26 Equipment Needed For Landry Business

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Equipment Needed For Landry Business: Laundry business is a very small-scale business that can actually be launched at the back of your house and needs very small capital to start one.

This is a business that can give the owner of the business lots of money in a short amount of time.

When starting up a laundry business, the most substantial material is the availability of clean water.

Even though water is very inexpensive here in Nigeria.

Equipment required to start this business includes:


It is recommended you get at least a 6KVA power generating set.

I use a 7KVA generator and it upholds my 1.5Hp Air Condition, Dry iron and Steam Iron all at once.

But i would recommend you use your electronics once at a time in order to prolong the life term of your generator.

I use a Sumec Firman Generator which values about 135,000.

As at when i purchased it in June 2015 from Konga.

Presently it costs 173,000 Naira, but if it is still expensive for you.

You can easily manage a 5KVA or work mainly with PHCN source of power though this is not recommendable.

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I bought a 14KG top loader LG washing Machine to start up my dry-cleaning business.

I picked LG because it is rugged and very inexpensive.

The benefit of using a top loader instead of a front loader is that as the washing procedure is going on.

You can as well open the cover and put more clothes.

Which will definitely make your work much pleasant unlike the front loader.

Where as soon as the lid is closed, it remains shut until washing is accomplished.

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The 14KG washing machine can carry and wash up to 40 clothes at a go.

It would be commendable to note that not every cloth are thrown into the washing machine.

That is why you need an experienced laundry man to assist in doing the division.

In order to avoid ruining customer’s clothes.

The clothes must all be buttoned up to avoid dismantling the buttons.

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For clothes that need just hand washing.

The washer man needs a washing table for putting his washing materials like buckets.

On top of it for satisfaction sake.

Not everyone can bend for so long.

Or you could buy a chair for the ones who wish to sit down while washing the clothes.

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This is used for hanging previously washed clothes or ironed fabrics.

You can get this at any market around.

It is the same hangers we normally use in our wardrobes.

It is sold in a collection. This values about 500Naira per bundle.

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A water tank is used for storing water.

If you are opportune enough to have borehole at your work base.

Then good for you, however if contrarily is the situation.

You will have to purchase a water storage tank of nearly 3,000 litres.

I purchased a GP tank for 32,000 Naira this is counting out cost of transportation to your work base.

Cost of transportation is dependent on the interval from the location of purchase to your main base.

Also required is a tank stand which is to be assembled by a welder.

It costs lower than 10,000 Naira if well priced

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Here you actually need two pressing irons, a steam iron and a dry one.

The dry is used for the typical shirts while the steam iron is mainly used for wedding gowns.

Dinner gowns, suits and some special fabrics.

I acquired the dry iron for 4500 and then the steam iron for 5000 Naira proportionately.

Used or better put fairly used steam and dry pressing irons are recommendable.

See below, photos of both my dry and steam pressing irons for a better understanding.

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This should not be a problem, a 3 by 6 wide pressing table would be perfect.

A carpenter can build a solid table for you. I actually did mine for 7,000 Naira.

I did not contract cost of transportation as my Vehicle was speedily available.

Even tho the cost should be quite insignificant.

As if you have a carpenter around to avoid certain baseless expenses.

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The towel is primarily placed on the table before the table cloth is set on top the towel.

This is to specifically make the ironing process apparent and avert contours during ironing.

You can get a very good thick towel for just 1000 Naira and a white fabric (1 yard) alternatively for less than 1000 Naira.

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This is important for plugging the pressing irons and some other electronic gadgets.

An authentic one cost between 2500 and 3000 Naira.

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Though insignificant, you can buy it if you have the money.

Starching customer’s clothes and placing it in the drier does not probably come out as good as the natural sun drying it up!

It diffuses a lot of heat and absorbs a whole lot of electricity too.

Although newer models are coming out! Just like i said, this is totally insignificant.

It cost from 200,000 Naira and above.

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There are two kinds, the first is for wrapped clothes, example are trousers, collar Shirts.

