9 Tips on Front Doors Accessories

Front Doors Accessories

Your front door is a gateway to your home. It’s the perfect place to create a welcoming impression. Using the same style of the door throughout your home will create an aesthetic theme throughout. Remember to consider the design of your house as well – an older style home will lend itself to an antique front door, while a metallic finish may suit a more contemporary style.

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1. Appearance

Doors come in a variety of materials, each having different strengths. This is of particular importance when installing exterior doors. You don’t want to make a robber’s job easier with a flimsy door or have them tarnished by the weather. Inside the house, you can save money by opting for less solid doors.

2. Durability

Doors are an effective and simple method of climate control. A more solid door, while often more expensive, will generally permit less heat to escape and enter your house, meaning less money spent and energy wasted on heating and cooling.

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3. Insulation and energy efficiency

A strategically placed door can be an important way of circulating air through your house. A good architect will orient your house and place your doors in a way that best befits your block.

4. Ventilation

Consider noise from the street when buying a front door, and noise from entertaining areas when buying doors for those spaces.

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5. Soundproofing

Exterior doors are an important part of home security, keeping unwanted guests out. Consider this when choosing a door, particularly your front one, and don’t forget to buy a good locking system, like a deadlock.

6. Security

Glass doors are an effective way of letting light into your house. However, they should be situated properly, and matched with curtains to maintain your privacy and the temperature inside your home.

Doors Locks/Accessories Business Guides

7. Lighting

Finally, solid doors give us our privacy within a house and let us hide our mess from visitors.

8. Privacy

Most wooden doors are, in fact, not solid wood. Some doors are made with a medium density fibreboard core, others are made with plyboard, and the lightest option uses a honeycomb core which is essentially cardboard.
Teak is a good bet and if your budget permits, rosewood, and mahogany can be a better choice. If your budget does not permit, you can go for other cheaper options made up of pine and Sheesham.


9. Wooden doors

  • Elegant, timeless look
  • Especially suited to older styles of homes
  • Stained wood adds a sense of warmth
  • Alternatives such as honeycomb core weigh half as much and cost less than solid styles


  • Require ongoing maintenance such as staining and painting
  • Beware cheap construction and buy appropriately: a honeycomb core can lack the strength, soundproofing, and insulation properties of real timber

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