Top 50 Bazaar Business ideas

Bazaar Business:Do you want to start a bazaar business with low investment?

If YES, here are 50 top Bazaar Business ideas you can start with no money in this year.

A bazaar business is a self-service shop that offers a wide variety of food and household products.

And these products are organized into aisles for easy identification.

The major stock in a business is usually grocery.

And it contributes to more than half of all the supplies in any bazaar business.

The business sizes range from mega-stores.

And chain grocery stores to small business community grocers that only run individual stores.

To properly run a bazaar business, the manager or owner-operator must understand, monitor and be able to manage all core bazaar business operations.

Startup entrepreneurs often use bazaars to test their products before launching in bigger markets.

With some businesses growing into full-fledged stores.

True, the number of bazaar organizers in the country is already sizable.

As bazaars and bazaarista merchants have become part of the Philippine business landscape.

However, there is always room for growth.

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Bazaar Business
Bazaar Business

Why Start a Bazaar Business ideas:

The bazaar business is very lucrative in Nigeria.

Because that is where households go to get their daily needs.

In fact, it is estimated that shoppers made about 1.5 trips to grocery stores on the average every week in 2019.

In 2020, bazaar business in Nigeria generated an average weekly sale of about #328,390.

Which works out to about 31,275 Nigerian money per checkout, per week.

If you are probably looking for a way to break into the bazaar business, here are 50 bazaar business ideas you can consider.

50 Best Bazaar Business ideas You Can Start

1. Specialty food 

Specialty foods or groceries are foods or groceries that are considered to be unique and of high-value.

And they generally come in small quantities.

And the food items are made from high-quality ingredients.

Consumers typically pay higher prices for these items.

Because they are perceived as having various benefits.

These bazaar business are customized retail outlets.
Dedicated only to a certain category of products.
And they come with simple layouts, neat designs, easy product displays.
Convenient shopping formats and much shorter queues.
This is a profitable bazaar business niche because you would be catering to the rich.
If your town already has a local grocery store.
Then opening a specialty food shop might be your next port of call.

2. Wine and cheese 

There is a long history of wine and cheese matching.

Probably as long as cheese and wine have both been around.

Because of that, retailers have thought up selling wine and cheese as a niche bazaar business idea.

It is a fact that bazaar business don’t provide all the different wines and cheese consumers always want.

And if they do, they don’t provide perfect combinations.

If you are knowledgeable about wines and cheese.

You can set up a wine and cheese bazaar business where you get to teach your customers how to combine them.

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3. Start a virtual reality 

With the aim of providing a more interactive shopping experience.

The virtual reality bazaar business was developed.

These stores can only be accessed in certain public locations.

When customers point their smartphone in the right direction at locations such as public squares.

A virtual store is displayed where items sit on shelves or hang from the walls.

This app provides a simulation of a physical retail store.

So shoppers can feel more immersed in their online shopping trip.

Orders can be delivered at shoppers preferred destination.

So you have to run a functional delivery system.

This kind of supermarket is advisable in places where it is not possible to set up brick and mortar stores.

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4. Kids bazaar business

This is another bazaar business idea.

You can set up a kids only bazaar business that gets to stock all things kids.

You can sell from organic baby food to toys, clothing and much more.

To attract children and make them comfortable, the bazaar business should have colour-coded pathways.

Just for children, and hold a touch of mystery for their fascination.

The place should equally have a sense of whimsy and playfulness that even adults are sure to be affected by.

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5.Pet food and supplies 

You can open a bazaar business that retails pet food.

Healthy treats, holistic supplements, chemical free grooming products and pet supplies.

To have a healthy progress in this business.

You must know all there is to know about pets and their supplies.

If going by the statistics that more than half of Nigerians have a pet or more.

You are surely going to make decent profits out of this business if it is handled well.

6.Beauty supplies bazaar business

Beauty supplies are a very big bazaar business niche.

