40 Tips to Start Overseas Study Consulting Business

Overseas Study Consulting Business: Providing Overseas Education consultant Franchise.

Take the next step for becoming a successful Edupreneur.

Education Consultants are academic advisors.

They typically work in K-12 school settings.

But may also be hired by parents to advise children on colleges and private schools.

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Overseas Study Consulting Business
Overseas Study Consulting Business: https://www.astron.international

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1. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Education Consultants provide guidance to a school’s teaching faculty on curriculum.

Teaching styles and recommended resources and textbooks.

They may also recommend strategies to help improve a school’s rankings and academic standing.

2. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Education Consultants generally work as independent contractors.

While they may report their findings and recommendations to a school principal or dean.

They generally act as their own boss.

The job growth for Instructional Coordinators is forecasted to be about 7 percent.

Through 2024 according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

This will add an estimated 10,500 jobs during this period.

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3. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Getting foreign education is a leading inspiration that many students have nowadays.

Not only do students want their career to be a great one.

But also parents are equally enthusiastic about sending their children abroad to widen their studies.

This is because children get the chance for global exposure.

And it helps them to become independent enough to handle their lives well.

4. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Another reason why overseas education is becoming popular nowadays.

Is due to high competition level in the job market.

So when the need to seek advice and guidance come.

Who do students approach regarding foreign courses and universities?

Of course, they need to consult overseas education consultants, who else?

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5. Overseas Study Consulting Business

An educational consultant such as one at JNSEdu is a professional.

With ample knowledge in the field of education.

About career opportunities and various careers.

They use their experience in teaching.

To help parents with curriculum development.

And other higher education problems.

6. Overseas Study Consulting Business

The consultant’s responsibilities also include providing.

And identifying the needs students have.

And monitoring every detail needed by students to choose a career path.

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7. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Generally, education consultants also answer various career questions students have regarding their career.

They also develop instructional materials, incorporate current technology.

Develop the curriculum and coordinate educational content.

8. Why Choose Overseas Educational Consultants?

When you make up your mind to study, abroad.

Overseas education consultants have the expertise.

To guide you well about the best colleges.

Best countries, and best universities.

From where you can pursue the course of your choice and more.

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9. Overseas Study Consulting Business

They effectively provide students with the guidance regarding scopes, student hub and more.

As a fact, good overseas education consultants also suggest alternatives to students.

To fail to pass through the selection stage of the course or university of their choice.

10. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Most reputed overseas education consultants also guide their students.

Regarding the admission seasons of different colleges and universities.

Estimated expenses, respective fees structure and more.

In most cases, overseas education consultants also assist.

And guide students in arranging educational loans from suitable banks.

In any case, students also approach overseas education.

When they need assistance with their visa to study abroad.

Since experienced consultants are well aware of all the nitty-gritty’s involved in the visa application process.

They make sure that students submit the necessary documents.

And ensure they complete all paperwork correctly.

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11. Overseas Study Consulting Business

They also guide students about the estimated expenses.

That come along with studying in a specific university or college abroad.

They guide students successfully about the expenses involved in studying in a foreign country.

They provide accommodation assistance to students who wish to study abroad (if needed).

12. Get the Skills

You’ll need to have:

  • a passion for education
  • good planning and organising skills
  • a willingness to keep up to date with modern teaching and learning strategies
  • an ability to meet tight deadlines
  • an ability to communicate your ideas
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • interest in travelling to meet clients and working in a diverse range of environments
  • problem-solving skills.

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13. Get the Qualifications

Generally, you’ll need a first degree or HND to be an education consultant.

But experience and determination will count for a lot in the industry.

You can get into education consultancy with a degree in any subject.

But a degree in education or psychology may be advantageous.

You’ll improve your chances further with a specialist degree, such as Early Childhood Studies.

14. Overseas Study Consulting Business


If you want to undertake a postgraduate qualification in education.

Look for courses that help you develop practical teaching experience.

As education can be a competitive field.

Education consultants often also have a qualification in a specialism.

This is typically a postgraduate qualification such as an MA in education or a PGCE.

These courses are available at colleges, universities and via distance learning.

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15. Know their Work experience

Experience as a teacher or in an education setting can prove to be invaluable.

Especially if you’re starting as a freelancer.

