to the chicks according to their age.

After they start laying eggs, collect them and send to the hatchery section and process for hatching.

With your chicken hatchery business, you can provide the service of both selling eggs and baby chicks for sale.

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Along with your chicken hatchery, if you have sufficient or extra space.

You can include ducks or rooster or other related farming animals to add variety in the business.

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