13 Tips to Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue: If you’re in the hospitality biz, you know that food and beverage operations can really drive profits.

From indie boutiques to international chains.

Many hotels and resorts report that it can claim up to the biggest share of overall revenue.

So, are you getting your fill of hotel food and beverage revenue?

We’ll examine the topic from our particular, expert perspective: how to maximize F&B revenue through enticing marketing.

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Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

1. Create an individual identity for each dining outlet…

Brand each location to differentiate between them and attract the appropriate audience.

You’d do it for a stand-alone eatery, right?

While there are special techniques to branding restaurants.

Cafés and bars inside a hotel environment.

Equal significance and many similar steps are involved.

That includes the name, logo, menus, labels, signage.

Verbal and written communications, interior design—basically, everything branding entails.

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Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

2. Get a customized marketing plan to go with it.

Of course, the same idea applies in planning out every aspect of your marketing.

For every dining outlet, you should design a detailed marketing plan.

And here’s the good news: Even if you’re already serving customers.

You can benefit greatly from defining your best and to-be-improved-upon traits.

Envisioning your goals and plotting out the steps to achieve them.

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Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

3. Increase overnight guest usage.

Probably goes without saying, but selling more rooms and group room blocks will drive F&B activity from guests staying on-site, on the days they’re there, and possibly into the future.

From our angle, that means getting your complete hotel and resort branding and marketing in order.

After all, the more people flowing through, the more F&B patronage you’ll automatically attract.

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Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

4. Build word-of-mouth from your own team.

Is there any better kind of marketing than one you can generate for free?

Excite, encourage and incentivize your staff members to talk about how awesome your restaurants and catering are.

During registration, reception staff can discuss options and share specials and promos.

Servers and, when appropriate, bell services, housekeeping.

And others can also engage guests in cross-promotional and friendly, upbeat and helpful F&B conversation.

Better yet, be sure to include them in brainstorming innovative ideas!

They are constantly in direct contact with guests and should be tapped into what they do and do not want.

And always keep them apprised of what’s new and wonderful.

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Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

5. Tempt your captive audience.

How can you lure your guests to partake of your F&B offerings?

The possibilities are practically endless! For example, Businesshab.com has crafted attractive and informative web pages.

As well as both pre- and post-arrival emails to remind guests of their options and to make reservations.

We’ve also produced tangible materials for every on-site touchpoint.

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Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

6. Never overlook your neighbours.

Whether for your restaurant, bar, meeting and convention facilities.

Or catering services, non-overnight guests—i.e. your surrounding community—can be your bread and butter, especially during your typical downtime.

Get to know them well, and become an integral part of your area.

Satiate those needs no other nearby business has.

Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

In addition to those dependable, annual holiday offerings.

Come up with unique menu items, amenities and promotions with local flavor.

Which could be destined to be their favorites.

Hold happenings meant to draw them in, like a one-of-a-kind.

Sunday brunch, seasonal celebrations, fabulous bridal expos.

Sports viewing parties, arts and entertainment events and anything else you (or we) can imagine.

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Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue


Conduct a cost-benefit analysis when selecting your back-of-house equipment.

A #5,000 panini press may sound expensive, but if the press can cut the production time of a less-expensive product in half and produce a superior product, then the investment is well worth it (and will pay for itself over time). Other smart investments include blast chillers and multi-use Rational combi convection ovens that provide quick results without impacting the quality of the food.

From a bar perspective, consider utilizing ergonomic cocktail stations that contribute to an output of 1.5 – 2 bartenders, thus increasing production when compared to bars with older, less efficient stations. Large format ice-making equipment, such as the Hoshizaki and Kold-Draft, can create the trendy cubes that today’s consumers expect to see in their cocktails, with the added benefit of a slower dilution rate.

Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue


Once you’ve got the right equipment, go the extra step to ensure that it is set up to work as efficiently as possible. A functional work space ensures that everything needed to run a successful operation is easily accessible with minimum movements. This extends beyond the kitchen and into the bar, where guests have a front-row seat to the action.

Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue


Vendors can be a great resource if you create the right relationships and continually nurture them. Not only can these contacts provide the latest technology and product offerings, but they can also speak to what’s working (or not working) across the industry.

Take advantage of the latest technology through resources like mobile beverage inventory and ordering, which reduces the time needed to record inventory and place orders. Associates can quickly see costs on a rolling basis, identify missing stock and place or adjust orders as needed.

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Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

10. Make F&B an experience in itself.

When you take a creative approach to your hotel’s ood & beverage service, you can win planners over with innovative ideas. Because planners want to create experiences, they might love the idea of craft beer tastings, cocktail mixing classes, or DIY taco stations. Best of all, these interactive food and beverage ideas can generate big revenue.

Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

11. Accommodate dietary restrictions.

Planners agree that over the past few years, more attendees are requesting accommodations for specific allergies or dietary restrictions. In the sameIACC mentioned earlier, planners rated these statements as most true:

Accommodating guests’ dietary needs is a great opportunity for upselling. No attendee wants to forgo a meal because of an allergy or a food sensitivity, and rarely do they want to make a fuss about their dietary restrictions.

Foods that cater to everyone should be readily available, easily identifiable, and separated from other foods. Venues that can serve vegan, vegetarian,gluten-free, and dairy-free options will be more attractive to planners — even if they are more expensive.

Just having these items available is all that it takes to lock in a higher price.

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Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

12. Use technology to grow F&B efficiency.

The right food & beverage technology can make your food & beverage operation much more efficient. In fact, the right event management platformcan:

  • Handle special meal requirements
  • Visually communicate upsells in proposals
  • Eliminate friction between planners and properties
  • Create 3D diagrams of the F&B space
  • Much, much more

The ROI of these tools is real. A recent study by STR found properties that use our event services technology averaged nearly 2% more food and beverage profit.

Maximize Hotel Food/Beverage Revenue

13. Advertise, advertise, advertise.

Across the board, your hardworking initiatives will only go unnoticed without the proper exposure.

Invest in an incredible website.

Be vocal on social media. Pop up on TV. Show up with SEO and SEA.

Issue press releases about your venue’s public goings-on, and even your feel-good employee programs.

Stretch your appetizing efforts extra far, via trade partnerships with other local businesses.

As well as media channels. And don’t forget those tried-and-true avenues.

Like radio and print and online directories.

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