30 Best Improved Sachet Water Production tips

Improved Sachet Water Production : With the increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

One will agree that starting up a business is the wisest journey to embark on.

There are a thousand and one businesses that can be done.

But not all of them stand a good chance of turning out well.

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1. Improved Sachet Water Production

Business performance improvement plan (BPIP for short) is a standard tool to assist employees who are underperforming.

The purpose of a performance improvement plan is to help an employee address and correct any issues in his or her work.

As a supervisor, it’s important to develop a performance improvement plan.

Before taking disciplinary actions against an employee.

In order to include him or her in strategizing performance improvement.

2. Improved Sachet Water Production

An increasing number of Nigerians depend on sachet water for drinking.

Although there are several companies that produce sachet water in Nigeria.

The demand for the product keeps getting relatively higher than the supply.

Therefore there is room for more sachet water producers.

3. Improved Sachet Water Production

This business is capital and labor intensive but it is worth venturing into.

Because it has a high-profit margin of over 50%.

Especially if it is well-managed, and the product is widely distributed.

Since no one can do without drinking water.

You can be sure your business will do pretty well if it is well taken care of.

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4. Start with yourself.

If you want to increase the productivity of your business.

There is no better place to start than with your own workday.

Making yourself more productive will not only be a boost to your company.

It will also teach you techniques that you can pass on to your employees.

5. Purchase technology that works with a minimum of time and effort.

The goal of technology is to increase efficiency and save time.

So if it takes a small team of full-time employees to maintain your technology.

Or your staff is constantly running into problems, then it is not working for you.

Opt for the solutions that take the least time and effort to set up and maintain

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Improved Sachet Water Production

6. Document performance issues.

Before putting an employee on a performance improvement plan.

You need specific proof that he or she is underperforming on the job.

Use information that is objective, factual, and detailed in documenting problems with an employee’s performance.

It is generally considered best practice to use a consistent format.

In documentation of employee performance so that all employees are assessed fairly.

Your documentation should include the following:

  • Employee information (name, title, ID number if applicable, etc.)
  • Relevant dates
  • Description of performance discrepancy
  • Description of expected performance
  • Description of actual performance
  • Any specific rules or policies that may have been violated

Improved Sachet Water Production

7. Talk to your employee about your concerns.

 Conduct a candid, face-to-face meeting with the employee.
In question to share the observed issues with his or her performance.
Sharing your observations with your employee is important.
So that he or she understands your point of view, and acknowledges that there’s a problem.
Use your documentation to provide as much specific information to the employee as possible.
Be objective, and don’t use inflammatory or accusatory language.
So the employee doesn’t feel attacked.

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8. Set deadlines and tell people about them.

 With open-ended tasks or projects, setting a self-imposed deadline can provide motivation to work harder.
It works even better if you inform other people of your self-imposed deadline.
As this will make you more accountable for sticking to it

Improved Sachet Water Production

9.Highlight the ways in which your employee’s behavior deviates from the expected behavior.

 Let the employee know if he or she has committed a specific policy infraction, is not keeping up with work quotas.
Or simply not meeting the expectations of the position.
Focus on the outcomes of the behavior rather than on the individual.
So that your employee sees how his or her behavior is affecting results on the job, or the workplace as a whole.

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Improved Sachet Water Production

10. Establish specific, measurable improvement goals for your employee.

Goals should be definitive and if possible.

Include numbers that can be measured later to assess progress effectively.

Avoid generalizations or wording that can be interpreted several different ways.

Specificity in improvement goals will prevent misunderstandings of expectations between you and your employee. Some examples of specific goals are:

  • ”Employee will produce at least 150 units per month.”
  • ”Employee will clock in for work no later than 9:00 a.m. every day.”
  • “Employee will have no more than one calculation error per report.”

Improved Sachet Water Production

11. Include a detailed list of available resources.

Any resources that your employee has access to should be listed (and possibly explained).

This helps you document that you’ve provided help for the employee.

And gives them an idea of the tools that can help him or her to improve.

