50 Creative Hand work (Home Based) in Nigeria

Creative Hand work (Home Based) : Are you interested in starting a business.

If YES, here are 50 Creative Hand work (Home Based) for creative people to start at home in Nigeria.

If you have ever had a heart to heart business talk with a business expert.

Chances are that you may have been intimated on the point that being wealthy isn’t about working and earning wages at the end of the week or month.

It is about having various streams of income.

Being wealthy and successful is no child’s play at all.

As a matter of fact being wealthy has a lot to do with how many businesses you have and how much profit you are able to rake in after a period.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based): https://www.entrepreneur.com
Creative Hand work (Home Based)

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

Why Start an Art & Crafts Business?

All over the world, the in thing about being successful is all about having some multiple streams of income.

It is no wonder that those who are already in the business of success and wealth know that business is one sure route that guarantees wealth.

The question therefore is; what are those type of businesses that one could possibly engage in that can guarantee loads of profit?

Well, truth is that the arts and crafts industry sure is a promising one and there is no hard and fast rule about knowing the type of arts and crafts business that can cause your profit to rise.

However, the fact remains that you have got to choose a trade that you are skilled in and also comfortable in.

Of course; you have got to also devote some time in learning and fine tuning your skills.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

This is so important because of the fact that you have got to first show a great level of expertise in whatever craft you choose, before people begin to get associated with you- this is so because of the point that people love to reckon with what is best.

So, if you are looking to start an arts and crafts business, then you may want to consider some of these arts and crafts business ideas that are being reeled out here. If you are ready, then here are some trade ideas that have produced millionaires and that can readily make you one in no time at all.

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  1. Bead Making Business

All over the world the beads making trade has continued to gain more grounds. Each passing day, more and more people have continued to throng the industry. This is because of the creativity level, as well as the very fine products that can be produced. It is true that the women folk are more disposed to wearing beads; however, truth is that the men folks are embracing bead wearing too.

For you to start this trade, you have got to first of all be armed with all the skills that is needed. This means that you have to be well equipped with the tricks and skills involved in the trade. In doing this; you will learn of all the equipment involved. This is a very profitable business is all aspects.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Makeup Artistry Business

Look around you and you will see loads of women who try all they can to look good. As a matter of fact, each and every passing day, the makeup industry continues to see tons of new innovations. The makeup artistry is yet an art business that you can start from the comfort of your home and with zero capital. This means that all that you need to do is to be armed as it were with the necessary skills required. There are loads of individuals as well as beauty schools that offer this training.

What is more, if you are a makeup artist, you will have the opportunity to train a whole lot of people, as well as engage in the sales of makeup products from various brands all across the globe. Some of the opportunities that are opened to a makeup artist include; wedding, beauty pageant jobs, and a whole lot more.

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  1. Hair Making Business

This is one form of art that never goes into extinction. As a matter of fact, it has been in existence for a very long time. The hair making business is as old as over 2,000 years. Some of the skills that one can provide in service when you start in this business include; hair braiding, plaiting and what have you. For you to start in this art business, you have to be well skilled, so that you can give your clients the best.

As such; you will need to go to get trained and this might take some time. Therefore time have got to be devoted to be vast in this trade, so as to attract all and sundry.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Arts Studio

If you have always had a rich knack for drawing and paintings, then you may want to take that likeness for arts some notches higher by starting a trade around that business. More than ever before in the history of man, the love for arts have continued to be on the rise. In starting this trade, you have got to be armed with all the necessary skills needed. As such, you may want to look towards getting trained in this line.

This is a kind of business that fetches you great returns for your time and money, when you have all your art works displayed in your arts studio. Your clients cuts across the middle and the upper class folks.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Jeweler

If you have ever noticed jewelers, you may have found that their work goes straight beyond mere beads. This means that they use different materials, from ceramics made raw materials, to iron, and what have you. As a result, if you love fashion, and especially the accessories part of fashion, then you may want to consider being a jeweler.

