11 Ways to Start School Chalk Production Business

School Chalk Production Business:Have you ever thought of starting a school chalk making business?

Sure, you have got whiteboard and markers but still chalk is an indispensable teaching tool.

Almost in every primary and secondary schools in Akwa Ibom State.

I can recall my own childhood days in this regard.

When I had started going to school, I was introduced with the blackboards and white chalks for the first time.

However, usage of chalks is not only restricted to educational institutes but it is widely used as markers.

On various materials for different types of jobs like tailoring, carpentry work, construction and survey jobs.

 Starting a small business unit like chalk making is a great way to start an individual career with handsome income opportunity.

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 The school chalk making business can even be started from home.
The required investment from starting this business is very low and the manufacturing process is also very easy.
This business can yield a high profit in compare to the low invested capital.
Chalks are the basic stationary required in every schools and colleges in our country which are still using blackboard for teaching purpose.

In this article, you will get all kind of necessary information about starting a school chalk making business. 

So, go through the same and hope this will help you to start your own business unit.

Chalk making or chalk production is a profitable small scale business.

In addition, one can start this business as the home based basis.

In developing countries still chalk is an essential item for writing in blackboards in schools.

Apart from schools, educations and training institutes, chalks are used by tailors, furniture makers, construction workers and by many industries.

Chalks are actually round shaped sticks.

And it comes either in white or colors.

 In developing countries like India, the number of school going children is increasing year after year.
The students enrolled in primary levels are increasing with the spread of literacy and Govt. regulation for making primary education compulsory.
So it is predictable that, the demand of white chalk and color chalk will be in increasing mode for coming years.
Any entrepreneur can initiate chalk making business with small startup capital investment.

Are you interested in starting a chalk production business?

Do you need a sample chalk production business plan template or feasibility study report?

Then below is an in-depth guide containing everything you need to know about chalk production.

Although whiteboards and markers are used in developed countries.

Chalk is still used for teaching students in many schools in developing countries.

What this means is that the demand for chalk is still very high in most developing countries.

Aside that it is used in schools, chalk is also used by tailors, furniture makers, surveyors, construction workers, machine fabricators.

And many other people for making marks on the materials they work on.

So, the market for chalk goes beyond schools.

School Chalk Production Business

School Chalk Production Business:Business Background

Before selecting any business idea, it is important that proper and complete information is gathered about the business.

If the different features of the business suits individual expectations then it can be started for a profitable venture.

Below are the different advantages of starting a school chalk making business.

1. School Chalk Production Business:Know about the market

Because no business will thrive without a size able market.

It is very important to check if the market is large enough to sustain your business in the long term.

 One of the commonest mistakes entrepreneurs make is to plunge into a business out of sheer enthusiasm and optimism that a business idea will work.
Such entrepreneurs who don’t take their time to analyze the market usually end up failing woefully. So, avoid this deadly mistake.

Take further steps at starting this business only if there is a good market for it in your locality and country.

If the market size isn’t encouraging, there’s no point going further.

Since there are thousands of alternative business ideas you can exploit.

If you are convinced that the market is favorable.

And you have made up your mind to kick-start your chalk production business, then follow these steps:


2. School Chalk Production Business:Write a business plan

This is the first step to take when starting a new business.

With a business plan, you will be able to highlight your goals and objectives.

Your target market, your financial projections, your budget.

The market and competition, and so on.

A business plan gives you more insight into your business.

And allows you to stay focus as your business continues to push its way to success.

3. School Chalk Production Business:Source for funds

The next step is to source for the funds you will need to start and run your chalk production business.

If you cannot afford all of the startup costs required, then consider seeking financial help from friends and family.

Better yet, you can approach angel investors or apply for small business grants, if available.

You will need money to acquire the site you will use for chalk production.

You will also need money for procuring the necessary equipment and raw materials.

Even after starting the business, you will need some money to run the business until the profits start to trickle in.

Remember marketing costs, too.

If your business plan is comprehensive enough, then you shouldn’t be caught unawares by any hidden costs.

 4. School Chalk Production Business: Get some idea about the business

This process would come in handy especially now that you only have a theoretical knowledge of chalk production.

You would hereby need to either volunteer to work for one who already has a chalk production business for free.

So as to have some practical knowledge.

Or you serve as an intern to acquire the same knowledge.

5. School Chalk Production Business: Incorporate Your Business

Now that you have a business plan.