Make sure the employee is aware of these supports and how he or she should use them appropriately.

  • These resources can include funds, training materials, time away from normal responsibilities, or other people’s time and expertise.
  • For example, an employee who is struggling with time management could be given access to an administrative scheduling tool that helps organize and set time goals for work completed.

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12.Work in 90 minute intervals.

Research shows that after 90 minutes, productivity begins to decline.

To maximize your productivity, work in four to five 90 minute sessions, with breaks inbetween.

Minimize distractions while working on your to-do list — turn off your phone, close browser windows, and find a quiet space to have deep focus.

13. Create a timeline to achieve performance improvement goals.

This will keep the employee on track in achieving the goals in his or her plan to make steady progress toward overall performance improvement.

  • State the start and end date in the employee’s performance improvement plan, usually a 30-90 day period.
  • Provide dates in between the start and end dates and identify benchmark goals to be met on those dates.

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Improved Sachet Water Production

14. Identify the metric that will be used to measure progress.

To avoid any confusion on the part of the employee.

Be as specific as possible in how you will evaluate his or her progress toward achieving goals.

Different goals will require different methods of measurement.

For example, if improved attendance is the goal.

State how you will keep track of an employee’s attendance. Some examples are:

  • “Employee will clock in using _______ computer software; supervisor will review attendance records on this program.”
  • “Employee will report to supervisor at the start of each work day.”

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Improved Sachet Water Production

15. State the intended consequences following the completion of the performance improvement plan.

 Include the specific actions that you will take if the targets are met or unmet by the end of the performance improvement plan.

Your employee should be made fully aware of what will happen when the plan ends.

So that he or she knows what to expect in moving forward. Some examples of consequences include:

  • “Employee is on probation until he or she successfully completes at least three of the five targets outlined in performance improvement plan.”
  • “Employment will be terminated if two or more targets outlined in performance improvement plan are not met.”
  • “Employee will be reassigned to the position of________if all targets outlined in performance improvement plan are not met.”

Improved Sachet Water Production

16. Review performance improvement plan with your employee.

It’s important to review a performance improvement plan thoroughly with your employee.

So that you both understand and feel comfortable with the terms of the plan.

This is an agreement between two parties and can serve as a legal document in the future, if necessary.

  • Provide the employee with a copy of the performance improvement plan.
  • Verbally walk through each aspect of it with him or her.
  • Allow the employee to respond and give feedback.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the plan to ensure it meets the needs of both parties.
  • Get verbal affirmation from the employee that he or she fully comprehends the terms of the plan.
  • Sign off on the plan with your employee to acknowledge its receipt and review.

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Improved Sachet Water Production

17. Observe your employee and document progress.

Using the metric established in the performance improvement plan.
Measure the employee’s progress toward meeting his or her targets.
And document the progress as thoroughly as possible.
This will provide you with objective evidence of the employee’s progress.
And help in sharing useful feedback to your employee.

18.Meet with your employee regularly to discuss progress.

Establish regular follow-up meetings with the employee (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

This holds the employee accountable for improving his or her performance.

And can help him or her stay motivated and committed to achieving success.

The object of these meetings is to help your employee succeed.

  • Furnish feedback to the employee about his or her progression toward improvement goals.
  • Allow the employee to ask questions, seek guidance, or request clarifications on performance objectives.
  • Offer advice and suggestions to help the employee stay on track.
  • Learn more about your employee to give you a better understanding of ways you can help him or her.

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Improved Sachet Water Production

19. Assess the effectiveness of the performance improvement plan.

Decide if your employee is making reasonable growth with the performance improvement plan.

If it’s not working, decide if the shortcomings lie with the plan or with the employee.

This will help you figure out how to move forward in dealing with the employee.

If the problems stem from the performance improvement plan, alter it to make the goals more attainable.

Some questions to ask in evaluating a plan’s effectiveness are:

  • Does the timeframe need to be extended?
  • Are the performance targets too difficult to attain?
  • Were the results not completely within the employee’s control?