And research has it that the sale of beauty products is not affected by economic downturn.

Because people would always maintain their beauty routines.

You can set up a beauty supply bazaar business.

Where you get to sell makeup, hair related products.

Such as wigs, weave, human, synthetic and more, body and face creams etc.

All from different brands and manufacturers.

You would do well to employ sales people that can help educate consumers whenever they need help.

To maximize profit in this business, you can also choose to sell online.

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7.Online business

If you want to sell products to consumers without having to invest in an actual storefront.

The easiest way to get started is to open up an eCommerce site.

You have to develop a website that features grocery items for sale.

To start, offer only the most popular grocery items like milk and bread so as to attract regular customers.

As the business expands, and your customer base grows.

You can then expand your product line.

Contract the delivery aspect of the service to people in your local community seeking to earn a part-time income.

Customers would simply log on to the site.

Select the items they wish to purchase.

Enter payment and shipping information and wait for their groceries.

Once established, this business idea is franchiseable.

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8. Fresh Seafood 

You can start up a seafood business that offers a myriad of fresh seafood items.

That range from organic produce selections to a fresh seafood station.

That is modeled after outdoor fish markets.

You can make the market home to several smaller shops.

So that it would stand out among its competitors.

These can include specialty cheese kiosks, butcher counters.

And even catering stations that are all accessible inside one store.

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9. Mobile bazaar business

The advancement in technology has made practically everything possible, and it is for this reason that we now have mobile supermarkets.

As an entrepreneur who is looking for a niche in the supermarket business, you can set up a supermarket on wheels.

A mobile bazaar business is a business that travels to meet its customers instead of the other way round.

The mobile bazaar business typically eliminates the pesky tradition of getting up and going to the store to shop.

Instead, the store comes to you.

It should be built in such a way that customers can call up the bazaar business to their destinations.

Just like they would call Uber.

You can build your bazaar business in such a way that it doesn’t have cashiers or checkout lanes.

Instead, subscribers scan their purchases off the shelf, pay with a phone app and head out the door.

Or you can have the driver act as cashier.

10. Build easy shopping/checkout apps

Modern technology has allowed us to re-invent the way we shop and pay for groceries and daily essentials.

App-enabled services have become a popular way for business to connect with customers both inside and outside of the store.

By helping consumers’ spot discounts.

Avoid spoiled produce and even check out their own purchases.

These technological advances are changing the way people shop for food.

If you want to be part of the bazaar business niche but cannot set up a bazaar business just yet.

You can start building and selling apps that would make shopping easy.

And the shopping experience pleasant for people.

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11. Bazaar business delivery

Delivering grocery for bazaar business is another way one can start up a business.

In this area if one cannot set up a business.

Grocery delivery would only work for supermarkets that have online shopping options.

What you need to do is to simply contact local grocery stores and offer to deliver customers’ orders for a fee.

The grocery store would market the service, bill the customer, and take the orders.

You own job is to simply deliver the groceries.

Grocery delivery services are often very profitable business ventures.

As the convenience of home delivery makes getting customers very easy.

12. Bazaar business drop shipping

Here, you can establish a buying account with a grocery wholesaler.

And start reselling groceries to your customers at a profit.

This method means you’ll have to create a catalog of the grocery items you have in stock.

As well as market your products.

The potential to generate more profit is greatly increased if you properly market your service.

13.Open a green super store

Another profitable idea in the bazaar business is to set up a business dedicated solely to selling green produce, that is fruits and vegetables.

You can stock various brands of freshly harvested healthy produce.

And you can as well have an organic section.

You have to ensure that you locate your store in areas where people are very health conscious.

14. Meat bazaar business

Unlike national grocery chains, you can open a business.

That specializes in selling the best seasonal produce from award-winning poultry and livestock farms.

This can include free-range pork, grass-fed beef, chicken.

And various other birds and their byproducts, among other high-end offerings.

