23 Tips to Start Mobile Beauty Specialist Business

Mobile Beauty Specialist business is a great business profession as the economy leaves a very less impact on it.

Whatever the market condition may be, people will always need a haircut or minimum maintenance, thus giving a huge opportunity for this business to succeed.

If you are skillful enough in hair cutting, dying, styling etc but not interested to work for others.

You can start your own business of hairdressing without investing a huge amount on buying or leasing a storefront.

Having your hair done by a professional in a salon is normal.

But not in your own home or a public place.

An interesting business idea, many hair stylists have decided to start mobile hair salons.

Armed with shears, combs and a rolling sink, mobile hair salons are becoming a new wave.

When stylists start a mobile hair salon business.

It allows them to tap into a whole new market.

As a mobile beauty  specialist, you can focus on one area of the beauty industry that you enjoy the most or that you feel is your strongest area.

This could be nails, makeup or spray tanning.

Or you could combine all of your skills to offer your clients a whole package of beauty treatments.

Read on to learn how to start Mobile Beauty Specialist Business

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Mobile Beauty Specialist Business

Mobile Beauty Specialist Business Background

So, if you want to be a self-employed hairdresser, then the Mobile Beauty Specialist business is a great option to choose over working in a salon.

However, it has its own pros and cons.

If you are an expert hairdresser, there are three options that you can work for.

1. Mobile Beauty Specialist:Gain the Experience

1st is to work in a salon, secondly, you can open your own saloon or thirdly you can work as a freelance or mobile hairdresser.

I am going to provide a complete guide to start a Mobile Beauty Specialist business in kwa Ibom State.

So that you can get more idea about the business.

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2. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Get a proper business license

Secure proper business licensing from county or state bureaus to operate a mobile service.

This also includes expanding your vehicle’s insurance to include additional liability and extra coverage.

You’ll also want to confirm your car tags are current.

3. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Get the necessary equipment

Decide what type of equipment you will need to start a mobile hair salon business.

Purchase portable sinks and hoses, fold-away chairs, table-top or rolling hair dryers and table-top equipment like curling irons, combs and hair solutions.

Consider purchasing equipment to start a mobile hair salon business.

From other hair salons that have gone out of business or ones that retire their equipment.

Insure any equipment that is purchased, whether the equipment is new or used.

The tools and products that you’ll need will vary depending on the services that you choose to offer.

If you choose not to specialise in one area you will need a wider range of equipment, this could include:

  • Heated hair tools (hair dryer, straighteners, curling tongs)
  • Makeup products and brushes
  • Hair products and brushes
  • Skincare products
  • Towels
  • Mirrors
  • Spray tan equipment
  • Massage table
  • Oils
  • Nail varnish
  • Nail care products (scissors, files, specialist tools)

You can visit equipment consignment shops to find bargains.

Mobile Beauty Specialist Business

4. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business: Be mobile

Secure a dependable and ample-sized vehicle.

This is to transport the mobile equipment and supplies in.

An SUV or mini-van would be ideal for transporting equipment.

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Mobile Beauty Specialist Business

5. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Make contact

Contact potentially new or existing clients about your new mobile hair salon service.

Book appointments as you contact them.

Since mobile equipment can be purchased relatively easily and quickly, don’t waste time or lose potential business.

6. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Be your boss

As a freelance hairdresser, you don’t need to take order from your boss.

Your clients will be the ultimate boss who you need to listen and take orders from.

7. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Determine your income

Working in a salon means you are either getting fixed salary or getting a commission from the works you do.

But as a freelance hairdresser, you will be the owner of your whole income.

8. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Become flexible

Even if you have your own salon.

You need to follow strict timing to open and close the shop.

However, as a freelancer, you will get more flexibility to do work and select your clients.

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9.Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Invest in the business

As a mobile beauty specialist, you only need two things.

One is high-skills and secondly is the hairdressing equipment.

Thus, the required investment is very low in this business concept.

10. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Clients Selection

You can create your own client base and have a personal bonding and relationship with them.

11. Period of working

If hairdressing is your passion and you are in the different sector of service.

As an individual hair-dresser you can still pursue your passion as a part-time work.

As a freelance hairdresser, you need to do all the works of your own only

As an individual hairdresser, you need to visit clients place, thus, this involves a lot of travelling.

12. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Business management

In the ,Mobile Beauty Specialist Business, the workload will not be the same as always.

Sometimes, you will be bored without work and sometimes will not get any time to relax due to workload

13.Create a strong customer base

This is the biggest challenge in this business idea.

As an individual hair dresser, it may take a bit long time to create a strong customer base.

As mentioned earlier, creating a strong client base is the biggest concern in this venture.

However, there are many ways to cope up with this issue.

Once you have a strong client base, you don’t have to worry about work or money.

That is why it is important to create a strong rapport with your clients.

14. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Get trained

You skills in the field will be your strongest asset.

There is no opportunity to compromise with your skills.

So, before starting the business, it is suggested to get extensive training and experience in the field as if you can deliver good service, the client’s will come on their own.

15. Start with friends and family

You can start your work with your family and friends.

Charge them less as a complimentary and if your work is good.

The word of mouth will spread and will have a great promotion for your business.

16.Mobile Beauty Specialist Business: Make your charging simple

Fix your rates as per the market standards.

Or if possible a bit lower than then that in the beginning.

It will help a lot to attract clients.

17.Provide complimenting services

Any kind of service which comes free of cost makes us very happy.

Thus, along with your hairdressing service.

Choose some service free of cost like a head or foot massage.

Or a free pedicure or manicure, whichever suits you.

Mobile Beauty Specialist Business

18.Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Know the Marketing strategies

Marketing of your business is very important to reach out to new clients.

The word of mouth will definitely help to promote your business.

If your work is good but you will also need a strong marketing strategy to build and grow your business.

19.Learn to promote your business

Social media is one of the best platforms to promote your business.

You can create a Facebook page or group to promote your services or use Instagram or WhatsApp to spread the word.

Along with being highly-effective, social media is a free platform to promote also.

20.Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Avoid giving false commitment

You can afford to say no, but can’t at all afford to avoid any commitment.

So, check your schedule properly before giving any kind of commitments along.

And try to be at least 10 to 15 mins prior to your appointed time.

Maintain a proper schedule of your appointments and always refer to the same before commitment

21.Know how to care for the customers

Along with the above points, the most important is customer care.

With all kind of skills and talent in the Mobile Beauty Specialist Business.

Providing care to the customer should be your high priority.

Soft skill, personal touch along with professionalism is the key points of customer care.

You can also add the below-mentioned tips for attracting and retaining clients: –

22. Mobile Beauty Specialist Business:Know the charging rates

As a self-employed hairdresserhow much you want to charge completely depends on you.

You have the complete freedom of the same.

However, to survive in the business, you need to fix the charges as per the market standards.

At the beginning of your Mobile Beauty Specialist Business.

It is suggested to keep your rates a bit lower than the others.

23. Carry out proper research

If you are new in the profession.

Do a proper research in the market about the rates charged by other hairdresser.

And fix your rates accordingly.


It is estimated that women spent around #20,000 to #50,000 on cosmetics and skincare every year.

So, with the industry showing no signs of slowing.

It’s a great time to get qualified and start your own business. Good luck!

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