6 Tips on BMR errand service business

BMR errand service: If you don’t have any particular experience or skills, you can still make very good money running errands for other individual. Having  an errand running business isn’t actually a bad deal, either.

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Do you like functioning “out of the office”, being on the move and a consistent change of surrounding? Errand running could be the perfect business for you, if not for the headache of long-distance travel.

You really don’t need much equipment wise or financially to start – a vehicle is important, but actually a bicycle may just be able to do the jobs just fine. If you have a van or truck, you certainly increased your job options, and the prizes you can charge. Moreover, errand running can be an appropriate part-time business.

BMR errand service

Another advantage to being an errand runner is that your customer base is definitely growing. People’s busy lifestyles mixed with the extending baby boomer group definitely makes errand runners in very high demand.

Companies are now even outsourcing to really save money – your errand running business can gain from businesses too. As a matter of fact, you have so many promising customers, it may be confusing on where to start.

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Contemplate a delivery service for doctor offices, takeout service for restaurants, conveying packages for businesses, shopping assistance for elderly people and running various errands for busy parents, just to mention a few.

You can charge hourly for your errand service, however don’t forget to include your rates, or add it up on to your hourly fee. You may want to offer regular customers discounts to entice them to employ you for more help. If you can make yourself always available for “emergency” errands or working at very short notice, you can also charge higher mileage.

BMR errand service

So where do you find your clients? The best way (not to mention inexpensive) may be to network with people you familiar with or print business cards and send them to establishments like local dry cleaners, elderly care homes or garden shops.

Meet with restaurant managers, doctor’s offices and business owners to reveal your company, and how you can definitely save them money. Print a summary of the benefits you offer, along with your prizes, hours of operation, references and contact information.

This way they can easily keep the information after they meet with you, and the very first impression you make is organized and professional.


1. Legal Structure

First you need to conclude on the legal form of your business. Is it a partnership, sole proprietorship, or limited liability corporation? Whatever you choose will totally affect what taxes you settle and what your responsibility will be.

Additionally, while you’re doing this, ascertain you license your business based on what your state’s process are. You’ll additionally need to obtain a federal tax identification number.

BMR errand service

2. Name Your Business

Now you’re prepared to name your errand service business. Contemplate something memorable and catchy. Think about putting your city name in it, or probably your own name. Ensure no one else is already using your name and that it has not previously been trademarked already.

3. Insurance

You must have insurance. It can totally protect you in the situation of a claim or lawsuit. Check within your state about auto insurance. Some need it if you are still using your car for commercial purposes.

There are also other insurances you might consider, like if you’ll be conveying seniors, driving one of your client’s car, or house and pet sitting. It’s professionally best to check in with your insurance company to know what is needed.

BMR errand service

4. Gather Supplies

An errand business is remarkable, because you won’t require a lot of supplies. As a matter of fact, you probably have most already. You’ll need a dependable car to transport you to and from your clients and wherever the errands possibly take you.

You should also obtain a cell phone and computer/laptop as a way to be reached. After this you should think about creating business cards as a very great way to display your name and contact information to potential clients.

And don’t forget a day planner or any other possible way to stay organized. You also need some way to keep track of all your customers and appointments.

BMR errand service

5. Choose Services

It’s a very good idea to make a complete list of what services you offer. You should additionally put something that says, “If you don’t see the service you desire – just call and ask if we offer it!” There are many errands you could think about offering: bank and car errands, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, dog walking and many, many more.

6. Set Your Prices

Most errand runners charge hourly, not the task. If the task includes a lot of driving, you might probably want to charge for mileage.

Also, you should charge separately if you’re being asked to function outside your normal business hours or on a public holiday. Think about offering package deals as a thoughtful way to get client.

If they’re just using your services for grocery shopping, pick a specific rate for that. Experiment and figure out what functions best for you.

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BMR errand service

13 Steps to take in running an Effective errand Business

  1. Get yourself enrolled in your local government as an errand person and obtain insurance. Although some use to disregard this but it accord some limits on the number of customers and how he is seen by some creditable clients.
  2. Get to understand your local community – geographically. Shortcuts can absolutely help. If you want more particular start-up instructions, pick up a cheap start-up guide on how to launch an errand-running business or ask an already successful delivery company or an errand runner who will give you some advice.

    BMR errand service

  3. Find out who your clients are. What tasks do people fear doing in your neighborhood? What extra benefit will you offer them and how much are they ready to pay you?
  4. Check what other companies are charging for comparable services. Just know that you do not need to offer the least price to win clients – as long as you offer more benefit (i.e. additional service options, weekend or evening hours, faster service etc).

    BMR errand service

  5. Find out which permits or licenses you require from your local government office. Speak with an insurance agent, banker and accountant (you can get recommendations from other local business owners and friends) to get helpful tips on tax issues, insurance, business management and financing that will definitely save you money, hassles and time in the long run.
  6. Make a list of huge companies/offices in your community with good number of sufficiently paid executives like bank managers and headquarters of big manufacturing companies.
  7. Write a letter with your services fully listed and make it irresistible for them to see why your services are very substantial to them.

Your list should include however not totally limited to services such as dry-cleaning delivery, post office errands, grocery pick up and even food pickup and delivery etc.

BMR errand service

  1. Be good in preaching about your services by (a.) Words of mouth (b.) Advertising (c.) taking your flyers to various places such as dry-cleaning offices, charity event publications that probably has more wider executive readership, food store, bakeries and grocery stores, also set up a blog/site about your services.
  2. Figure out what other delivery services are charging their clients and make yours very competitive.
  3. Your services should definitely have some real personal touches specifically while starting out freshly as this would give you an advantage over other big companies in your area.

    Errand Service business

  4. Being politely friendly with your customers keeps them coming for you at all times.
  5. Do not let people discover much about your senior citizen customers or the super rich ones for some safety reasons. You have to be classified and this makes your customers to trust you more.
  6. Know your community very well so you can easily make your movements stress free even if there is any predicament to delay your delivery.

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When you do this abnormal business well by giving it a businessman’s technique, you should always be ready to start summing up your millions within six months to a year, as your fulfilled customers would find it hard to keep shut and not be telling on you to their wealthy friends which practically means more money to your pocket.

Give this business a test as a man, woman, young lady or a guy and come back here to reveal your testimony.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us. Otherwise, please check out these other business ideas you can do 

  1. this business idea has been in my mind for a very long time but not being able to start but now with this write up am kick starting now. i just need idea on price rate. i live in an area at ajah where most so called affluent people can price anything down, i will appreciate a reasonable price to start with. tanks

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