Your shop should largely cater to consumers who go out of their way to find quality meat products.

Instead of picking up whatever they might find at their local bazaar business.

15. Start a fruit mart

The new wave of healthy eating and living has ensured that people now include lots of fruits and vegetables in their daily offerings.

You can take advantage of this to start a fresh fruits and vegetables mart.

Your business should contain tons and tons of varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables from around the globe.

And that is differentiated from others by their standard quality and freshness.

To become well-known and profitable in this niche.

You need to ensure that your store is a one-stop-shop for everything fruits and vegetables.

You can as well provide local deliveries so as to take full advantage of the market.

16. All things bakery business

There are loads of pastry and dessert stores around a typical community.

And these stores and even private bakers would appreciate a store that stocks all things bakery in one place.

You can open a business that is exclusively for bakery products.

And you should endeavor to cater to every bakery niche, even exotic.

This is definitely not a popular section in the bazaar business.

So you would undoubtedly make a name for yourself in this area.

Just ensure you locate your supermarket in the right location.

17.Diet bazaar business

As people get more health conscious.

They tend to embark on different types on diet to keep their health and weight stable.

With the myriads of diet types available in the world today.

People would sometimes get confused on which to embark on and how to get food types.

That would be used to sustain such dieting routine.

You can open a specialty supermarket that stocks different food products that are used for different dieting routines.

You should first of all find out the types of meal diets available.

And estimate the number of people that use them.

Then you can dedicate each section in your store to each of the diet routine’s.

And make sure they are well labeled.

You need to be on continuous research because new diet routines come up every other day.

18. Souvenir bazaar business

Starting a souvenir store is another business idea.

You can start a bazaar business where you get to stock.

And sell different types of souvenir from different countries of the world.

Ensure you locate your business around a major tourist attraction.

So as to have steady patronage.

Also, you need to always comply with the seasons by stocking souvenirs.

That are appropriate to the different periods of the year such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, thanksgiving, etc.

19. A small batch business

A small batch bazaar business is a perfect alternative for an entrepreneur.

Who may not have the capital to finance a full business.

You can stock specialty goods but in small batches that you can handle.

You can open a small batch cheese, spice, bacon, meat, wine or beer etc. supermarket.

In order to succeed, you have to ensure that your offerings are always special.

20.Start a Cafe-Plus business 

Retailers are today playing around with ideas on how to stand out from the competition.

Especially in a business that is as competitive as the bazaar business.

One of such inventions that are designed to get people more comfortable.

While they shop is to start a Café plus bazaar business.

This just means that the grocery store also has a café.

So shoppers can go there to relax after shopping or in between shopping.

This bazaar business idea also aims to draw in people who just want to take a cup of coffee.

But might at the end of the day decide to do some shopping.

With its double income stream.

The Café plus bazaar business is sure to prove more profitable than just the ordinary business.

21.Self-check-out business

The rise in technology has also been revolutionizing how people shop and how bazaar business are run.

Today we now have bazaar business where customers or buyers check themselves out.

Instead of having an attendant who tallies up people’s purchases and receives payment.

This type of bazaar business requires little staff to run it as shoppers do all the jobs by themselves.

Though an attendant is always required to be on standby in case customers have any inquiries.

22. Start a dollar business

With the economic downturn, decrease in disposable income.

Increasing rate of unemployment and emigration into the Country.

A lot of people do find it difficult to feed themselves and can only survive by resorting to dollar stores.

You can as well set up a naira store bazaar business and profit from this niche just like other entrepreneurs out there are doing.

You have to make sure to set up your bazaar business in underprivileged areas.

Where people would be more disposed to shop at your stores.

You also need to stock very cheap brands of produce so that people can easily afford them.

You can liaise with the manufacturers before you start this business.

23. Gourmet bazaar business

A gourmet bazaar business is a type of specialty food store that stocks high quality food and farm produce.

This upscale specialty bazaar business is a stunning tribute to quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship.