Starting this trade isn’t rocket science. This is because you can garner the skills involved, from the internet, from a fashion school, and what have you. The idea of succeeding in this trade is to be darned creative.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Bag Making

All over the world it is known that women do not toy with their accessories, and one of such accessory is the bag. Bags have continued to be produced, and more and more women and men purchase them. You do not have to be stereotypes in your bags production, because there are various types of bags that you can venture into making.

It is for this reason that you can also start a bags making business. The market is a very wide one and the things that you can produce are countless. For instance; you may consider the production of ladies handbags, sling bags for men, travelling bags, executive bags, party bags, and what have you.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Shoe Making

Hardly would you come across anyone who does not have a footwear on, when on the streets. This only goes to show that the percentage of people who wear shoes are really much. You too may want to cash in on this by starting a shoe making crafts business. However, care has to be taken, so that you learn all the ropes and not be found wanting.

You may consider enrolling in a crafts school, where all the rudiments of this trade will be taught. Once you are good to go, then you can begin to plug in and enjoy the goodies the industry has to offer.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Goldsmith

All of the gold and silver made things that you can see around you are all the handiwork of goldsmiths. These folks are versed in the art of melting and molding of precious metals. Therefore, you too may want to start this trade. It is important to say that there is a lot of returns of investment in this art. Just like it is with every other arts and crafts business, you have to know your onions; and that is why you have to be skilled in this regards.

For starters, you may look at getting the required training involved in starting this business. Why is this needful, you may ask? This is especially important so that you do not leave any process untouched before launching out.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Tinker Business

Dealing with irons and metals, might sound strange in the first lace to novices and those who do not know that one could possibly start a business around this art. Truth is that the metals that are being recycled and used for other stuff, are being molded and handled by tinkers. As such, if you have a penchant for such a trade, then you may want to get some training in this field. One of the very good things about this business, is that there is a piece of metal in every household, and that goes to show that it is a profitable business.

  1. Hat Making Business

Being a milliner, isn’t a herculean task. As a matter of fact, it is one business that never goes into extinction. This is because of the need to always use hats. All over the world, more and more people are arming their selves with this skill. You too can begin to make good money, when you get the skills involved.

After you have garnered the knowledge therein, then you can begin to look at setting up your business the way you want it to be. However, be reminded that it takes patience and determination to have your own loyal customers since it is a competitive industry.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Tie and Dye Making Business

Yes, you may already know that the tie and dye cloths have been in existence for long. Good news is that it still does exist and more and more people are in the trade. If you are a tie and dye lover, or in general an arts lover, then you may want to start a business in this regard. First rule of thumb is that you have got to be skilled yourself. So, if you do not know jack about the trade, then you can get trained.

  1. Photography Business

It is said that pictures speak a thousand words. That is without a shadow of doubt true. This is because of the fact that pictures do keep great memories that words cannot. The advent of the photography business dates back to a centuries ago. This is one arts trade that can be started with small capital. Initially, all that would be required would be the money to get trained by a professional, as well as the money you will need to procure a good camera.

There are loads of opportunities in this trade; and you can specialize in some areas. Some of the areas that you may consider focusing on include; the wedding photography, Sports photography, child photography, nature photography, and all what not.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Sculpting Business

There are loads of sculpted things that we may see around; from decorations, to wall fittings, amongst many others. The industry though saturated, but still have ample room for those who want to stage an entry. It is a profitable business too that is able to make one a millionaire. However, there is one secret, and that secret is to be creative in all aspect of the trade.

First off however, is that you have got to have the skills. This means that you must be ready to go learn the skill. This is needful, as you cannot start the business without the knowledge.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Gifts and Cards making Business

If you love the idea of being a giver of gifts, or you like people being surprised with gifts, then you may want to help make gifts and special days memorable for people by starting a gifts and cards craft business. The market is indeed a vast one. This is a very easy business to start and it does not require plenty startup capital. As a matter of fact, it is one business that you can start at home.

