How to Make Custom Baby Blankets Forts

Custom baby blankets

Custom baby blankets: Blanket forts are easy to build and they provide countless hours of fun for children and adults.

You can make your fort with everyday household items like blankets, sheets, chairs, and curtain rods.

Start by building a fort frame. Then, close off your fort to the outside world by draping blankets over it.

Throw in a few pillows and blankets for added coziness, for a fun afternoon.

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Make 2 rows of chairs with the backs facing each other.

Chairs are a great option because their backs provide a high fort ceiling.

Position the rows in front of a sofa, bed, or wall if you want the fort to be enclosed on the backside.

Space the rows of chairs about 4 to 6 ft (1.2 to 1.8 m) apart depending on the size of your blanket.

  • If you don’t have chairs to support your fort, see what other sturdy items are in the room. Laundry hampers, ottomans, and boxes can serve as fort-building materials.
  • Place the items side-by-side if you need to use multiple pieces to create the fort.
  • You can use furniture of different heights to create high and low places in the fort, which makes it extra fun to crawl around inside. Make sure to choose furniture items that are tall enough so you will be able to crawl or sit under the blankets in the fort.

Tip: Your blanket fort will need to have enough room for you to crawl and play in, so choose an area with plenty of space and avoid blocking doorways. The living room, dining room, or bedroom are all good options.

Place blankets and pillows on the floor of the fort to make it comfortable.

Fold a comforter in half and lay it down or layer a few blankets to add cushioning to the bottom of the fort.

Then, place several cushions or pillows around the edges of the fort.

  • You can also place extra blankets or sleeping bags in the fort to cover yourself up.
  • If the ceiling of your fort is high enough, you could even place a few low chairs or stools in the fort, such as bean bag chairs or ottomans.

Drape a sheet or blanket over the furniture pieces.

Drape a large sheet or blanket over the top of the fort so that it goes over the edges of the furniture.

Pull the blanket or sheet taut so that it is not drooping down in the center of the fort’s ceiling.

  • Layer more than 1 sheet or blanket over the furniture to provide a darker environment inside of the fort.
  • Use a light-colored sheet to allow some light into the inside of the fort, or use a dark-colored sheet or blanket to make it darker in the fort.

Custom baby blankets

Secure the blankets with heavy objects or clothespins.

The edges of the blanket will eventually slip off the furniture if you do not weigh them down.

Grab a few books or other heavy objects and place them on the edges of the blanket.

Clothespins may be enough to secure the edges of a sheet on some types of furniture.

For example, if you are using a couch as part of your fort base.

Then clip the sheet edge to the fabric on the couch using a clothespin.

  • Propping large pillows or couch cushions against the fort’s framework can also help to secure the blankets.

Using Alternative Fort Ceiling Supports

Use an extendable curtain rod to support the ceiling in a small space.

If you are building the fort in a hallway, closet, or other small space.
Then you can use an extendable shower rod as a support for the ceiling of your fort.
Extend the curtain rod over the center of where you want the fort’s ceiling to be.
Then, drape your blanket or sheet over the curtain rod.

Use smaller pieces of furniture to support the lower portion of the sheet or blanket.

  • This fort is nice if you want to create a ceiling that is high enough to walk under.
  • Make sure that the blanket or sheet you use is long enough to reach the floor.
  • Avoid draping the blanket’s edges over any furniture that could easily fall over, such as small end tables.

Safety Precaution:

Make sure that the curtain rod is secure before you hang a sheet or blanket on it.

Test it by tugging gently on the center to make sure it doesn’t fall down.

Extend a clothesline across the room for an extra-large fort.

If you want a large, long fort, then try stringing a clothesline from 1 end of your living room or bedroom to the other.

Then, drape blankets and use smaller pieces of furniture to keep the blankets from caving in.

This will allow you to create a fort that can span the entire length of a room.

  • Make sure to hang the ends of the clothesline from something sturdy, such as a doorknob.
  • You could also extend 2 clotheslines running parallel to each other for a wider fort.

Drape a blanket over a 4-legged table.

A quick and easy way to make a fort is use a table as your base.

Pull the chairs away from a 4-legged table and drape a large blanket over it.

Your fort is complete!

  • Make sure to choose a table that is high enough for you to fit underneath.
  • Use a blanket that is large enough to cover all 4 sides of the table.

Making the Space Comfortable and Fun

Add lights to the fort.

If you want to read inside your fort or play board games with siblings or friends, you may want to add some lights.
Christmas lights look great, and they come in all sorts of colors.

String the lights across the ceiling of the fort, or place them on the ground around the edges of the fort.

  • You could also place a few flameless candles or a battery-powered lantern inside of the fort.
  • A flashlight works, too! Use it to light up your face while telling a spooky story.

Create tunnels with boxes and additional blankets.

If you have an empty box laying around, use it to connect your fort to a second fort, or simply make a tunnel going into the fort.

Open up the top and bottom of the box and lay it on its side at the edge of the fort.

Then, drape a blanket over the box to help it blend in with your fort.

  • Place multiple boxes in a row to make a long tunnel into and out of your fort.

Place a fan at the end of the opening to keep the space cool.

Forts can get pretty hot, especially after a busy day of adventuring.

Place a fan in front of the opening to the fort to help circulate air throughout it.

  • Do not hang any blankets behind the fan or they may get stuck in it and break it.

Custom baby blankets

Bring games, books, and other types of entertainment into the fort.

If you plan to spend some time relaxing in your fort, make sure to bring a variety of fun items into it.
Bring a few board or card games into the fort if you will have friends or siblings in there with you, or bring a good book if you will be in the fort alone.
You could also bring a tablet or laptop into the fort if you want to watch a movie or play games.

Tip: Avoid bringing too many items or large bulky items into the fort.

These will clutter the space and make it harder to move around.

Stock your fort with snacks and drinks.

You don’t want to have to leave the fort to get a drink of water or something to eat!

Put some non-perishable drinks and snacks in the fort so you won’t have to go in search of food and drink for a while.

Some good options include:

  • Whole fruit, such as oranges, apples, or bananas
  • Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Crackers
  • Cookies
  • Beef jerky
  • Juice boxes
  • Water bottles

Custom baby blankets

More tips

  • If you want different rooms, hang blankets across the “ceiling” to create more walls!

  • If you have an electronic device, make sure your fort is close to an outlet, so you can charge your device.

  • Try putting your mattress on the floor (with permission)!
  • While it requires a relatively large blanket fort, then you might even be able to sleep in it.


  • If you bring lamps or fans into your fort, be sure not to put blankets on them as that could start a fire.
  • Also, be careful that you don’t break the lamp if you have one.
  • Make sure to use a sturdy lamp that doesn’t overheat to prevent burns and for general safety.

Things You’ll Need

Chairs or other types of sturdy furniture

Blankets and sheets


Books or other heavy items to weigh down the edges and sides

(optional) Some fun toys or stuffed animals

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