Clients and client briefs however can be varied.

And very few structured work experience or training schemes exist.

Some larger companies will offer a starting salary and training.

And give an opportunity to build up experience.

16. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Many international agencies also offer exciting opportunities.

To work with schools and education organisations abroad.

You can gain first-hand experience working with learners.

And/or clients through tutoring in a specialist subject.

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17. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Education consultants often have a good understanding of the current education landscape.

Get involved with volunteering opportunities within schools or college environments.

Or become a school governor to gain a first-hand insight.

18. The Key Skills of an Education Consultant

Communication skills are one of the most essential.

And important skills of an education consultant.

Along with this, they also possess the following skills:

  • Helping and understanding nature
  • Cooperative and dependable attitude
  • Ability and flexible to adapt to necessary changes
  • Excellent leadership qualities
  • Experts at problem-solving and making decisions
  • Excellent analytical thinking and the ability to use logic to solve work-related problems
  • They have knowledge about laws and legal duties by the government
  • Knowledge about administration and management
  • Ability to complete within a small time frame with effective time management

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19. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Usually, the duties of an education consultant comprise of the duties mentioned above.

Their skills, qualification, and advice can guide you through all the requirements.

Necessary to get your dream qualification.

20. Overseas Study Consulting Business

An Education Consultant must juggle many duties and responsibilities to be successful.

Although specific positions will dictate an Education Consultant’s undertakings.

There are several core responsibilities common to this occupation.

A review of current job listings identified the following primary tasks and responsibilities.

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21. Develop Curriculum

Developing, coordinating and implementing curriculum plans.

May be one of the main tasks an Education Consultant is hired for.

They will generally work with teaching staff to review the plans.

And materials currently in use and then make suggestions for ways to improve them.

They are often asked to ensure all curriculum meets state.

Or federal standards and that materials are standardized throughout the classrooms.

22. Observe Teachers

Education Consultants may also be tasked with observing teachers on the job.

And then making suggestions for ways to improve their teaching styles.

And increase classroom participation.

Education Consultants must keep informed on the latest instructional techniques.

And trends to best assist their clients.

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23. Provide Data Analysis

Reviewing and analyzing a school’s performance data.

Such as test scores and graduation rates.

These are another way Education Consultants can provide assistance to a school.

Depending on what their analysis finds.

Education Consultants can provide guidance on ways to improve a school’s performance.

By offering solutions and methods utilized in top performing institutions.

24. Training and Employee Development

Education Consultants are also tasked with providing training.

And employee development for a school’s staff.

They may offer courses that meet the continued education requirements.

For the teaching staff or may provide soft skill seminars for the entire staff.

Some Education Consultants will provide the training themselves.

While others may recommend training companies and online resources.

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25. Professional Skills

Exceptional experience in relevant database management systems and Business Intelligence Systems.

Education Consultants must be superb leaders and excellent communicators.

They must be extremely organized and detail-oriented as well.

Dependable, hardworking, and possessing a strong work ethic are also vital.

Employers look for candidates with all of these traits as well as the traits listed here.

26. Core skills:

Based on job employers want Education Consultants with these core skills.

If you want to work as an Education Consultant, focus on the following.

  • Proficient in personal computing skills
  • Experience with training and education
  • Project management experience
  • Experience evaluating statistics and performance measurements

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27.  Advanced skills:

While most employers did not require the following skills.

Multiple job listings included them as preferred.

Broaden your career options by adding these skills.

  • Instructional Design experience
  • Degree in education or related field

28. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Education consultants can specialise in a particular form of education, such as:

  • special needs
  • careers advice and support
  • subject specialism, e.g. enterprise education, early childhood and STEM
  • the development of learning products
  • online or technical education support
  • examination preparation
  • teacher training and development
  • national or international partnerships development.

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29. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Education consultants do not necessarily always have direct contact with the learner.

And often might work in a role.

That supports an education organisation to deliver teaching.

And learning strategies or to fix systemic issues.

30. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Education consultants use their experience in learning, teaching.

And assessment to help develop the curriculum.

Or work with organisations and learners to identify and support their specialist needs.

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31. Overseas Study Consulting Business

The work is varied – education consultants can be generalists.

Or can specialise in one particular area.

They can work for large, medium or small businesses.

Be self-employed or work as a freelancer.

