How to Make Beaded Curtains Queen Canopy Bed

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Queen Canopy Bed

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Beaded curtains are simple to make and will add artistry to your room.

They can get pretty expensive to buy, however. Luckily, they are fairly easy to make.

Best of all, you can customize your curtains by choosing what color, size.

And shape the beads are. You can even choose what material they are made out of!

Once you get the hang of it, you could add beaded curtains to just about any door or window in your home!

Attaching the Curtain Rod

Measure the window or doorway that you plan on having the curtains in.

Take a measuring tape, and measure across the window/doorway.

Add about 6 to 12 inches (15.24 to 30.46 centimeters) to your measurement.

This way, your finished rod will extend 3 to 6 inches (7.62 to 15.24 centimeters) past the window/doorway on both sides.

  • If you want the curtain to be inside the window/doorway, then measure inside the frame, along the top edge. Do not add any extra measurements.

Cut a ¾-inch (1.91-centimeter) diameter wooden rod according to your measurement.

Use strong, sturdy wood, such as oak, for this.

These curtains can get heavy, so you want the rod to be strong enough to hold them up.

Do not use a tension rod; it won’t be sturdy enough.

  • You can cut the wood yourself using a saw, or you can ask the hardware store to do it for you.
  • If you already have a sturdy metal rod, you can use that instead.

Attach the hooks.

Place the hooks against the wall, then insert the screws.

Make sure that you are drilling the holes into the wooden support beams and not into sheetrock.

If you drill the holes into sheetrock, the weight of the curtains will pull the rod right off the wall.

  • Depending on how wide your window or doorway is, you will need between 2 and 3 hooks. The wider the window/doorway is, the more hooks you will need.
  • If you are going to mount the curtain inside your window/doorway, then drill the holes into the frame itself. You will need to get a special type of mount intended for hanging curtains inside windows.

Queen Canopy Bed

Rest the curtain rod on top of the hooks.

Hanging the rod before you bead will allow you to determine how long your curtains will be.

It will also keep the strands from getting tangled while you work on them.

  • If you are resting the curtain inside the window/doorway, be prepared for a tight fit.
  • You may have to sand down the end of the curtain rod.
Queen Canopy Bed:

Queen Canopy Bed

Making the Strands

Measure and cut your fishing line.

Measure how long you want your curtains to be, starting from the top of the curtain rod.

Double your measurement and 12 inches (30.46 centimeters) to it.

Cut your fishing line accordingly.

You are cutting your fishing line twice as long because you will be folding it in half and inserting two strands inside each bead.

The extra 12 inches (30.46 centimeters) will allow you to finish off the curtains.

  • Cut and work on one strand at a time.
  • If you cut too many strands at once, the fishing line may turn into a tangled mess.
  • If you don’t have any fishing line, you can also try using strong, sturdy thread, colored string, or even wire.
  • A micro-filament line works well because it’s clear and strong.
  • Avoid using crochet thread because it might be too weak.
  • Cotton rope will likely be too thick if you have small beads.

Tie the fishing line to a split ring.

Find the center of your fishing line, then slip it through the split ring.

Tie 2 to 3 knots beneath the slip ring to keep the fishing line secure; you can also use a slipknot instead. Make sure that the fishing line is centered, and that both strands are the same length.

  • Work on one ring at a time. Hang each ring onto the rod as soon as you finish it.
  • Split rings are the same thing as keychain rings. Because of their design, they don’t have any gaps that your fishing line might slip through. They are also very strong and sturdy.

Queen Canopy Bed

Get some beads.

You will need lots of beads, more than you think you’d need.
They don’t all have to be fancy glass beads; they can be plastic, wood, or even homemade.
You could even take apart costume jewelry, and use the beads from that.
The funkier the beads are, the better!

  • Colored glass beads are wonderful for this project because they are translucent and catch the light well.
  • If you are using colored string, consider using clear beads for a cool effect.
  • Consider getting some 2-hole beads for the end of your curtain strands. You will one 2-hole bead for each strand.

Start stringing your beads.

Take your first bead, and thread it onto the fishing line.
Make sure that you are putting the bead through both strands of the fishing line.
Pull the bead all the way down to the split ring, and add the next.
Keep doing this until you have about 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) of string left.

  • Your beads don’t all have to be the same size.
  • Play around with different patterns. For example, you could use mostly small beads on your curtain, and use a large, chunky bead every couple of inches/centimeters.

Queen Canopy Bed

Add a 2-hole bead at the end.

This time, put one strand of fishing line through each hole.
If you do not have any 2-hole beads, use a larger bead instead.
Turn the bead so that the holes are pointing to the side instead of up-and-down.
Take one strand of fishing line, and pull it through the left hole.
Take the other strand of fishing line, and pull it through the right hole.

Queen Canopy Bed

Tie the ends off.

Tie about 3 knots under the bead, then bring the ends of the fishing line back through the holes.
Thread the strands back through the first couple of beads (about 2 inches/5.08 centimeters), then trim them off.

  • If you are using a regular bead instead of a 2-hole bead, tie the knots above the bead instead.
  • Consider placing a drop of superglue over the knot.
  • This will make it stronger and less likely to slip.

Finishing Your Curtains

Hang the strand on the curtain, and start on the next one.

It may sound like a lot of work, constantly getting up and sliding the split ring onto your curtain rod, but it will help keep your work from getting tangled.

Continue cutting and beading your strands until you have as many as you like on your curtain rod.

They do not all have to be the same length but remember to add 12 inches (30.46 centimeters) to each strand so that you can finish it off properly.

A great idea would be to make your curtains an angle upwards in shape.

Hang the curtain rod in place.

Make adjustments as needed to ensure that the curtain is hanging evenly.

If you used glass beads, the light behind the curtain will catch the colors of the beads and make them glow—just like a suncatcher.

Consider adding some decorative ornaments to the ends of your curtain rod.

This is not mandatory, and it won’t be possible for a curtain rod mounted inside the window or doorway, but it can take your design to the next level.

It will also prevent the split rings from sliding off when you move the curtain around.

You can use simple wooden ornaments, and attach them to each end of your curtain rod with wood glue.

You can also get metal, glass, or ceramic curtain rod ornaments, and screw them on; you will need to drill holes into the curtain rod first, however.

Queen Canopy Bed

Prevent the curtain from getting tangled

You need to work on one strand at a time.

Cut your string, add it to the split ring, then string on your beads.

As soon as you finish the strand, hang it up.

If your curtain continues to tangle even after you hang it up, it might be too long or hanging in a too-active part of your house.

Gently comb through it each day with your fingers.

Queen Canopy Bed

More tips

  • If you are putting the curtain in a bright window, consider using glass beads.
  • They will catch the light and act like sun-catchers!
  • Plan out your design before making the curtain.
  • Be sure your rod and brackets are strong and sturdy. Beaded curtains can get heavy.
  • Cut your string and bead it one strand at a time.
  • Don’t cut all of your strands all at once, or they will get tangled.

  • Hang the strands up on your curtain as soon as you are done making them so that they don’t get tangled.

  • The strands don’t all have to be the same length.

  • Play around with different sizes and shapes of beads.

Queen Canopy Bed

Things You’ll Need

¾-inch (1.91-centimeter) diameter wooden rod

Split rings/keychain rings, one for each strand

Fishing line

Lots of beads

2-hole beads, one for each strand (optional, but recommended)


Wall hooks and screws




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