This is a store for those who know and value quality and can equally afford to pay for it.

You have to note that every single product on your shelf should be of the best quality.

To ensure that you get high spending chefs and home owners through your doors.

In order to offer something different from others.

You can have a bevy of in-store chefs ready to offer tips or inspiration or your customers.

24. Exotic food bazaar business

The Country is filled with people who are from different countries, nations and languages.

And all these people have their different food types.

You can start a supermarket that stocks different exotic food products from different countries.

You have to import the food produce dried or frozen and sell them in your bazaar business.

You would definitely get a lot of patronage.

If you are situated in an area with people from different countries of the world.

You can have sections for different continents such as Africa, Asia etc.

25. Candy bazaar business

A candy store is a store that stocks a large variety of candy, chocolates, gum and mints, and at great prices.

This is another profitable supermarket business idea.

You should always source for the best bargains and sock even gourmet candy and chocolate.

So as to cater to different niches and pockets.

26.Bazaar business promoter

A sales promoter is an employee of a company.

Who is mainly appointed to handle the strategy making process of the sales department.

And ensure better sales figures.

These individuals are responsible for designing, developing and implementing the strategies and tactics through which sales can increase and figures can improve.

If you are a seasoned sales promoter who wants to specialize in bazaar business.

You can decide to become a bazaar business promoter.

To help promote the various business that keep springing up in your area.

27.Herb and spice bazaar business superstore

Seasoning and spices are another business idea.

For sure, there are bazaar business that stock seasonings and spices alone and they make good income out of it.

Because there is a huge market for them.

You can source for and stock natural, organic, alternative, exotic and specialty spices and seasonings.

To maintain your reputation, you have to ensure that your spices are not adulterated.

28. Millennial-centric bazaar business

To create a niche out of the business.

You can decide to set up a bazaar business that is targeted to the needs of millennials.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are the generational demographic following the Generation X.

Millennials are people born between the 1980s and 1990s, most probably ending in 1996.

The changing perspectives millennials have toward food and shopping are pushing more bazaar business.

To make their stores feel more like experiential food destinations than mere shopping centers.

You can set up a bazaar business that targets the idiosyncrasies of the millennials.

In order to draw more of them to your store.

29.Bulk-food bazaar business

Bulk foods are food items offered in large quantities.

Which can be purchased in large, bulk lots or transferred from a bulk container into a smaller container for purchase.

By eliminating packaging, bulk bazaar business offer consumers savings of 50 percent or more on certain items.

Items are usually displayed in barrels, containers or bags.

Such as the cracker barrel, coffee barrels, dried-nuts barrels, candy barrels, spice barrels, cereal barrels and dozens more.

How it typically works is that the supplier delivers a bag, container or drum full of grains, oil, honey etc. to a shop.

The product is put onto the store floor in its original bag, container or drum or is transferred to a dispenser for the consumer.

The supplier picks up the empty containers for reuse or recycling, depending on the product.

The shopper comes along with containers or bags.

The containers and bags are weighed first, by the store keeper.

You get to fill up your bags and containers, and when you are ready to pay.

The store keeper will deduct the weight of your container or bag from the total weight.

30. Start an automated bazaar business

An automated bazaar business is another bazaar business idea.

Here, processes in the bazaar business are typically automated.

To allow for faster entrance, shopping and check out.

Entrance to the bazaar business is gained by ‘unlocking’ the doors virtually.

Once you’re in, you can scan the products that you’d like to buy with your smartphone.

As for payment, a monthly bill can be paid with the bazaar business app.

The automated bazaar business is a concept that has the potential to reinvent the grocery store.

Reduce the cost of operation, and double sales per square foot thanks to increased customer appeal.

This kind of bazaar business is usually available at all hours of the day.

31. Waste free bazaar business

In the United States for example, trash amounts to 1.4 billion pounds per day, and 40% of that trash comes from packaging.

