15 Tips to Start Women Infertility Treatment Business

Women Infertility Treatment Business: It is estimated that one out of every six woman is affected by women infertility and this accounts for one-third of all fertility problems.

A woman is said to be infertile when she finds it difficult to get pregnant.

For a woman to be diagnosed and confirmed infertile.

She must have been unable to get pregnant for one year without success.

If she is less than 35 and 6 months if she is above 35.

Some medical conditions can cause infertility in women.

Like ovulation problems which include irregular ovulation cycle.

Premature ovarian failure or ovarian sufficient.

Which is characterized by the inability of the ovaries to produce sufficient eggs.

Other conditions that can cause infertility are hormonal imbalance.

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Excess prolactin, hypothalamic dysfunction and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Women Infertility Treatment Business
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Women Infertility Treatment Business

Causes of Women Infertility

Injuries and Damages

Injuries or damage to the reproductive organs like the uterus and Fallopian tubes can make a woman infertile.

This can be caused by fibroid, scar tissues, polyps in the uterus.

Infection, chronic disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, previous ectopic pregnancy.

And some medications that are given to women to prevent premature birth.

Or miscarriage can make their children infertile.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

Aging in Women

Age is also a contributing factor to infertility.

Because as a woman advances in age.

The number of eggs she produces declines, when she clocks 60.

Reproduction is impossible because she has reached a level called menopause.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle lived in the past can also affect the ability of a woman to take in the future.

Smoking damages the cervix and Fallopian tubes.

It raises the risk of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriages.

And it also ages the ovaries and causes rapid decline in the number of eggs produced.

Heavy drinking and drug abuse affect the reproductive organs negatively.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

Promiscuous Lifestyle

Promiscuous lifestyle and having multiple sexual partners can affect the fertility of a woman.

It puts one at risk of cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.

Like herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, all these infections can damage the Fallopian tube.

Which will make getting pregnant difficult.

An overactive and stressful lifestyle can also cause infertility in ladies by disrupting the levels.

Production and secretion of hormones.

Women Infertility Treatment Business

Chronic Stress and Cervical Problems

Chronic stress can even affect ovulation and menstrual cycles.

Cervical problems like abnormal mucus in the cervix can lead to infertility.

The function of the mucus in the cervix is to help transport sperm to the eggs for fertilization to take place.

But when the mucus is low, sperm will find it difficult to reach the eggs.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

Excessive Body Weight

Excessive body weight can also cause infertility in women.

Because it can disrupt the normal levels of hormones and even disrupts the ovulation cycle.

Obese women usually have ovulation problems and find it difficult to take in.

Women Infertility Treatment Business

Poor Diet and Eating Disorder

Poor diet, eating disorders and malnutrition are leading causes of infertility in women.

The reproductive organs are deprived of vital nutrients which aid reproduction.

Chronic eating disorders like anorexia can even make menstruation to cease.

And it severely disrupt the levels of hormones in the body.

It is not advisable for a woman to take too much caffeine.

As research has proven that it can make a woman infertile.

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Herbal Treatment for Women Infertility in Nigeria

Knowing the causes and risk factors of women infertility and avoiding them is the best way to prevent it.

To reverse infertility and for any natural remedy to work for you.

You have to stop doing or eating anything that you know can lead to infertility.

If yours is caused by a medical condition that might need surgery.

It is advisable to go for it then you can use natural remedies to hasten recovery and boost fertility.

There are natural remedies for this condition and we will be taking a look at some of them.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

1. Ashwagandha

Also known as Indian ginseng; this herb is used to reverse infertility in women.

It helps the reproductive organs to function properly.

It ensures that hormones are in their proper levels.

It strengthens the uterus and this helps in preventing miscarriages.

To treat infertility with this powerful herb.

Add a tablespoon of the finely ground powder in a glass of warm water and drink it.

It should be taken twice daily and continued till you get take in.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

2. Nettle leaf

This is a good remedy for infertility.

Because it is rich in vital nutrients and chlorophyll.

That boost reproduction and make the reproductive organs healthy.

It can reduce stress and combat its effects.

It is also used as a uterine tonic.

It prevents bleeding and promotes a healthy pregnancy.

Take the tea made with nettle leaf twice daily to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

3. Cinnamon

Though used as a spice, this is a very powerful remedy for infertility.

