5 Tips to Start Lamb/Mutton Farming Business in Nigeria


Lamb and Mutton Farming Business:  Thinking of getting into the Lamb and Mutton Farming business? A few tips to help you out!

It’s not easy setting up any type of business and if you’ve got an interest in how to start lamb and mutton farming business then there are a few things you should know like,

1. Ascertain your interest in the project and for what you will be rearing the sheep.   Is it going to be a part time profession for organic lamb or only for milk and assorted dairy products? The more stock you keep, the more investment, time and effort you will have to put in to the business.

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2. Many beginners are under the impression that you will need to have your own land to set up a lamb and mutton farming business but its not so. You cannot afford to have your land for grazing right in the beginning, but you can rent you require for a few years and then think about getting farm for yourself. Make sure you evaluate the land for the productivity of the land as well as the number of animals the pastures can carry and the potential yield you will need for grazing.

3. You need to estimate the space you will require for the housing of your stock, storing feed and winter housing for your stock. On an average, ewes require 10 – 20 square feet of space depending on what stage of production they are in. Dry ewes need about 10 feet, lactating ewes need slightly more, about 15 to 20 square feet. But the housing for the lactating and pregnant ewes is really important with increased feeding and housing needs. You will also have to make well designed pens to keep the pregnant ewes and lambs segregated from the remaining population. Pastures for grazing are required as even though sheep do survive in good conditions, but the better the grazing, the better the state of your herd. You will need pens; loading chutes, feeding bays, and shearing sheds.

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4. Caring for the sheep can be a full time profession just like children. You have to deal with caring for pregnant lambs, keeping the pens clean, caring for orphaned and rejected lambs, vaccinations, wormer, vitamins, docking tails, hand rearing baby lambs, emasculating ram lambs etc.

5. Labor is also important as the work required to take care of about ten ewes is really difficult and you will need extra help during lambing time, shearing time and transport. You will also need full time security for your sheep in the form of sheep dogs, donkeys or llamas to protect your herd from predators like wolves and coyotes.

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