19 Ways to Start A Dump Truck Business

How to Start A Dump Truck Business : Dump truck means conveying of goods (products) from one specific place to another.

This distance (mileage) amidst the places of origin to the final target is what the dump truck business charge you for.

The Dump truck business is for this reason the business of making goods accessible.

When and where they are wanted.

This dump truck business sample and plan layout will be of great benefit for anyone curious about the dump truck business.

Dump truck starts from the point of loading or extraction to the final point of delivery of the goods (products) for the fulfillment of the final consumers.

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1. Goods that are regularly carried include:

Petroleum products such as Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and other Petrochemicals.

Building materials such as clay, granite, cement, sand, wood, iron rods etc.

Agricultural products

Cargoes/containers from the ports

Heavy duty equipments like transformers, generators, pole etc

Solid minerals and any other finished products

Commodities like flour, salt, sugar etc.

Dump truck distance charged can be in the state of engagement for example Lagos is usually called (Local).

And outside the state called (Interstate) or inside a specific geographical region like Southwest, Southeast etc.

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2. The Economic Importance Of Dump truck Business

Dump truck includes the transportation of goods either by rail or by road.

But since the downfall of the rail system in Nigeria, road dump truck has obviously taken the lead.

The country has just enough population.

And a very good network of roads linking all the 36 states and Abuja.

Although not all the roads are in very good condition.

The transport sector is a substantial component of the economy wracking up on the growth and the welfare of the large population of more than 140 million.

When transport systems are effective.

They provide economic and social liberties.

And benefits that result in beneficial multipliers effects like better approach ability to markets and supplementary investments.

Transport also carries a very important environmental and social load, which cannot be deserted.

3. Types Of Dump truck Business And Vehicles Required

This means the different divisions of dump truck business one can attempt.

Depending on one efficiency and other factors.

The type of equipment or vehicles used in dump truck business digress on the nature and type of dump truck.

4. Quarry Breaking

This includes the use of heavy equipment to smash mass deposit quarry into very smaller granite sizes.

In a quarry site which has already been bought by a quarry company.

With an approval from the government to smash and sell to the general public.

These equipment, most times are being rented from a leasing company.

And a specific amount is definitely paid at the end of the month as an agreement deal between the two parties.

The quarry breaker is the equipment used here.

It is very expensive; therefore it is typically bought by banks or leasing companies and rented out to quarry companies.

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5. Tipping Dump truck

This is the application of tippers of various sizes to convey granites from quarry site.

Sea or sand from the lake for use in building industries/sites.

Tipping trucks or dumping trucks are always used to transport sand or granite.

They are typically in 20 or 30 tons capacity.

6. Pay Loading

There is the business of making use of tractors to mass granites for trucks.

At the quarry site or load sand at the lake.

Pay loader is capital exhaustive and as a result a lot investors totally ignore it.

But it is surely a money spinning investment.

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7. Craning Dump truck

These are equipment use in transporting and lifting of heavy duty equipment such as poles.

Construction equipment, generators, transformers etc.

The craning truck has dual objective, it is typically use to load and transport cargo.

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How to Start A Dump Truck Business in Nigeria

8. Tanker (Petroleum Dump truck)

It is use with the transporting of petroleum products like petrol, kerosene, diesel.

And other petroleum products from storage places to their required destinations to please the final consumers.

You are suppose to make a fortune in this division of dump truck business.

Because Nigeria is a well known oil producing country, thus there will definitely be job for you.

There are various sizes and capacities of tankers with capacities varying between 5,000 – 20,000 liters.

Which are used to convey basically diesel and kerosene.

The bigger capacity tanks is between 30,000 – 46,000 capacity.

But they can both be used to convey any of the petroleum products.

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9. Trucking Dump truck

This is definitely the most common type of dump truck business.

And it includes the use of various sizes of truck to transport containers, cargo, goods etc.

From one place to the other up till it gets to the last consumers destinations.

Different tonnage of trucks is being used for various purposes.

10. Dump truck Business Proposal

The market for dump truck is very broad; for that reason demand for the services is constantly per seconds.

As a result of the very high rate of importation the demand for the forwarding of containers’ boxes is high.

Also with the present form of our refineries that depend laboriously on the arrival of petroleum products the request for petroleum products dump truck is very high.

Thus our proposal is strictly based on TANKER & TRUCKING.

11. Trucking

Trucks for container dump truck can easily be short framed.

Trucks for 20 feet containers or a framed truck for 40 feet containers.

The cost changes between N3m – N12m relying on the size and age of trucks.

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12. The Market

The users of truck services are: individuals, agencies, companies among others.

13. The Requirements

You will need the following for container dump truck:

Tractor: The head of the truck itself.

Body of the truck: The very flat bed where the container boxes will be placed on fourteen tires.

How to Start A Dump Truck Business in Nigeria

14. The Net Income

The Return On Investment (ROI) is very high because the patronage is constantly there.

The dump truck is a 6 days a week, 30 days in a month and 364 days in a year kinda business.

The rate of interest is also based on the change around time of the truck.

Because of the hindrance such as mechanical faults.

Traffic congestion on the road, etc one could encounter a little hiccup.

But, with appropriate management, the dump truck service is a very lucrative investment enterprise.

15. The Income Analysis

The port management services anticipates a trucker to go measurably two trips of dispatching containers to assigned bonded terminals outside the ports.

Per trip, the trucker will be paid between N15,000 – N16,000

Running cost per trip would be around N6,500

Projected profit per trip N9,500

N9,500 per trip x 2 trips per day N19,000 per day N19,000 x 6 days N114,000 Per week N114,000 x 4 weeks N456,000 per month.

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This is the monthly income within Lagos.

For trucks plying within the southwestern zone Add 50% of the monthly income

i.e. N456,000 = N228,000

Monthly return = N456,000 + N228,000 = N684,000

For that reason, monthly income for trucks in the southwest axis will be N684,000

annual income = N684,000 x 12 = N8,208,000 Less 30% Depreciation/Maintenance = N2,462,400

Annual Net Income N5,745,600

How to Start A Dump Truck Business in Nigeria

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The Income Analysis For Tanker

For trips in Lagos, an average size tanker charges between N30,000 – N45,000

Let’s believe N35,000 per trip

For an average trip an expense of N6,500

Net profit per trip N28,500

An average of 20 trips per month N28,800 x 20 N570,000

Annual income N570,000 x 12 = N6,840,000 Less 30 % Depreciation/ Maintenance = N2,052,000

Net Annual Income = N4,788,000

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16. Popular Risks In Dump truck Business

Just like any lucrative business, dump truck also has it’s own difficulties too.

Some of the threats facing this business opportunity are:

17. The Drivers:

This is the main problem with this great business

The state of your truck

Your manager

Winning Tricks

The Mechanic handling the repairs of the truck

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18. The solution to these problems are:

Get a very good driver, or just put your truck under a fleet manager.

That will supervise the running of the truck on your behalf at a fixed fee.

How to Start A Dump Truck Business in Nigeria

19. Tracker:

If you put a tracker on all your trucks.

The instance your driver put on the ignition for the day you will be able to get all his mobility through, text messages.

You can also look for the service of a qualified mechanic to examine your trucks before buy them.

Also seek counsel from people who are already in the business.

Have a main mechanic to do all your fixing jobs.

Also to guarantee that all your trucks are of the same brand.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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