60 Ways to Start an Online Business: How To Be Your Own Boss

How to start your own online business: Are you itching to start your own business, but can’t think of an idea?

Or perhaps you’ve given it a lot of thought, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Starting an online business is a great way to become your own boss, work from home most days, and make money doing something you enjoy.

It doesn’t have to be scary; there are plenty of simple ways to get started in this field.

There are many benefits to starting an online business.

You don’t need to rent office space or meet with clients — just set up your computer at home and you’re good to go.

In this blog post, we explore some of the best ways for you To Be Your Own Boss by starting an online business.

60 Ways to Start an Online Business: How To Be Your Own Boss

How to start your own online business: BusinessHAB.com


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The digital economy is booming, and so are the opportunities to start a business online. If you’re looking to work for yourself and launch a venture that gives you ultimate flexibility, an online business could be the perfect opportunity. These days there are so many different ways to build a business online – from freelance services such as article writing, graphic design or social media management, to virtual assistants and even e-commerce sites like Shopify. Read on for 60 ideas to get you thinking about launching your own business online…

Freelance writing

Writing is one of the most flexible online jobs, and it’s a great way to build your business online. There are a number of online platforms where you can find clients, including websites like Upwork or Freelancer, or you could try contacting brands directly to see if they have any ongoing needs. You could become a copywriter, or even write content for websites, articles or whitepapers. You could also branch out into other areas, such as editing or proofreading, or even public relations. Top tip: Keep your options open when you start out in order to get experience in as many areas as possible. This will help you decide which areas are best for you and where you can generate the most income.

Create an eBook and course

Creating an eBook or online course is another great way to build your business and gain a recurring revenue stream. This might be something you do for yourself, or you could sell it on a platform like Udemy, Lynda or Skillshare, or you could also sell it on your own website. You could create a course on almost any topic, but you’d have to do your research to make sure there’s enough demand for it. You could offer a course on blogging, social media, a specific skill like Photoshop, or even something more niche like coding. Top tip: Make sure you’ve got enough content for a full course, or create an eBook or shorter guide. You could team up with a friend and create a joint course or eBook. This way you can split the work, and also benefit from the extra exposure.

Virtual assisting

Virtual assisting is another great option for people who want to work remotely. There are lots of websites where you can find clients and offer your services, including Upwork, People Per Hour and Remote OK. You can offer a wide range of skills related to virtual assisting, from booking appointments to research, admin, data entry, event planning and much more. Top tip: Make sure you set yourself apart from the competition when applying for jobs. Include a highlight reel of your best work, and make sure you include your availability and rates.


Blogging is one of the most popular work from home opportunities, and it’s a great way to build your brand, generate traffic to your website and make money. You could create a blog about your industry, or something more general like travel or lifestyle. You could also create a blog that focuses on a specific topic, like blogging or photography, or a specific sub-topic, like how to make money blogging. Top tip: When you first start out, try to create posts that are as valuable as possible, as this will help you get noticed and build your audience.


If you love online retail and want to build a business around it, you could use dropshipping. This means you don’t have any physical stock, but instead you list items for sale and have them sent directly to the customer from the supplier. This way you can sell almost anything, and you don’t have to worry about having enough stock. You can find suppliers either through a dropshipping platform, or you can search for suppliers directly and reach out to them. Top tip: Make sure you find a niche that’s profitable, and where you can stand out from the competition.

Create a digital product

Another great way to make money online is to create a digital product, like an online course, an ebook, a membership site, or even a tool. You could create a course on your industry or a skill you’re great at, such as social media management, blogging, or blogging for profit. You could also create an online course on how to use a certain tool, such as Excel, Photoshop, or something more niche like how to use Google Sheets. Top tip: When creating your product, make sure there’s enough content to make it worth people’s money, and try to make it as high quality as possible. Once it’s done, you can keep reusing it to bring in recurring revenue.

Online tutor or coach

If your industry has a lot of people looking to improve their skills or know-how, you could use your expertise to create an online coaching or tutoring business. You could provide one-on-one coaching or group coaching in a paid membership site, or charge per-hour for one-off tutoring sessions. You could also coach people online through a website or some other platform. Top tip: Find out what your clients need help with, and create coaching plans or tutoring packages designed to help them with that.

e-Learning platform or study tool

Another great way to make money online is to create an online learning platform, or create a tool that helps people learn a certain skill. You could create a course on anything, but make sure there’s enough demand for it. If you want to create a learning platform, think about how it should work, who it should be for, and how you can make it as engaging as possible. If you want to create a specific tool, think about the problem it will solve and how you can make it as useful and beneficial as possible. Top tip: Create a plan for your business and make sure you have enough funding to get started.

Online marketplace or directory

If you want to start an online business, but you don’t have a specific idea in mind, you could try creating an online marketplace or a directory. You could sell almost anything on these platforms, including items or services. You could join an existing marketplace, or create your own. If you decide to create your own, you’ll have to do a lot of promotion and marketing, but you’ll also have full control over your brand and the direction of the business. Top tip: Think about your industry, and find out what skills and products people in your industry are looking for. Then create a platform where people can come to find these things.

Saas (software as a service) platform

If you have experience in software development and are looking to start an online business, you might want to consider building a SaaS platform. For example, you could create a CRM solution that people can use to manage their businesses remotely. You could also create a marketing automation solution, a customer service software, or any other software that businesses might want to use. Top tip: Before starting out, make sure you do your research and know the industry well.

Online store platform

If you have a specific product or service, you could create an online store to sell it. You could sell anything from physical products, like clothing or household items, to digital products like eBooks or online courses. Top tip: First, make sure there’s a demand for your product. Then make sure it’s high quality, and comes in on time or early. You’ll also need to do plenty of marketing to get your store noticed and bring in sales.


Now that you’ve read through these 60 ideas, you should have a better idea of which one would work best for you. Remember that you don’t have to choose just one, and you can always pivot and change direction if you need to. Now it’s up to you to take action and make it happen. With enough hard work and persistence, you can turn your dream of working from home into a reality.

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