6 Tips to Upgrade Your Car on a Budget

6 Tips to Upgrade Your Car on a Budget

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be driving a high-tech Tesla to have a great-looking and efficient vehicle. Even those of us on a tight budget can manage a few simple car upgrades that can really elevate our driving experience.

Here are six fun and simple DIY upgrades that you can make to your car today by simply purchasing some affordable accessories.

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Remote Car Starter

First on the list is a real game changer. A remote car starter will allow you to start your vehicle from inside your home (or somewhere else) which can be far more helpful than you might imagine.

These devices will allow you to pump your air conditioning system or get the heat going in your car before you even get inside, making the temperature perfect by the time you get behind the wheel.

Rear-View Camera

Another incredibly helpful upgrade is a rear-view camera. If your car isn’t already fitted with one of these by the manufacturers, you’ll soon see what an amazing difference it can make to have one installed.

Most cameras are affordable and simple to attach to your car, and they make reversing and parking ten times more simple and stress-free – you’ll see.

Seat and Steering Covers

A very affordable change you can make is to fit your car with seat covers and a steering wheel cover too. You can spend as much money as you want here (some are very cheap, but you can spend a little more for higher quality materials) to get the desired results.

Not only will these covers look nice and give your car a new lease on life, but they’ll also protect the original material from the sun and other damage.

Backseat Video Screens

If you’re a parent then you know the endless complaints of “I’m bored,” coming from directly behind you. A headrest or overhead screen can be a great source of entertainment for the kids on long road trips.

You’ll need to have the screen professionally installed, but this is still an affordable upgrade that’s well worth the cost for parents who travel often, or just about anyone who regularly has rear-seat passengers.

Tinted Windows

It doesn’t cost much to have your windows tinted, and it can make a real difference to the way your ride looks, giving it a sleek and sophisticated finish.

There are also loads of benefits of tinting your windows. These include more privacy and security in your car, extra protection in the case of an accident and even protecting your eyes.

Air Fresheners and Décor

Finally, if your budget really won’t allow for any serious accessories or upgrades, you can still spoil yourself (and your car) with a little something.

An air freshener with your favourite scent and a pair of fluffy dice or whatever other car decoration appeals to you can give you that feeling of something new and special and get you excited to get behind the wheel, even if it’s only for a little while.

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