Improved Sachet Water Production

20. Take action.

If the performance improvement plan works, provide the employee with positive feedback.

And if applicable, reward him or her in whatever way you outlined in the plan (i.e. coming off probation).

If the plan does not succeed in improving performance, and you’ve ruled out deficiencies within the plan.

Take the actions outlined in your plan to proceed in the best interests of your organization.

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21. Take breaks regularly.

Studies show that taking short, regular breaks helps to maintain focus and to prevent a decline in performance.

 Even briefly switching your attention to another task for a minute or two a few times an hour can help to maintain focus over the longterm.

  • Taking a break to exercise once a day – even if this only means a brisk walk or a couple of trips up and down the stairs – will boost your productivity even more.

Improved Sachet Water Production

22. Follow the 2-minute rule.

If a task comes up that you can complete in 2 minutes or less, do it immediately.

It will take less time than coming back to it later.

And it will provide a brief break that will make you more focused when you return to the task at hand.

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23. Take advantage of your commute.

E-mail, to-do lists, brainstorming, and document review are great tasks to get done whenever you find yourself with “bonus” time, whether it’s during your commute or while in the waiting room at your doctor’s office.

Improved Sachet Water Production

24. Apply the same productivity boosting techniques that you use.

Once you’ve learned how to boost your own productivity, you can take what works for you and apply it, if possible, to your work force.

  • Encourage breaks. Telling your employees to take breaks may not work, so create them: celebrate birthdays, have weekly group activities, organize team lunches.
  • Create an email policy. If employees want an immediate response, they should call one another or visit one another’s office. Expecting email to be read immediately leads to constant email checking, which wastes time.
  • Set deadlines. Even for extremely long-term or open-ended projects, your employees will work with more motivation if you create goals and deadlines for them to meet along the way.
  • Give employees access to a gym. Having an office gym, or giving employees automatic membership to a nearby gym, can increase exercise and productivity. You can also use monthly challenges to boost participation.

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Improved Sachet Water Production

25. Show appreciation for your employees.

Workers who feel appreciated will be more motivated and productive. Praise employees publicly during meetings. Give spot awards. Profile employees and their work in company publications. If an employee puts in extra work on a project, recognize this. If you fail to reward hard work, your employees will not work as hard.

26. Use work teams.

Working in teams can improve work product by allowing for multiple points of view. It also makes workers more conscientious, since they do not want to let down the team or appear less competent than their peers. Finally, it prevents the isolation that can leave workers feeling ignored and unimportant.

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Improved Sachet Water Production

27. Invest in training.

All your employees will benefit from training, as it both makes them more valuable employees and creates a sense of indebtedness to the business, which leads to harder work. Pay particular attention to supervisors and middle managers who are just stepping into leadership roles. They are the key to transmitting upper management’s vision and organizing work in an efficient manner, so extra management training for these positions will go a long way towards improving company productivity.

28. Invest in multiple programs for specific tasks, rather than trying to do more with one program.

Programs designed for specific functions, like customer relations management for instance, are much more powerful and easier to use for those tasks than more generalized programs like Excel. Boost productivity by purchasing task-specific software.

29. Use virtual meeting and task tracking.

 Think of all the time your employees spend checking in with one another to be sure tasks have been completed, or discussing their progress in meetings. Virtual task tracking software like Flow, HiTask, Producteev and Asana allows team members to instantly update their progress on a project so that other team members can access the information from anywhere.This allows for shorter meetings, less back and forth email, and thus greater efficiency.

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Improved Sachet Water Production

30. More tips

  • Performance issues can sometimes be a matter of communication, rather than a lack of skills or a behavioral issue. Be sure to meet with your employees regularly to discuss the expectations and requirements for each position, to avoid confusion later on.
  • Labor laws differ from state to state and change frequently. Involve an employment attorney or a human resources professional when disciplining employees or bringing corrective action to a worker.


Having a good working environment goes a long way in improving business productivity.

Thus, try to improve the overall working environment within the office.

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