Considering that packaging forms about 40 percent of the waste in grocery stores.

You can start a package-free, zero waste grocery store that provides fresh, local and organic food.

The store will be made provide all of the basic ingredients needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Such as meats, dairy, baking goods, cooking oils, spices, grains, and seasonal produce.

In order to reduce package waste.

Customers would be encouraged to bring their own containers.

And fill them up with just the right quantity of foods.

While the store will offer compostable containers for those who don’t have their own.

This type of bazaar business would rightly appeal to those who are waste conscious.

32. Start a Grocerant business

A grocerant is a grocery store that sells prepared meals that are either eaten on the site or taken home by shoppers.

A lot of American families for example have two employed parents.

And as such may not have enough time to prepare fresh meals for their families.

And this gave rise to the grocerant.

The word grocerant is a hybrid of ‘grocery’ and ‘restaurant.’

The grocerant trend has been fueled by consumers’ need for convenience.

And desire to eat fresh, high-quality family meals.

Grocerants offer a one-stop-shopping solution for consumers driven by either curiosity or a lack of time.

And an increasing number of grocery stores now allow customers to buy and eat on the spot.

This is another lucrative supermarket business idea.

33. Surplus Food bazaar business

Surplus foods are basically foods that have passed their “best before” dates.

As well as products that haven’t passed quality control.

These produce are usually sold at prices 30-50% cheaper than normal supermarkets.

But you might get the products off manufacturers and bazaar business for next to nothing.

So it is basically a win win situation.

This bazaar business is meant to reach out to low-income shoppers.

So you should make sure to locate it at such a neighbourhood.

You need to have an agreement with a wide range of bazaar business chains and volunteers around you.

So they would always supply you their surplus produce.

34.Start a sip-and-shop bazaar business

In this bazaar business idea, the owner offers its customers beer and wine on the premises.

That they can consume as they shop for groceries.

This bazaar business would require a liquor license to operate.

And it is targeted at consumers who love their liquor or who simply want to take it easy with shopping.

35.Kosher Food bazaar business

Kosher foods are foods those that conform to the Nigerian dietary regulations of kashrut (dietary law).

Primarily derived from Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

Foods that may be consumed according to halakha (law) is termed kosher in English.

If you live in a community with a lot of Nigeria adherents.

You might want to open a kosher bazaar business.

You must ensure that your bazaar business stocks everything that would make a Nigerian meal.

If you are situated in the right neighbourhood.

You would have no problems with making sales.

36.Start a Web-Based Farmers’ Market

Yes, your typical farmers market has now gone online.

Customers can place their orders online.

And then pick up their purchase at a time and place that is convenient to them.

This system allows customers to purchase foods directly from farmers.

Without having to travel to their farms or to farmer markets.

Which many farmers themselves find difficult to attend.

You can set up this kind of system from anywhere and profit from it.

37.Bazaar business consulting

In the highly competitive and fast-paced bazaar business.

Grocery store and convenience store business.

It’s really difficult for new businesses to break even.

Bazaar business consultants are people who help grocery stores align their strategies to better serve customers.

If you are a marketing researcher or a management consultant.

You can help bazaar business with their store operations.

Best practices, customer service, retail logistics, merchandising, retail strategy.

Inventory management, expert witness, retail supply chain, retail due diligence.

38.Bazaar business dairy store

A dairy store is small owner-operated convenience store that sells milk, eggs, various flavours of ice cream and cheeses.

If you are conversant with all things dairy.

You can set up a diary store that would serve the dairy needs of your immediate community.

39.Misshapen Produce Discount bazaar business

An ad says, “a grotesque apple a day keeps the doctor away as well”.

With the increasing campaigns for the reduction of food waste.

Smart entrepreneurs have found a new way to make a business niche out of it.

One of them is selling misshapen produce at a discount.

You can set up a business where you sell misshapen fruits and veggies.

At a discount of between 50 and 60 percent of the original produce.