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  1. Customized T-shirt Business

If you are good with writing   in a very creative way, then you can go a step further by starting a customized shirts business. What this means is that you can decide to begin to   write whatever your clients want on t-shirts. You may start raw as you want, but there is still the need to fine-tune what you know by getting a proper skill acquisition.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Nails Studio Business

If you love to see people look their best, and you like the art of nail painting and designs, then you may want to consider starting a nails studio. One of the very importance of this business is to make women beautiful. As a matter of fact, this does not need any formal training, as far you are creative and imaginative enough to come up with attractive painting styles.

  1. Book Clubs Business

This is one of the thriving arts businesses that have continued to stay put on the radar all over the world. However, in recent times, with the advent of the internet, it appears that people tend to want to read more on their gadgets than through a book. Be that as it may, it has not stopped people from being parts of book clubs. You too can start a book club if you have the penchant for reading books.

It only entails that you are kindred spirit with those you plan to gather together. After that is done, then you have the right with the consent of members of your club to decide how often you plan to meet- this could be weekly, monthly, or bimonthly.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Karaoke Studio Business

The love for music will always be on the high; that is why there would continue to be music lovers come what may. If you are a die-hard music lover, then you may consider starting a karaoke studio, where people can always come to sing to their favorite songs. This means that you have got to have the finest musical collections of music, so that your clients can have a very nice time singing to their favorite lyrics.

  1. Graphic Arts Business

If you are good with graphics, then you can start your own business. This entails that you commercialize your love for arts so that you can begin to render the services of designing for calendar use, TV use, as well as other very vital uses. Do note that irrespective of the fact that you may be versed in it, you have got to continuously get your skills fine-tuned so that you are abreast with what is in vogue in the industry.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Wood Work Business

If you are good with using woods to make stuff, then you may want to start a wood work studio. The industry is a profitable one and there are a whole lot that you can make with woods. You may consider making children’s toys, house decorations what have you.

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  1. Interior Decoration Business

This is a very large industry that churns out millionaires all year round. This entails that you are vast with colors, how to have things arranged around the home, office, or anywhere. This also, means that you have to have a very imaginative sense of creation. The type of clients that you can attract in this trade include; corporate clients, Individuals, party organizers and what have you.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Disc Jockey Business

If you are a music lover, and love so much to collect all types of songs, then the disc jockey business mighty be your best bet. This means that you must be able to garner some skills on how to mix songs that would be appealing to all your guests.

  1. Welding Business

The welding business is yet another business that promises a lot, even though there are fewer people in the trade compared to other industries. If you think the welding business is something you would love to do, then you can learn some of the skills involved in the trade.


  1. Carpentry

This is a very creative and artistic kind of business, as it needs that the person who operates this kind of business must come to the table with a whole lot. Starting a carpentry business means that you will be involved in making chairs, tables, shelves, and a who lot more. You may even decide to get trained as a carpenter that works on building sites.

In all, do take note that patience is needed in acquiring this skill. Thereafter you may commence your carpentry business and expect to make a whole lot of cash.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Voice Talent

If you have ever wondered why   some folks have got sonorous voices, whilst others do not, then you may want to agree that though all men were made equal, yet some others have been bestowed with unique talents that make them stand out. One of such talent is the voice. Being able to lend ones voice to work of arts. As such, if you have got the voice, then you may want to get trained the more so that you can partake of using your voice for money.

Some of the things that you may readily do when you are a voice over artiste is as follows’ radio jingles, lend your voice for work of arts like; audio books, documentaries and so on.

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  1. Music

The music industry all over the world, seem to be one of the largest of most countries of the world,. This is because of the love of music by people. If you have the voice to sing, then you may want to look at being a musician. This means that you will get your voice trained so that you can churn out great songs that can remain classic even in years to come.

You may consider any genre of your choice. Some of the genes of music that you may want to consider include; rhythm and blues, rock and roll, soft rock, pop, etc.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Dance School

There are dancers and there are those who do not just dance for the fun of it; but for the serious fact that they want to make good money from the art. If you are a very fit and flexible person who knows how to dance; then you can start a dance school. This means that you will begin to teach novices how they can be great dancers.

