Best 15 Approved Books for Pre-Nursery Education

Approved Books for Pre-Nursery Education: The Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme is a nine (9) year basic educational Programme.

Which was launched and executed by the government and people of the country to eradicate illiteracy, ignorance and poverty.

As well as stimulate and accelerate national development, political consciousness and national integration.

Pre-primary education is the education given to younger learners before the age of entering primary education (6 years).

Early childhood education or pre-primary education is defined by the National Policy on Education.Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value. You can request publication of your article for publication by sending it to us via our Email below.
 Approved Books for Pre-Nursery Education:
Approved Books for Pre-Nursery Education

 Approved Books for Pre-Nursery Education

  1. Literacy Foundation
  2. Mathematical Skill
  3. Social Norms
  4. Nursery Mathematics Book
  5. Beginners Colouring Book
  6. Beginners Writing Method
  7.  Special Squared Exercise Books
  8. Special Plain Exercise Book
  9.  Packet of Pencil & Eraser
  10. Cardboard
  11.  Exercise Books
  12. Bottle of Gum
  13. Bundle of Broom
  14. Science Practice
  15. Sharpener

Approved Books for Pre-Nursery Education

Education typically designed for children from 3 years of age to the start of primary school.

The educational properties of pre-primary education are characterized by interaction with peers and educators.
Through which children improve their use of language and social skills.
And start to develop logical and reasoning skills.
Children are also introduced to alphabetical and mathematical concepts.
And encouraged to explore their surrounding world and environment.
Supervised gross motor activities (i.e. physical exercise through games and other activities).

And play-based activities can be used as learning opportunities.

Approved Books for Pre-Nursery Education

To promote social interactions with peers and to develop skills, autonomy and school readiness.
The most important years of learning begin at birth.
The first three years of a childs life are critical for setting the foundation for language acquisition.

Socialization, and attitudes to learning.

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During the early years and especially during the first 3 to 5 years.

 Humans are capable of absorbing a lot of information.
The brain grows most rapidly in the early years.
High quality and well trained teachers and preschools with developmentally-appropriate programmes.
Can have a long-term effect on improving learning outcomes for children.
The effects tend to be more marked for disadvantaged students.
That is, children coming from impoverished backgrounds with very little or no access to healthy food, socialization, books and play resources.

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