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20 Top Betting strategies in Nigeria

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Top Betting strategies : The online gambling sector is bursting with different offerings and markets, especially for newbies.

There is no rule of thumb as to how to find your perfect match because everyone has their subjective taste.

What is also true, however, is that our expert opinion will help you better understand the intricacies of online betting.

Somewhere along the lines of the following criteria lies the perfect sports betting site for you.

Top Betting strategies:

Top Betting strategies: https://www.gamblingsites.com

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Top Betting strategies

1. Reputation

The first thing to consider is reputation.

The Internet got dotted with online sportsbooks.

But only the reputable ones are coming to stay.

The word spreads fast online and it’s worth digging up information for a bookie before you commit to it.

Having a flutter with little-known betting websites can put a serious dent in your wallet.

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Top Betting strategies

2. Security.

All legal UK sports betting sites are extremely well trusted due to the ongoing strict regulation.

Even ground-based casinos and sportsbooks have a hard time obtaining a license for online betting.

As well as the betting software falls into another category of mandatory licenses.

3.Find a website with up to date odds and promotion structure.

Finders keepers – losers weepers.

It’s not a sin to register with multiple sportsbooks and compare their offers.

If a bookie does not offer competitive odds is it worth to go halves with them?

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Top Betting strategies

4. Looks are secondary to performance.

However well and engaging it may look the interface ought to help you make money.

A showy front view barraging with flashing lights is a cardinal sin and is not very user-friendly.

Therefore you had better think about functionality rather than the visual experience.

5. Consider the deposit methods.

Let’s say you settled on a particular sports betting site.

Which generally complies with your taste.

But it doesn’t accept your payment method of choice.

For the most part, the major European firms cover debit/credit cards, bank transfer, and eWallet users.

Top Betting strategies

6. Adequate customer service is a must.

Ideally, you would want a toll free hotline for technical issues.

Online chat with experts ready to heed the call.

And a designated FAQ section to shed light on the sticky issues.

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7. Get off the Beaten Track with Variety of Betting Markets

Not being limited in terms of choosing what to put your money on, in turn, can give you an edge.

Even the odds scraping software is not inerrant.

And you can usually happen upon a fair deal at the out-of-the-way leagues.

If the fancy seizes you and traditional isn’t going to cut it for you, prop bets rise up on the occasion.

Prop betting gives the bettor an opportunity to choose from a multitude of desultory betting lines.

Such as who is going to receive yellow card first.

Or if a horse is going to trip over through the course of a race.

With the sharp rise of the eSports industry.

8. Top Betting strategies

Bookies have all the big gaming leagues covered.

So that hardcore gamers could join in on the fun in a heartbeat.

By and large, the best online bookmakers should cater for the Premier League.

UEFA Champions league, horse and greyhound racing.

ATP and WTA matches, boxing, rugby, darts and snooker.

While NBA, NFL, NHL are a must for the American public.

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9. Top Betting strategies

On the more exotic side, you should be able to find sports like badminton, futsal, and handball.

It’s of crucial importance to choose a sport and lines you’re comfortable with.

Football Pools is a form of betting pools.

Inspired by lotteries where the winning conditions are “simply” to predict the outcome of the weekly fixtures in the Premier League.

All participants pay a fairly small tax with the promise to win big.

Formerly the entries were made on paper.

But now mainly online.

Some sportsbooks gladly promote their casinos.

By packing a lot of casino credits along with their sports betting bonuses.

10. Top Betting strategies

Normally, you should be able to access both the casino and sports fixtures.

Through one account but juggle two separate bankrolls for each.

Regardless of what your favourite game is you’re sure to find it.

The best online casinos can satisfy even the most pretentious of tastes.

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11. Top Betting strategies

The more conservative punters can ease into the online casino dynamics through Live Casino games.

Those games take place in a real-world casino while broadcasted via video streaming.

You can choose to sit in or out at any time and the dealers are very nice and address you personally.

This phenomenon is gaining popularity quickly for its authenticity.

12. eSports – a New Dimension for Betting

Electronic sports betting is a brand new niche for online bookies to expand on.

But you are sure to find the best picks of the cyber action on the top betting sites, whether it be Dota 2.

League of Legends or CS:GO, or even World of Tanks.

If you’re not convinced that marriage between eSports and online betting is possible.

Ask the professional gambler Bertrand Grospellier (ElkY).

A former Starcraft player who turned his gaming knowledge into a successful gambling career.

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13. Top Betting strategies

Competitive gaming offers elaborate mechanics that can, in turn.

Be exploited by the experienced players to turn a profit.

It is therefore needless to say, that in a binary world such as eSports.

Knowledge of the mechanics and play styles should be your focal point.

This new sports betting market is, however, not equally appraised by all bookies.

So be careful not to fall victim to shortened odds.

14. Bonuses and Promotions Are the Essence of Sports Betting

Simply put, deposit bonuses are designed to let you breeze in online betting without having to invest too much.

A hefty bonus will provide the incentive that gives you enough skin in the game to kick-start your gamble.

So much with the “easy” part.

You should be well up in the bookmaker’s niche for the sake of choosing the right start-up bonus.

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15.Top Betting strategies

So it’s worth sitting back for a while and pondering your next move.
Betting bonuses come in all shapes and sizes.

Ranging from doubling your initial deposit to free (but contingent) bets.

The best in the business know how to deliver the goods.

We break down all you need to know about the different bonus schemes.

Terms and conditions in our bonus page.

16. Sports Betting Bonus Amounts What to Expect?

As mentioned above, sportsbooks are more likely to offer their best deal for first-time depositors.

In terms of amount in second place come reload bonuses.

Free plays or free bets and No Deposits rank at third and fourth respectively.

As with promotions, it’s really hard to determine what value you can get.

Because this is where the best online bookies get really creative.

For a detailed insight on the matter read our expert relies on some of the best online sportsbooks.

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17. Mobile Apps Will Raise Your Game in Sports Betting

If nowadays we use mobile applications of all sorts.

Why not go the extra mile in sports betting and connect your account to your cellie.

An application provides ease of access, stellar security.

Due to Android OS being open source and iOS’ out of this world core architecture.

And last but not least – coherent, user-friendly interface.

Top Betting strategies

18. Mobile sits beautifully with live betting and the Cash Out feature

Giving you the power to “get a grip” on your gamble.

The challenge currently is centered around Windows Phone and BlackBerry users.

Their choices are few and far between.

However, the household names usually deliver a very potent mobile version of their main website.

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From time to time disillusioned players complain about slight navigation issues.

For instance, the number of touches needed to access the desired markets.

Or if there’s too much horizontal scrolling required.

A major functionality flaw in some mobile applications is the absence of a cashier.

Along with sparse betting lines.

Top Betting strategies

19. Live Betting Shores up Online Wagering to a Whole New Level

Introduced more than a decade ago.

Live Betting or In-Play betting revolutionized the sports betting industry.

Ante posts or future betting are now quaint.

Punters worldwide recognize live betting as much more transparent and convenient.

The way it works is fairly simple.

The table of odds is constantly updating its figures.

Throughout the course of a game depending.

On which side has the upper hand at the moment.

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20. Top Betting strategies

As the balance of powers shifts, so do the odds.

If you need something extra to become a believer wait for your favourite to score and back them up.

Or why not have a bet with friends while watching the game at a local pub.


It’s important to choose a betting strategy for the sake of a successful winning streak.

Make sure to adapt it and constantly be on the ball for novelties or changes.

Do yourself justice and set easy to follow and feasible goals while reading.

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