Some of the people that you can target are; busy professionals, who want to dance to stay fit, youths who are restless and wants to make some money, as well as kids.

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  1. Theatre Centre

One of the reasons why folks go to theatres to see plays, is so that they can catch a glimpse of what real acting is all about. It is for this reason that there are theatres – where people can come wat6ch undiluted plays directed by very skilled experts. If you love arts, then you may consider starting a theatre center, where arts lovers can come unwind.

  1. Modeling Academy

The Modeling industry, is a very big and thriving one; it is no wonder that the types of models that have been produced on the runways in America, have gone ahead to be successful entrepreneurs. It is for this reason that you may want to start a modeling academy. This is because there are loads of people who are always in need of models.

You may therefore, decide to start an academy where you groom raw talents, and then help push them to people who may be in need of their services. Grooming means that you will help their charisma and posture, amongst many other things.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Modeling Agency

The modeling agency business, does not require that you train or groom any model. However it involves acting as the connector for all models. This is because if you are vast, then you can expect that people from far and near would require your service.

  1. Publishing Business

If you are lettered when it comes to writing books and all, then you may want to start a publishing business. The publishing business does entail that you help budding writers publish their work of arts. Every day the publishing industry get stiffer competition, as such your watch word has to be to have an excellent spirit.

  1. Content Writing

If you do enjoy writing a great lot, then you can commercialize this art by being a content writer. One of the roles of a content writer is to make sure that you help people who are in need of your writing service, solve their writing problems. Some of the areas that you can concentrate on writing include; religious writing, fiction and fictitious writing, biographies, thesis, ghost writing services and assignments, etc.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Editing

If you have an eye for seeing things when they are out of place, as well as have an eye for details, then you can decide to start an editing services business. Here, you are to help people both corporate and individuals do some editing jobs.

  1. Data Entry

One of the best ways to make money on the internet without hassle is starting a data entry business. This type of business does not need any skill at all, as you are only required to enter data on some important information that is provided by the client.

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  1. Translating Business

If you are vast with different languages, then it is your time to make some good bucks. This could mean that a client would require your services for translating the Spanish language to English language, the Portuguese language to French and a lot more. The idea is to stay abreast with the trends in the industry.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Basket Weaving Business

A whole lot of people are always on the look-out for homemade decorations, that is one of the things that makes this business one of the very right ones to start, if you want to start a crafts business. It is pertinent to note that this business could to a great extent make your interest in crafting lucrative.

  1. Embroidery Business

The art of embroidery have continued to be a very lucrative and developing one. One of the advantages of the business is because of the way you can use the embroidery equipment to personalize just about everything. This is from T-shirts, to mugs, apparels and others. Do note that you will need to get some form of training before commencing operation.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Tailoring Business

The tailoring business is one craft that will always be in need. Why is this? This is important because of the need for people to wear customized clothes. There are however different areas to specialize in. You may want to look into one or more these areas; specializing in children’s apparel, ladies apparel. Male wears, and so on. But, there is the need to know how to churn out very durable clothes out. This is so that you do not lose your clients.

In starting, you will need some machines too. Machines like the sewing machine, the whipping machines, cutting machines in some cases, and what have you.

  1. Balloon Decoration

This is a very important business, especially if you plan to deal with corporate clients and individuals. It entails knowing how to beautify a plan using balloons. It could be said that this business is somewhat interwoven with the interior decoration art.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Language School

This is one very profitable arts business that you can ever start. This means that if you are very fluent and vast in the reading and writing of a particular language, you may choose to start a language school. Commercializing this art puts you in an advantageous position to make good money.