There are also international opportunities within this field of work.

32. Know their Responsibilities

Whether you’re a generalist or a specialist, as an education consultant you’ll:

  • be able to proactively identify and respond to the needs of students and/or educational institutions
  • be able to gather, disseminate and share best practice
  • work with clients to solve their problems using education theory
  • be able to present your ideas and solutions in an effective way
  • use, develop and support assistive technologies
  • understand jargon, acronyms and specialist vocabulary within an education setting
  • understand how to work with teachers, leaders and organisations
  • work to a professional code of ethics and remain impartial.

Your responsibilities will also often include:

  • organising or facilitating events and workshops
  • developing teaching and learning materials
  • creating new teaching and assessment strategies, education and career plans
  • delivering materials to a group or individual that needs particular support.

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33. Know the Working hours

Working hours can be erratic and often relate to nature of your role and your client group.

If you’re working with schools your hours will generally follow school patterns.

But you may need to work some evenings and weekends.

To develop plans or materials, especially when working on a big project.

If working with organisations at a college or higher education level.

You may find that you have a 9am-5pm work pattern, with some evening working.

As with many self-employed roles.

If working as an education consultant freelance or for a small company.

You can find yourself working unsociable hours.

Which you may or may not be able to charge back to the client.

34. Professional development

The Society of Education Consultants offers access to resources.

And recommendations of professional development opportunities.

It’s also worth exploring the training and development opportunities.

Available through training agencies.

Or offered through partners like the Global Partnership for Education and the British Council.

Although unlikely, if you don’t have a degree.

There can be options for further development by undertaking training to obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Overseas Study Consulting Business

35. Career prospects

As an education consultant, you’ll develop a range of transferrable skills.

There is enough variety within the job that you may find yourself developing your specialism.

Working abroad on in an education leadership role.

Some education consultants go back into teaching.

Or working within an education environment in a different role.

The nature of the role also lends itself to similar careers.

And some could go on to be careers advisors.

Support workers or working freelance in another industry.

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36. What to expect

  • There are few larger companies working within the sector, but most organisations are smaller.
  • You can freelance in this role but you can also be directly employed by an educational institution, like a school or college.
  • You will need to have some experience in an education setting, or a qualification in education or a related subject.
  • Dress code tends to be professional, although changes depending on your client group.
  • You will be expected to listen to your client(s), understand their problems and develop a solution. You’ll work to a professional code of conduct.

    Overseas Study Consulting Business

  • You will need to be able to communicate your ideas effectively and reference the education theory underpinning your work.
  • You will be busy working to tight deadlines and juggling projects, which gives you lots of variety but can be stressful at times.
  • Depending on your specialism, you may find yourself travelling to meet clients and conduct in-school observations.

    Overseas Study Consulting Business

  • You will mostly be office-based for development of learning materials or plans, unless your focus is on outdoor education.
  • There are opportunities to work abroad, and this is not uncommon.
  • Organisations like the British Council can offer opportunities to explore working abroad.
  • Work can be flexible. As a freelancer you can pick which projects you undertake and work out how much you charge, but the work is less secure than working for a company.
  • You will be expected to network and/or build up and maintain relationships with your client(s).

37. Overseas Study Consulting Business

Having an understanding of business will improve your ability to work as a freelancer.

A range of online courses and resources are available to help you start a business.

Many universities also provide support for undergraduates.

Or graduates who are thinking of running their own business.

So it’s worth checking their websites and seeking out support.

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39. Employers

Most education consultants either work for a company.

In the public sector or are self-employed.

There are organisations that work in specialist areas of education.

And provide advice and guidance to clients, as well as opportunities to develop your own client base.

40. Overseas Study Consulting Business

You can look for vacancies (or potential clients if you are a freelancer) on:

  • EduStaff
  • The Guardian Jobs
  • Times Education Supplement (TES)
  • local government websites
  • LinkedIn groups, such as The Education Consultants Network
  • The Society of Education Consultants

If you’re interested in international opportunities, you can find these through:

  • The British Council
  • OECD education PISA
  • Global Partnership for Education
  • education charities.

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Many education consultants are freelancers.

And need to register via the HMRC as self-employed.

And get a Unique Tax Payer reference number.

Or set up a company via companies’ house.

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