Whereas the 2nd is totally for unfolded clothes (Jackets, Atiku materials, Suits,?Senator materials, Blankets and Duvets etc).

You will acquire in various sizes, for instance, kids packaging nylons and for Agbada.

Its totally a different size, and typically corporate shirts and trousers, it is additionally a different size.

It is likely sold in dozens or more.

Equipment Needed For Landry Business

Typically i purchase in hundreds; a hundred pieces cost about 1,500 Naira.

Although the more you buy the lesser the price.

Wedding gown packaging nylons also come in a totally different price and size.

Here you can purchase in pieces; it is likely less than 500 per nylon.

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12. PEGS

This is used for pinning/holding the clothes to the ropes that are probably tied to the external hangers.

As tiny as it is, it is extremely important.


This is also used transiently for storing water used for washing clothes.

You can easily get this at any market.

Alluringly, 2 Basins and 1 buckets are substantial for a start up.

Cost of acquiring the 3 buckets should definitely not be more than 3000 Naira.

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Using Liquid soap is highly cost effective.

The pleasant thing about it is that it can be used for all kind of fabrics.

They generally come in 3 colours, green, blue and colourless, while some call it white.

It retails at 1,500 Naira for 10 litres and this can be used for more than one month particularly as a starter.

Whereas detergents like Ariel (Big and Small pack) the small pack costs 750 while the big pack goes for 1300 Naira respectively.

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This is used for advertising the already dry-cleaned clothes.

Apart from doing an aluminum glass shelve.

You should also call a carpenter to build patterned wall shelves for setting fabrics.

Although i used aluminum and it cost me 50,000 Naira, including transport.

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16. FAN

You definitely need a fan for cooling the heat and you could also add an ac if you want.

I bought my OX industrial fan for 18,000 naira and a fairly used 1.5Hp AC from OLX for 30,000 Naira.

However i actually got the AC after i had previously started business.

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Apart from the scent added to the starch upon establishment.

Adding conditioner to the water you will use to rinse the clothes is an added benefit to your business.

I have heard many customers tell me that they totally love the way their clothes smells!

And that is one reason they always keep bringing it over.

It is another means of customer reservation. It is sold for 1,800 Naira

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A towel is definitely needed to be set on the table before placing a table cloth on top of it.

It simply makes ironing of the clothes much easier.

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This is used to recognize and categorize customer’s clothes in order to avert mix ups and confusion.

This is very necessary in the smooth managing of your laundry/dry-cleaning business.

It costs about 3,000 naira to actually get one good one.

Not many people know how a tagging gun actually looks like.

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This pin is joined to the tagging gun.

It is used for penetratingly attaching the tagging paper to the cloth/fabric.

With the help of the tagging gun. It is sold for 1,200 Naira.

Also there are typically 4 pins in the pack. Take note!

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Equipment Needed For Landry Business


It comes in light green colour normally.

It is a one centimeter wide paper that arrives in a roll.

It is a paper that can be easily written upon to recognize the name of the client.

It is also used with the tagging gun.

That is, the tagging gun is pressed to the paper and the customer’s identification on the shirt.

And shot to gum to the cloth meant for dry-cleaning.

It is normally sold for 1,500 Naira.

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A welder can create one for you for hanging client’s clothes, it is highly recommended.

My welder created one for me for 10,000 Naira.

Equipment Needed For Landry Business

23. ROPE

This is cinched to the external hanger. Used for hanging/spreading clothes.

The distance amidst both poles would decide the length of ropes to be bought.


There are various chemicals for stain removal, rust removal, Perclum (used for dry-cleaning suits).

Ink removal, mucor removal, oil removal and the likes.

You can easily buy these chemicals from wholesalers at Ojota Market.

Equipment Needed For Landry Business


This is absolutely necessary for keeping client’s clothes already tagged and prepared for washing.

You can easily get it at any local market in Nigeria for less than 500 Naira.


As the name indicates, it is used for keeping waste products and must be disposed off at least once daily.

It cost less than 300 Naira.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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