How to Contact Turimex Houston Customer Service

Autobuses turimex houston

Turimex Houston is an online travel search website where you can find the best deals on flight schedules, hotels, and rental cars.

You may want to contact Turimex Houston customer service to get more information about a recent flight or rental car you booked on their site.

You may also want to file a complaint or provide feedback to the company.

You can connect to Turimex Houston customer service by phone.

You can also reach them online through their official website and on social media.

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Use their online booking support page.

If you are trying to change or adjust a booking made through them, you can use their booking support page.

They offer 24/7 support through this page so you can adjust or change bookings easily.

Autobuses turimex houston

Provide the necessary information on the support page.

You will need to provide the confirmation number on the booking you want to change.
Usually sent to you by email when you completed your booking.

You will also need to provide the last name on the booking, the credit card number used to make the booking, and the email used for the booking.

  • You can then use this information to find the receipt for your booking and adjust it online.

Fill out the feedback form on their website.

They offer customers a feedback form that you can fill out and submit on their official website.
You will need to provide your email address and pick the topic for your feedback.

You can then include your concern or comment in the form.

  • You can choose from topics like “I have a question about my booking,” “I found a price inaccuracy,” “I have a question about Trips,” “I want to add/edit my hotel or property,” and “I want to buy an ad.”
  • Once you have filled out the form, you can submit it online.

Chat with the customer service agent on Facebook messenger.

Open Facebook Messenger on your Facebook account.

Then, type “Turimex Houston ” in the “To” field of the message.

The official contact page for Turimex Houston should come up.

Write a comment or concern to Turimex Houston and send it to them.

  • You should be able to send multiple messages to them through Facebook messenger.
  • And chat with a customer service representative for as long as needed until your issue is remedied.

Autobuses turimex houston

Reach out to them on Twitter.

Turimex Houston has an official Twitter account and it is checked regularly.

You can tweet your comments or concerns to @Turimex Houston.

Make sure you include Turimex Houston in your tweet so the company can be notified on Twitter that you have reached out to them.

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Send them a message on Instagram.

Search “Turimex Houston” on Instagram or access their profile.

Send them a message in Instagram messages or comment on their Instagram posts.

  • For example, you may send them a message on Instagram like, “Hi Turimex Houston, I have a customer service issue that I need to get remedied right away. What can you do to help me?”
  • You may leave a comment like, “Repeat #Turimex Houston customer with a booking issue, need #customerservice right away.”
  • Use hashtags in your comment like “#Turimex Houston” and “#customerservice” so other Instagram users can see your comment as well. This may put more pressure on them to respond to you promptly if they know other users are paying attention to your comment.

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