17 Tips Locating an Express Employment Professionals Office

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Locating an Express Employment Professionals office or contacting Express Staffing for job opportunities or staffing solutions is relatively straightforward. Here are some tips to help you find and connect with Express Staffing:

1. Express staffing:

Express Employment Professionals is a well-known staffing agency that has been providing workforce solutions for businesses and job seekers since its establishment in 1983. With a network of over 830 offices in three countries, Express Employment Professionals has become a trusted partner for companies seeking qualified talent and individuals looking for employment opportunities.

2. History and Background:

Express Employment Professionals was founded by Robert A. Funk and William H. Stoller in Oklahoma City, USA. The company began as a temporary staffing service and quickly expanded its services to include a wide range of workforce solutions. Over the years, it has grown into one of the largest staffing agencies globally, helping businesses navigate the challenges of finding the right candidates and aiding job seekers in securing meaningful employment.

Core Services:

3. Temporary Staffing:

Express Employment Professionals specializes in providing temporary staffing solutions to businesses across various industries. Whether a company needs extra hands during peak seasons or requires short-term expertise for a specific project, Express helps connect employers with skilled and reliable temporary workers.

4. Permanent Placement:

In addition to temporary staffing, Express assists companies in finding the right candidates for permanent positions. Through a rigorous screening and selection process, they match employers with individuals whose skills, experience, and values align with the company’s needs and culture.

5. Human Resources and Compliance:

Express Employment Professionals supports businesses by offering human resources services, including assistance with compliance issues, employee relations, and workforce management. This helps companies focus on their core operations while ensuring they meet legal and regulatory requirements.

6. Training and Development:

Recognizing the importance of skill development, Express provides training programs to job seekers, enhancing their marketability and employability. This not only benefits individuals but also addresses the growing demand for skilled workers in various industries.

7. Industry Impact:

Express Staffing has played a significant role in the evolution of the staffing industry. By adapting to changing market dynamics and embracing technological advancements, the agency has remained at the forefront of connecting talent with opportunities. Its commitment to delivering quality services has earned Express Employment Professionals a strong reputation, making it a go-to resource for both employers and job seekers.

8. Community Involvement:

Express Employment Professionals is not just a business; it’s also a community partner. The company actively participates in community outreach programs, supporting initiatives that aim to enhance education, workforce development, and overall community well-being. This commitment to social responsibility reflects the agency’s belief in contributing to the broader success of the communities it serves.

9. Official Website:

The most direct way to locate Express Staffing is by visiting the official website of Express Employment Professionals. The website typically has a locator tool or a “Find an Office” feature where you can enter your location to find the nearest Express office. The website is also a valuable resource for information about the services they offer.

10. Online Search Engines:

You can use popular online search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to search for “Express Employment Professionals” or “Express Staffing” along with your city or location. This should provide you with the contact details and address of the nearest Express office.

11. Social Media Platforms:

Many businesses, including staffing agencies, maintain active social media profiles. Check platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter for official Express Employment Professionals accounts. These accounts often share updates, job opportunities, and contact information.

12. Contact Information on Job Postings:

If you come across a job posting from Express Employment Professionals on job boards or other online platforms, the contact information for the local office may be provided. Take note of the contact details listed in the job posting, including phone numbers and email addresses.

13. Local Business Directories:

Check local business directories, both online and in print, for listings of Express Employment Professionals offices. Directories such as Yellow Pages or Yelp may have contact information, addresses, and reviews for Express offices in your area.

14. Networking:

Reach out to your professional network, friends, or colleagues who may have experience with Express Staffing. They might be able to provide recommendations, share their experiences, or give you insights into the local offices.

15. Career Fairs and Events:

Express Employment Professionals often participates in career fairs and community events. Check local event listings or career fair announcements to see if Express is participating. Attending such events could give you the opportunity to meet with Express representatives in person.

16. Phone Inquiry:

If you prefer direct communication, you can call Express Employment Professionals’ general customer service number. They may be able to direct you to the nearest office or provide contact information for specific locations.

17. Email Inquiry:

You can also send an email inquiry to the general email address provided on the official website. Express staff should be able to guide you to the appropriate office based on your location.

Remember to verify the contact details to ensure they are up-to-date, as staffing office locations and contact information may change over time.


Express Staffing has become a leading force in the staffing industry, driven by its commitment to connecting businesses with the right talent and helping individuals find meaningful employment. With a focus on quality, reliability, and community engagement, Express Employment Professionals continues to shape the future of workforce solutions. As the world of work evolves, Express is poised to adapt and innovate, remaining a trusted partner for companies and job seekers alike.

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