It protects the ovaries and helps them function properly.

It is used in treating polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

It makes menstrual cycle regular in women suffering from PCOS.

It is used in treating uterine fibroid, lack of menstruation, yeast infection and endometriosis.

Add cinnamon generously to all your drinks and foods.

And you can also add a teaspoon of cinnamon to a cup of hot water.

And take this solution once every day till you get your desired result.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

4. Apple cider vinegar

Also called “the miracle liquid” ACV helps to detoxify the body of accumulated toxin.

Which can hinder conception and fertilization.

It brings all hormones to their normal balance.

And treats problems that hinder the normal process of conception.

It alkalizes the vagina and treats fungal infection which affects the ability of a woman to get pregnant.

You can two tablespoons of ACV twice daily by adding it to a glass of warm water; you can add honey for taste.

You can also soak in it by adding a cup of ACV to your bath water and soak in it for at least 20 minutes.

Women Infertility Treatment Business

5. Holy basil

This herb is used to treat infertility, menstrual disorders, ovulation problems and hormonal imbalance.

Chewing four leaves of holy basil everyday can increase the chances of pregnancy.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

6. Pomegranates

These sweet fruits are used in treating infertility in women.

Because they increase the flow of blood to the ovaries.

They also make the lining of the uterus thick and this guards against miscarriage.

They ensure healthy growth and development of the fetus.

Thereby guiding against still birth or birth abnormalities.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

7. Banyan roots

This tops the most effective natural remedies used in treating infertility in women.

It ensures the reproductive organs function well.

It balances the levels of hormones and treats infections that can prevent conception.

To use it in treating infertility; to a glass of milk.

Add two tablespoons of banyan root powder and take the solution on an empty stomach.

This should be done for three consecutive days; do this after your period.

Do not eat anything after taking this solution for at least one hour.

Do this for few months and remember that it shouldn’t be taken when on your period.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

8. Dandelion

This herb is very rich in trace minerals, essential vitamins and minerals.

It helps in detoxifying the body of accumulated waste and toxins.

When taken regularly it boosts fertility and increases the chances of conception.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

9. Evening primrose

This humble herb is very rich in gamma linolenic acids (GLA).

This is an essential acid which helps in boosting fertility.

It increases the levels of mucus in the cervix.

To aid quick transport and penetration of sperm.

And it also strengthens the uterus and prevents miscarriages.

Women Infertility Treatment Business

10. Red raspberry leaf

This herb is popularly used to boost conception.

Its high nutritional status gives reproduction organs the energy they need to function optimally.

This leaf is used as a uterine tonic to strengthen it.

Make tea with the leaf and you can take it either hot or cold; it is also available in capsules.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

11. Chasteberry

This herb is effective in balancing the levels of hormones.

It also stimulates the ovaries and ensures healthy production of eggs.

It increases the levels of progesterone while it decreases the levels of prolactin at the same time.

Women Infertility Treatment Business

12. Fennel

This effective herb is used widely in boosting female fertility.

And to increase the chances of conception even in obese women.

Take 6 grams of the powder daily non-stop for three months.

You can mix it with 12 grams of pure butter.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

13. Maca

This herb is widely known for its ability to treat hormonal problems.

It helps in balancing abnormal levels of hormones which is a major cause of infertility.

You can get either the powder or the capsule for use.

It should be taken only between ovulation and menses.

And do not take it when pregnant to avoid complications.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

14. Dates

These sweet nuts unknown to many can boost fertility.

It is very rich in many essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary for reproduction.

It also prevents still birth, premature birth and miscarriages thereby ensuring a safe pregnancy.

Eats lots of dates daily.

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Women Infertility Treatment Business

15. Red clover and alfalfa

Alfalfa is very rich in essential minerals and vitamins; it also contains 8 digestive enzymes and all these promote and boost fertility.

The herb red clover is very rich in essential vitamins and trace minerals which are all needed for proper reproduction.

It reverses hormonal imbalance and enhance fertility.

Always seek the advice of a medical practitioner or herbalist before taking any herb especially if you are on medication to avoid drug-herb interaction.

  1. I need to get pregnant. I have had four miscarriages. I am 46 years. Is there still hope for me. The reason for the miscarriages is unknown. Pls help a sister with herbs mentioned in your post pls.

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