B2B Event Marketing Benefits

B2B event marketing benefits: Events are still viewed by 80% of B2B marketers as one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of generating ROI.

Generally speaking, event marketing is the process of creating a themed display.

Conference, exhibit, or presentation to promote a cause, service, product, or company.

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This definition is focused on describing events as a marketing vehicle for stimulating sales, brand awareness and other KPIs.

The activities and channels generally used to market events can be both offline and online, including display advertising, PPC, e-mail, social media, leafletting.

Face to face networking and outdoors advertising (such as billboards or posters).

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Events can also be offline or online, this includes networking events.

Conferences, product demos, webinars, live streams and many more formats.

Events are still viewed by 80% of B2B marketers as one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of generating ROI in four key areas.

 B2B event marketing benefits in Nigeria are:

Building brand awareness

Events remain a great channel to build your brand and gain market awareness and media exposure.

Being able to choose your venue, theme.

Content and format allows you to build an experience that reaches your exact target audience.

Providing real F2F exposure for your company or brand.

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Generating leads

Events are the most effective way to get face to face with a group of prospects who are interested in your product or service.

And face to face interaction remains one of the best ways to ways to engage with leads and close sales.

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Engagement & upselling

Events are ideal for engaging with your current customers, identifying further needs and upselling.

They give you an informal opportunity to grow your sales funnel and maximise revenue from your current customer base.

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B2B event marketing benefits

Market education

Events are also a great way to educate your target market.

Particularly if you have a complex product or service.

The right event format gives you the opportunity.

To explain the benefits of your offering to the potential customer.

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