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What I shall be discussing with you today is, How to become a self-made millionaire in business.

Your self-concept as a salesperson gets better and better.

You finally reach the point in your own thinking where you know that nothing can stop you,

in becoming a self-made millionaire.

If you continue to sell long enough,

you will begin to have repeated success experiences.

As you sell more and more,

your self-concept improves to the point at which you become convinced that you are an excellent salesperson,

and that you can make a great living in sales wherever you go.

When you are feeling terrific about yourself, when you really like yourself,

you know that you can do well in anything that you put your hand to and equally make yourself a millionaire.

When you are selling well, your family and interpersonal relationship seem to be much better, you’d need less sleep.

You have more energy, when you have more enthusiasm.

You feel more positive about yourself you need the following keys in selling to become a self-made millionaire:


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Self-Made Millionaire

1. The Power Of Self Affirmation:

This is one of the keys to help you become a self-made millionaire through selling.

This is to prepare yourself psychologically before every sales is made.

Always say to yourself “I like myself! I like myself! I like myself!

Talking to yourself positively is like pumping yourself up.

Just like pumping up a tire, you pump up yourself-esteem.

First thing in the morning when get out of the bed,

try and put the power of self affirmation to yourself.

Start talking to yourself by saying, I like myself, and I love my work.

Try to tell yourself that you can make yourself  a self-made  millionaire.

Whatever you say to yourself with feeling is,

accepted by your subconscious mind as an instruction and a command.

Your subconscious mind will then give you the word,

actions and feelings consistent with the message that you have sent to it.

Get yourself psychologically prepared for a good experience.

Talking to yourself positively makes you more confident.

It causes you to relax and perform better. Your level of self-confidence.

And calmness has a strong impact and positive self-talk leads to positive sales results.

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Self-Made Millionaire

2. Self-Fear Of Failure And Rejection.

To become a self-made millionaire, you have to avoid fear of rejection in your business.

Here, the fear of failure is the biggest single reason for failure in adult life.

It is not failure itself, but the fear of failure, the prospect of failure,

and the anticipation of failure, that causes people to freeze up and perform at a lower level.

The fear of failure is a deep subconscious fear that we all develop early in life,

usually as the result of destructive criticism from one

Or both parents when we were children, or the fear of failure in the mind of the customers or the prospect.

This fear of failure and disappointment is the number one reason why customers do not buy.

So one of the most important thing you can do in this process,

is to build trust and credibility in your mind to reduce fear.

Equally, fear of rejection that the potential buyer might say no has to be eradicated off your mind.

Every rejection has to be accepted,

this does not necessarily means that there is anything wrong with the product,

Or service being sold or to the salesperson.

People say no because they simply do not need it, they do not want it,

they cannot use it, they cannot afford it. If you are in sales and you fear rejection,

you’ve picked the wrong way to make a living.

The fact is that as a sales person or self-made millionaire you are going to get a lot of rejection.

To deal with rejection, you must realize that rejection is not personal.

It is not aimed at you, it has nothing to do with you.

Instead, it is the rain or the sunshine. It just happens from day to day.

You have to ignore it like water off a duck’s back,

shrug your shoulders and move on to the next prospects.

Always this motto “some will; some won’t, so what next?”

This should be your sales motto always.

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Self-Made Millionaire

3. Avoid Average Sales Practice.

Some people works approximately one and a half hours per day.

Some do not even get to their shops up until eleven o’clock in the morning.

While some of the sales persons quits so early at work.

Most people spend half the morning getting warmed up,

drinking coffee, chatting with friends, reading the paper,

shuffling their business cards, and surfing the internet.

Then they go out and make a sales just in time of lunch.

And then the sales will not be made again until lunch time is over by 1.00pm or 2.00pm.

A total amount of time spent face to face with customers work out to be about ninety minutes per day.

That is average-half are above, half are below.

To become a self-made millionaire, one need to avoid average sales practice.

Self-Made Millionaire

4. You Must Be Bold And Persistence In Selling:

It takes courage to get up each day and constantly face the fears of failure and rejection.

It takes persistence to keep coming back, day after day, in spite of continued difficulties and disappointment.

But the facts is that courage is a habit.

It is like a muscle, the more you practice courage, the stronger you become.

Eventually, you reach the point at which you are virtually unafraid.

After that, your sales takes off like a rocket.

To become bold and persistence in selling, you have to meets with the prospect,

talks enthusiastically about the product or service,

show them the written information, and dazzles them with reasons to buy.

Make the prospect to be completely overwhelmed with explanations, enthusiasm, and verbal agility.

That will make them to take a deep breath, sit back and say “well, what do you think?”.

This will automatically trigger the response by saying “well, I’d like to think it over.

However, understand and accept that people don’t think it over.

The minute you walk out of the prospect’s office or home,

he or she forgets that you ever lived.

What you need to do is to go back to see the prospect a week later,

after you might have had a fantastic sales conversation with him or her.

Then, when you visit the prospect a week or two later,

you will be amazed to find out that he or she has forgotten your name,

your product, and everything else.

He doesn’t remember who you are or what you sell.

You can only begin selling after you have convinced the prospect that you are his pal,

And that you want what is best from him or her.

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Self-Made Millionaire

5. Using Friendship Factor :

Customers today are demanding.

They need to be treated extremely well before they buy anything.

Customers will only buy from people they like.

This factor simply means that a prospect will not buy from you until he,

Or she is genuinely convinced that you are his or her friend,

and that you are acting in his/her best interests.

For this reason, what you need to do is to create a bond, make a friend, try.

And win people over to your side by making it clear that you care for them and want the best for them.

In fact, if you begin talking about your product

Or service before you have built a bridge of friendship to your prospect,

they will lose all interest in buying from you.

If you don’t genuinely care about the customers,

why should they care about you or what you are offering?

When people fell that someone genuinely like them,.

They are more open to listening to the person and to buying what he is selling.

Self-Made Millionaire


Everything you do to raise your own self-esteem.

And to make you become a self-made millionaire includes, positive self-talk,

affirmative visualization, personal motivation, enthusiasm, and individual training.

These will improves your personality and increase your effectiveness in selling.

Equally, there is a direct relationship between your self-esteem and how much money you earn.

The more you like yourself, the more sales you make and the higher your income will be.

When you organize your life so that you become a perpetual self-esteem generating person.

Which alone will contribute more to your income than any other factor.

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