You may now embark on incorporating your business.

Decide on the name you would settle for and begin the necessary documentation.

A lawyer as stated by the law of each country would be needed to help you do this documentation.

This process doesn’t take up to two months.

However, it is important to note that it varies from country to country.

6. School Chalk Production Business: Find a good location

The best location for any business is near the target market.

Most of the time, a chalk production company would do fine.

When located in an urban area where there are many schools.

As well as individuals who use chalk very frequently.

You can either purchase a site or take the cheaper route; that is renting it for a specified period.

7. School Chalk Production Business: Acquire the necessary equipment

There are several manual and automatic chalk-making machines are available globally.

According to the desired production quality and output.

You will need to select the right machinery.

For manual operation there two types of machines you will find.

One is aluminium and another one is gun metal.

You can also establish a fully automatic chalk making operation.

Automatic chalk making setup includes supplying water automatically.

Mixing material by electric mixer, filling and taking off mould all the work are in a round assembly line.

You will get 120,000 to 150,000 pieces per day production output out of these machines.

You will also need some equipment such as Scrapers, Paint brushes, Dryer, Hand gloves etc.

 Equipment you will need include:

  • Chalk moulds
  • Scrapers
  • Paint brushes
  • Dryer
  • Hand gloves
  • Packaging materials such as branded cartons and nylon bags.

8.  School Chalk Production Business: Get the suppliers for the  raw materials

In chalk making the major raw material is Plaster of Paris, the scientific name is calcium carbonate.

Other than this you will need to have China clay, white cement, lubricant, and different colors.

If you want to produce colourful chalks.

Then you will need to procure different colours.

Generally, chalks come with cardboard packaging.

Therefore, you have to procure the packaging consumables.

The following raw materials are need for chalk production:

Before starting your chalk production business.

You must find suppliers from whom you will be sourcing the raw materials you need.

Try to find two to three different suppliers for each material because you never know when a supplier will run out of the commodity

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School Chalk Production Business

9. School Chalk Production Business: Employ higher hands

By hiring the right hands, I mean getting the experienced workers involved in the day to day production of your business.

It is very expedient that looks well before you hire just about any one.

This is because you do not want to be at the mercy of inexperienced operators who might slow down your production output.

10. School Chalk Production Business: Have a Solid Marketing StrategyFinally, the next thing you would be required to do is to put in place good and concrete marketing strategies.

Know the various distribution channels that are available to you.

Also because of the level of competition that abounds.

You might have to look at ways of getting your already packaged chalks to those in demand ahead of others.

For instance; you might have to device a means where your production is done at the wee hours of the night, so as to reach consumers pretty early enough.

Also you might consider giving freebies to wholesalers who would be willing to push your products.

If you produce high quality chalk, your customer base will grow, and you will make more money as your business continues to expand over time.

There you have it; 10 time-tested tips to get you started.

In addition to all these, it would really important to note that you must be really hard working in getting all of these tasks all done.

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And after you have done all these, you can be sure to be on your way to building a successful chalk production company.

The investment amount for starting a chalk-making business usually depends on several aspects.

These are location, desired production output, and business size.

However, you can expand or scale up the business at any stage of the operation.

Generally, starting the business from the home location reduces the preliminarily fixed cost.

In addition, you can also start the business from rental space.

 Generally, fixed costs include the machinery.
On the other hand, working capital includes raw materials, staffing, marketing, and administration expenses.

11. School Chalk Production Business: Know the Process

 Cleaning of moulds applying lubricant consisting of Kerosene and Groundnut oil in ratio 4:1 → Setting moulds in wooden frames → Mixing of plaster of Paris and china clay in a enamel bowl along with other additives like whitening agents/colouring agents → Adding water in required quantity slowly till a homogenous mixture is formed → Pouring mixture into moulds → Allowing for settling → Removing excess materials from moulds → Slowly removing chalk sticks from moulds → Placing in wooden trays for initial drying and then under sunlight. Testing for strength and smoothness in writing and packing in wooden boxes.
 School Chalk Production Business

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  1. what are the mixing ratio I.e many cups of POP powder will I use on 20-50ltrs of water?

    Also is this raw materials for making of dustless chalk?
    What is the name of the whiten agent and where can I get it.?

    Why china clay is use with POP powder?
    What is the difference between calcium cobonate and calcium sulphate in making of chalk?

    I need to start with dustless chalk production

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