50 Business Ideas to Start with Microsoft OneDrive

Business onedrive: Are you looking for some new business ideas to begin with? Do you want to start your own business but don’t know where or how to start? Are you a student who is keen on starting a business and gaining relevant work experience in the process so that it will be easier to get a job after graduation?
Even if you answered no to all of these questions, the fact remains that having a business idea is crucial when it comes to starting your own company. In this article, we are going to explore several small business ideas that can be launched with Microsoft OneDrive. Read on and discover more about these great ideas!

50 Business Ideas to Start with Microsoft OneDrive

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Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that can be used to store documents, photos, and other files. In fact, with OneDrive, users can upload files from their computer or mobile app and access them from any device. As a result of this functionality, it’s possible for businesses to use OneDrive as a storage hub for company documents. This means you can use it to create a new startup business. Let’s take a look at some ideas…

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, you’ll probably need to do some video marketing in order to grow your business. With OneDrive, it’s possible to create a video marketing strategy where you upload video clips to your OneDrive account. These can be used as an on-demand service, with clients paying to view them. It’s also possible to sell video ads on your videos, which can be a significant source of revenue. OneDrive is a cloud solution, so you’ll need to market your video marketing service via social media, email marketing, and other sources.

Office 365 for business

Office 365 is a business version of Microsoft Office. It allows you to store your files in the cloud and access them from any device. For small businesses that use Office, there are various ways to use Office 365. You can create a shared calendar, send emails, and use other features of Office 365. You can also create a shared folder for your company. This means that anyone in your company can upload files to this folder, which is then accessible by everyone. This can be used for company documents, such as sales figures, customer feedback forms, and more. There are also security features that you can use to control who has access to this folder. You can also set up email forwarding so that all emails from this folder go to one person, which is a good idea if you’re using the shared folder for customer feedback forms.

Build an app with Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service. It provides a range of services including storage, computing power, database services, and more. You can use Azure to build an app for your business. As an example, you could create an app that helps employees track their time and expenses. You can use the app to enter the details of the work they’ve done and then save the data to your database. You can then use this data to create reports on how your business is doing. Building an app is a significant undertaking, so make sure you have the time and resources to do so.

Create a blog and use ad revenue

If you have a blog, you can use it to generate revenue from advertising. Many blog owners use ad networks that place ads on their blogs and pay them a portion of the revenue generated by these ads. You can use OneDrive to host your blog, which means that you can use it to get ad revenue by signing up to various advertising networks. You can also use OneDrive for your website if you don’t have one. This is a good idea, as you can then redirect your old website to your new OneDrive location. This means that as soon as you sign up with a new blogging service, you can start to monetize it with ads.

Write an ebook and make money from ad placement

An ebook is an electronic book, which is a digital version of a printed book. With one, you can write about a topic, create your content, and then upload it to OneDrive. You can then sign up to various ad networks, which will display ads on your ebook. The ad revenue you receive from these networks can be significant. You can, of course, also use your ebook for marketing purposes. You can send it to your mailing list and include a call to action in the book. You can also send it to influencers in your industry who might write a review of your ebook and recommend it to their followers.

Run a free conference using Eventplace

Eventplace is a Microsoft service that allows you to set up online events and conferences. You can create an account and then set up an event, allowing people to join. They get a free account that includes a 15 GB file storage account. This can be used to store documents, photos, and other files. You can use this event to build a community of people interested in your topic. You can also use the event to market your products, including ebooks, courses, and more. You can also charge a fee each time your event is held. This can be a good way to create a new source of revenue for your business.


As you can see, there are many different ways that you can use OneDrive to create a new startup business. This is a cloud storage solution that can be used by businesses to store documents and share them with other employees. It can also be used to store content that you want to make available to customers or potential customers. This includes video content, blogs, and more.

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