Top Business Opportunities in Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria

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Starting oil and gas business: Oil and gas industry over the years has remained one of the most, if not the most employer of labours, however, I am quite aware that it takes huge sum of money to invest in oil and gas industry, but consider the level of fortunes made by Nigerians, who have availed themselves of the business opportunities offered by oil and gas industry is amazing, and will spur any person to want to invest in Nigerian oil and gas industry.

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Starting oil and gas business:

Money expected to start and run business in oil and gas industry is quite a huge sum of money. It will take a vigorous commitment and effort to raise such amount of money for the business. When you hear someone said ‘I am a key player or a major player in oil and gas industry in Nigeria, is not just a child’s play, it means he is an accredited investor in the oil and gas industry. However, return on investment in gas and oil industry can frighten you, should you have the money, and what to invest in the sector.

If you truly wish to wish to avail yourself of the business opportunities in the oil and gas sector of the economy, you will stand a better chance of making fortunes like others who have before you who venture into oil and gas business. You can equally make your choice today and make your decision to invest in this industry, I tell you, there are diverse investment opportunities in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, therefore in the midst of these opportunities, and you can make up your mind, and decide to invest in oil and gas industry in Nigeria right away.

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Business opportunities in oil and gas:

  • Start filling station:

If you have made up your mind in starting or investing in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, filling station business is very promising and lucrative. Filling station thrive in and out of season, and it is establishes where there is vehicular traffic. And in such a location you can be sure of selling your products maximally to your own profit. In your station, you can be selling petrol or premium motor spirit, and diesel and kerosene, and cooking gas among other petroleum products. In going into this kind of business in oil and gas industry, as a necessity, you should locate a suitable location, where you are sure to attract customers, particularly, where there is traffic, such a location can however guarantee high volume profit, bear in mind that you do not need a license to build a filling station, so invest if you can.

  • Cooking gas business:

Starting and running a cooking gas business can be rewarding, if you insist to go into oil and gas business in Nigeria. A young promising entrepreneur can venture into this kind of business. You do not need huge investment in cooking gas business, the only thing or one of the things expected from is to find a suitable location for your business particularly,  where it is residential area, it could be an estate for example, you will need to have all the equipments esquire for the success of your cooking gas business, and ensure that you and your customers, even the neighbourhood are protected any point in time, and do not forget that you are dealing with combustible material.

  • Oil and gas servicing business:

You can start a servicing and maintenance business with a view to service and maintain oil and gas equipments owned by different oil companies that may desire the services of this business. And take note, if you succeed in building your credibility and reputation, most of the top and giants in multinational will come patronizing you, and they are likely to rely on your services for a fee. Also note that starting a servicing and maintenance company is a technical adventure, in that, you will have to employ skilled and competence staffers that will help grow your business. Establishing servicing and Maintenance Company in the oil and gas sector is a good idea. Please be sure that your company is advertised and marketed, and having gone this far, be rest assure that you are going to witness huge return on investment.

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  • Offer legal services:

There are legal practitioners, who are well vested in the business of oil and gas in Nigeria, this set of lawyers are specialized in the oil and gas law, and they are making the most out of life in the industry. What they do is to offer legal advice to those in the industry who desire their services. This aspect of business opportunity in the oil and gas industry, according to findings is well acknowledged service and it is lucrative job for lawyers in the oil and gas industry, and that the job is reserved only for lawyers. So, lawyers this is an opportunity in the oil and gas industry for you.

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  • Haulage services:

This particular area of investment in the oil and gas industry is undoubtedly a thriving business, and it is equally profitable. Going into this business, all that is required of your is to transport petroleum products, example, premium motor spirit, diesel, kerosene, and other petroleum products, you are responsive or responsible to convey from depot to filling stations across board as the needs arises, your part of investment in haulage services business will be to begin a fleets of tankers, trucks, hire drivers, remember, you will have to obtain your license to be allowed to lift petroleum products, and all things being equal, you are on your way to breaking even in the business.

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  • Oil spilling services:

The last I will mention in this article is the oil spillage services. One of the most lucrative investments in oil and gas industry is in the area of oil spillage. The idea of oil spillage is never a new problem to most of us, it is one of the challenges faced particular Nigerians who hailed from the Niger Delta. So the cause of oil exploration, in this area, has brought some aspect of oil spillage hence, the effect of this oil spillage is devastating the land and the properties of the residents of this area, so intervening by clearing the spills is a big investment in oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

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