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  1. Music School

You may agree that there are loads of individuals, who wish to learn how to play some musical instruments but might not have the luxury of time. These are the type of people that you must be looking to serve when you start a music school. Since there are plenty music schools out there already, you may choose to make yours flexible and mobile, so that you can go have them trained where ever they may want.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Standup Comedy Business

If you have got a wonderful and rich sense of humor, then this is your time to commercialize that art. This means that you can start a standup comedy business. If you look around you, you will find that most standup comedians are made. You too can become wealthy when you use your naturally endowed gift of art.

First of all, you will need to do some research about the business and if need be go to a veteran in the industry, so that you can be mentored. Doing this will put you in a very advantageous position to launch out.

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  1. Knitting

There are a whole lot that can be produced from the knitting business. They include; cardigans, shawls, mufflers, table cloth, apparels and a lot more. However, you have to be devoted to learn the ropes so that you can start on the right footing. Starting this type of trade requires very little capital.

  1. MC Business

If you are a very eloquent person, and you have got the skills to keep your listeners concentrated on you, then you may want to consider starting a compere business. This means that you will have to be well positioned so that you would be hired by folks who need your services for their occasions. Some of the occasions that you may compere at include; conferences, seminars, weddings, parties, and a lot more.

You may also consider advertising your services on the internet, as well as networking with celebrities who might be in need of the services that you render.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Vocational School

Starting a vocational school is one business that sure guarantees good returns on your investment. It means that you will be gathering people who want to acquire one crafts skills or the other together and teaching them how to go about it. On your own part you may be required to bring in crafts teachers to take the courses. This is a very profitable business because each student will be charged a fee.

One of the ways to get clients or rather students who will be interested in attending your creative schools might be through advertising through the right channels. Some of the channels that you can employ are; internet advertising, word of mouth advertising, and a lot more options that you will come across as you operate in the business.

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46. Candle making

Did you know that candles have been in existence for over 2,000 years, and would not in any way go extinct? Well, truth remains that candles are in high demand by various people- from religious houses, to homes, and even event decorators. Furthermore, scented candles are used in houses, hotels and spas and you can become really successful when you go into making candles of different shapes and designs.

Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Pottery

All over the world, there are various things that are made by potters. It is no doubt the reason why people are still in the trade. If you have a penchant for this art, then you can as well go learn the skill of pottery. When you do this, then you can begin to make very creative wares that people can buy.

You may also consider planning exhibitions where all your work of arts can be displayed. This means that you have got to have impeccable products before thinking to hold an exhibition for your showcase.

  1. Picture Frame Creation Business

Picture frames can be found in homes, offices, boutiques, everywhere, you name it. As such, it is one crafts business that can sure put food on your table. If you are cool with making picture frames, then you can begin to make frames for the following purposes; Wedding pictures, birthday party pictures, graduation pictures and, a whole lot more.

Please it is important to note that you will need to get really skilled in this because of the fact that there is stiff competition in this trade. As such; one of the ways to break even here is to bring excellence to the table.

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Creative Hand work (Home Based)

  1. Painting

If you have ever parted away with a huge amount of money for the services a painter rendered to you, then you will agree that they make good money. If you think that you want to give the painting business a try, then you can consider starting a painting business. If on the other hand you already have this as a hobby, then you can also turn that hobby to money by painting houses.

One you have fine-tuned your painting skills, then you can begin to tell people about what you do. As you first start out, care must be taken so that you do not over price your services, since you are a newbie.

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  1. Arts Auctions

If you have got the money, then in starting an arts auction business, you will first need to purchase wall paintings yourself. Thereafter, you can organize auctions for art lovers to come and bid and buy creative work of arts. All that would be required of you, would be the business skills that you will need in haggling prices with your clients. Other than that, you do not need any crafts skills here.

You will need to identify suppliers that would be willing to give you this works of arts at a not too expensive mode. This is o that you can make good profit when you sell them- since profit making is a good motivator when in business.

There are the 50 hand work that you can start any time any day. However, like I mentioned in all the business types, before you launch out with any of the trades mentioned here, you will need to a very large extent to analyze the business through exhaustive research. You will also need to sample the views of those who are already successful and are making it pretty big in the industry.