Top 3 Best JPG to Excel Converter?

Top 3 Best JPG to Excel Converter

JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a raster file format that is commonly used as a user-friendly and web-friendly format because due to its small size. This regular file format easily shares on the internet and is widely accepted by all image viewers and editors.

On the other hand,  Excel (Xls or Xlsx) file extension is used to store files as Microsoft Excel worksheets. This file is a regular spreadsheet format used with data like numbers and formulas, text, and drawing shapes. Sometimes you need to extract text from image files for editing. However, it’s a little harder to do so.

The best choice is to use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technique. This technology lets recognize text on images as computer-readable characters. A free JPG to Excel converter by lets you convert JPG to Excel data format using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.


Looking for the best online tool, we recommend HiPDF’s online JPG to Excel converter which is basically designed to convert JPG to Excel data format. This converter is also available in the desktop version therefore you can use it offline anytime you want. The desktop version permits you to turn JPG into Excel format smoothly and you don’t need any internet connection to make conversions. If you desire to use this JPG image to Excel converter online, then visit the HiPDF website and just drag and drop your files on the interface, and conversion is done with it just a click away.


  • Your file protection is guaranteed with HiPDF as it does not store files on its server
  • It supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that provides the best results for transforming image text to editable text in Excel format
  • You can also upload files from Dropbox and Google drive as well
  • This online application is easy to use


If you want to extract text from a scanned JPG image file and edit your content in Word, EasyPDF offers a free online JPG to Excel converter. It allows you to convert scanned images to Excel format in a simple way. You need to just upload the JPG image and select the target format for fast conversion by clicking the convert image button. The interface of this online website is very user-friendly and also gives you an acceptable experience. However, the downside of this online program is that it doesn’t encrypt any of your files. It means that anyone can hack your files.


  • It offers a very user-friendly interface
  • It supports cloud service integration
  • No user registration is required for the conversions
  • After a few hours, your files are automatically deleted from the server


Theonlineconverter is an another online web-based program that gives a free online JPG to Excel converter. This online tool is basically designed to turn JPG into Excel data format. This online program supports advanced OCR technology through which the JPG image extract text and save it into Excel format without any change in the formatting. You do not need to worry about your files’ privacy as these are saved with this online tool. This web-based software supports all operating devices such as Mac, Windows, Linux, or iPhone/Android that have modern web browsers.


  • It supports drag and drop feature to perform conversions
  • It is vey simple and take less than a minute for the process
  • Everyonce can use it freely and no need to additional software to make the conversions.

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