You have to align with farmers to get them to supply you with fruits and veggies no other store would take.

Because of their odd shapes.

Note that low income earners would typically form most of your customer base.

So ensure to locate your supermarket in such an area.

40. Meat free bazaar business

With the increasing demand for alternative plant-based products.

Including everything from fresh produce and cosmetics to beverages and cereals.

Some entrepreneurs are now taking advantage of this.

You can set up a meat-free bazaar business that offers vegan or vegetarian produce alone.

41.Start a Self-Sustaining /grocery store

This is an in-store farm concept.

The self-sustaining business is a high-tech farm that is located inside a bazaar business or grocery store.

The idea here is that the store sells produce from the usually hydroponic farm.

Given that the hydroponic system does not require pesticides.

All of the produce grown in the unit is 100% organic and is said to taste better than comparative alternatives.

If you are very familiar with hydroponic farming.

And if it is allowed in the area where you want to set up your bazaar business.

You can go ahead and open up your self-sustaining bazaar business.

You would definitely draw in the health conscious crowd.

42. Start a Clothing Pop-Up

Recently, there has been a marked increase in the number of bazaar business chains.

Adding clothing sections to their stores.

The pop-up shops help to educate consumers about the latest kinds of trendy pieces they can pick up.

During their weekly grocery run.

While setting up this kind of bazaar business.

You can liaise with boutiques for them to give you samples of their clothing to display in your store.

43. Drive-thru bazaar business

The concept of the drive-thru business is one where customers order online and pay for their groceries online.

Then they can come to a predetermined destination to pick up such groceries.

To set up this kind of business.

You need to have a very efficient website and efficient hands that are able to package different requests.

And make them ready for their owners in a few minutes.

When the customers drive over to the location, the staff will load up their car for them.

Since everything is already paid for, users can drive away without having any need to leave their vehicles.

44. Start a entertainment center

In order to compete with the convenience of online shopping.

Many retailers are now offering brick-and-mortar spaces.

That are multipurpose, entertaining and experience-focused.

A bazaar business entertainment center is an all-in-one food store.

Where visitors can purchase groceries, have dinner, or enjoy immersive VR tech.

This all-in-one grocery store, dining destination and entertainment center.

Can also feature family amusement center, arcade, indoor play area for kids and Virtual Reality experience rooms.

45. Start a C-store

C-store, also known as convenience store is a small retail business.

That stocks a range of everyday items such as groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, tobacco products, over-the-counter drugs, toiletries, newspapers, and magazines.

This is almost like a small bazaar business and it is easily manageable for a startup entrepreneur.

46. Pasta-Focused business

This is one concept that puts a restaurant-style eatery in a grocery store.

The pasta focused Business will offer shoppers access to different types of pasta.

Including macaroni, cheese and even vegan options to choose from.

Decadent meat options like pulled pork will also be made available to satisfy certain palates.

Since pasta is a meal that is loved by all, your Business would see good patronage.

Especially if your prices are reasonable.

You can also offer new pasta recipes to customers to keep them happy.

47. Start a bazaar hypermarket

A hypermarket is a very large self-service store with a wide range of goods and a large car park.

Typically situated outside a town.

Unlike traditional  Business which typically sell grocery items only.

Many Business have begun combining with department stores.

To create an expansive retail facility known as a hypermarket.

This is a very big establishment that suits only those with heavy finances to carry it.

If you have such finances or have good sponsors, you can open a hypermarket.

48. Start a private-label bazaar business

Private-label products are typically products manufactured.

Or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand.

Private-label goods and services are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics etc.

It is estimated that private-label products accounted for 14.5% of all Nigerians spending on consumer packaged goods.

It is also said that rising food-price inflation may prompt Nigerian shoppers to trade down from branded grocery products.

and make them shop more of private-label products.

This is definitely a rising section.

So you can as well open a Bazaar Business dedicated to selling private-label products.

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