5 Top Media Development Tips

Media Development Tips : Mark Zuckerberg did it! You can too.

Mark Zuckerberg coupled knowledge with savvy internet skills.

To achieve success with what started as a small business.

And has grown to what we now know as Facebook.

With a good idea, knowledge of your market.

And the ability to utilize the internet to its full potential.

Even the smallest businesses can compete with larger business giants.

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According to an article on www.Forbes.com, small businesses in Nigeria personify.

An important economic segment and will be an important factor in our economy.

They are major contributors to job growth and form a huge block of the total outstanding business community and tax base.

However, the question still stands, how can small upcoming businesses excel with larger companies dominating every market?

The following steps can potentially allow small businesses to see continued success.

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Media Development Tips

1. Play Hard!

The best way to remain successful is to stand firm and command your space.

Play on the fact that you created your business to serve a need for good, reliable products and/ or services.

  • Not only are you offering an authentic product or service, you are also creating employment opportunities, thereby helping individuals build their self-esteem and provide for themselves and family.

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Media Development Tips

2. Be Seen, Be Heard!

Your consumers want to see you.

They want to see the face behind the product.

They want to know your story and what led you to where you are now.

They want to know your journey.

  • How have your brand’s products changed your life?
  • Being present as the face of your brand, answering questions, and telling the story of your journey gives both you and your

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Media Development Tips

2. Network

 Take advantage of the numerous business networking groups.
Attend business networking workshops which are often offered at local colleges and universities.
Attend events such as the annual Small Business Expo which travels to New York, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles and Miami.

Media Development Tips

3. Get out there.

Meet like-minded individuals who will help you brand your business.

Act as your word of mouth and possibly give you a different perspective on your business.

Which can ultimately help you accelerate on your path to success.

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Media Development Tips

4.Talk, talk, talk and talk Some More

Blogs and Social Media have the biggest influence.
When it comes to which products and services consumers will try to trust.

So, it would be wise to start talking everywhere.

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Strike up a discussion or join one in progress on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs and forums within your niche.

  • Let people know about your brand, give suggestions, solutions and ideas to those you interact with.
  • Interacting on these platforms also gives you the opportunity to reach out to individuals who are seasoned veterans within your niche.
  • Reach out to them, ask questions and comment on their posts, many of them will answer your questions or reply to your comments with useful information.

5.Most importantly, stay true, be creative and continue providing authentic products and services people love as you build a brand people trust.

By following these steps, you will remain relevant and experience ongoing success.

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