Money Making Agricultural business Ideas

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Money Making Agricultural business Ideas : The current Nigerian economic reality has made many to ask questions as to where Nigeria, as a nation is heading to.

It is however that, the current fall in oil price has put Nigerians on their knee on the ground.

And the only hope to my mind is to have a rethink, redirection and refocus.

There is need for urgent diversification of Nigerian economy, and the way forward is agriculture.

Whether Nigerians believe it or not, after oil is agriculture in Nigeria.

Money Making Agricultural business

And as businesses are closing, people are losing their jobs.

And the big thing now is agriculture business.

And it is one of the lucrative businesses ever in the Nigerian economy.

However, you might have been frustrated.

And perhaps, you are looking for good ideas to invest in agriculture business in Nigeria.

In this article, I am going to give you those money making agricultural business ideas right away.

And here are there;

Money making ideas for agriculture business:

  • Fish production:

Fish as we all know, is one of the major sources of protein for human consumption.

And almost all the households in Nigeria consumed fish.

And it is hardly for you not to find fish in every meal in every Nigerian household.

These fishes that are in high demand today in Nigeria include; tilapia.

As well as cat fishes, they have occupy enough share in the market places in Nigeria.

And once they are grown and matured, customers are already at your doorstep to buy them.

The profit you make in fish farming is dependent on your scale you are running your fish farming.

Money Making Agricultural business

If your scale is large or commercial scale.

It therefore means that your fishery will be spacious with high productivity in fish production.

Hence, there is possibility that your sale volume will increase.

Some of your customers you would be selling to include;

Hotels, and hospital, and boarding schools, and restaurants, and fast food centers, as well as homes in Nigeria.

Fishing farming is one of the money making ideas for agriculture business in Nigeria.

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Money Making Agricultural business Ideas in Nigeria:

  • Cassava production :

No one can really make an accurate estimation about the degree of demand for cassava products in Nigeria.

According to some findings consumption and demand is higher than cassava supply in Nigeria.

Cassava, as one of the major crops grown in Nigeria is in high demand.

Particularly its products, such as Foofoo, and Garri, and Bread.

Which are food items taken daily by every Nigerians.

It is however, acclaimed that about ninety five percent of households in Nigeria eat almost all of these food items on daily basis.

The continuous used of cassava produce for food and industrial purposes has created high scale of demand for cassava.

Money Making Agricultural business

Such that has necessitate urgent investment in this sub-sector of agricultural business.

And those who are already in the business are having the best of time for investing in cassava farming.

With high rate of return on investment (ROI).

The use of cassava in various ways has indeed make cassava farming a money-making venture in agriculture business.

Money Making Agricultural business Ideas in Nigeria:

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  •    Poultry production:

Fowls of any kind, whether chickens or turkeys are well known sources of protein to human.

Its nutrients to human body has made its demand far more beyond its supply.

And among all the livestock products, poultry product in the most consume in Nigeria.

Because of its less fat content, and hundreds of thousands are consumes every day in this part of the world.

Money Making Agricultural business

From every household, to beer parlors, restaurants, hotels, outdoor caterings, even in parties merriment.

Among other outlets that patronized this poultry products.

And as a result, the demand is exceeding  the limited supply of this product.

That is why Nigeria resorts in importing poultry products into Nigeria for human consumption, almost on daily basis.

Money Making Agricultural business

Market shortage has indeed demonstrated the potential of poultry production in Nigeria.

It was on this ground that one of the Nigeria’s former Presidents.

After his expiration of tenure in office.

Decided to establish one of the biggest and leading poultry industries in Africa.

Yet could not meet still the demand of poultry production in this country.

Money Making Agricultural business

Agricultural business is for every Nigerian.

If they must see a better day in this threatening economy crisis in the nation.

Poultry farming in a sense, does not requires huge sum of money to start.

Just any breathing space in your environment.

Money Making Agricultural business

And modest start-up capital to purchase day old chicks is enough to take you on.

Into the investment proper in this money making agricultural business idea.

It is however, acclaimed that poultry production in Nigeria is the leading profitable businesses idea.

Owing to its high demand, so you can avail yourself of this opportunity to start your poultry farming today in wherever you are in Nigeria.

Money Making Agricultural business Ideas in Nigeria:

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  • Grain production:

It is a known fact that Nigerians eat about a millions ton of wheat, and oats, and rice annually.

No doubt, these food items are normal food eaten by all Nigerian households regularly.

In Nigeria rice is the popular food in any event, party, social function, and what have you.

Be it rice or oats, these foods items are consumed in a huge amount in every household in Nigeria.

Quite interestingly, imagine Nigeria importing large volume of tons of grains almost on daily basis in this country.

Infarct, I am frightened to discover that sometimes in this country.

Nigeria imported well over one billion US dollars, sometimes in 2013.

Money Making Agricultural business

This fact has pointed to the potential that is in grain production in Nigeria, and its profitability possibility.

And if a good number of Nigerians could avail themselves in this money making agricultural business idea.

Then we can say that, Nigeria will slash the extent to which it imports these food items by some measure.

And by that, growing of grains in Nigeria can produced multi-million naira entrepreneurs in this country.

Infarct, grain production is one profitable agricultural business idea that can enrich Nigerians.

Money Making Agricultural business Ideas in Nigeria:

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  • Tomato production:

Tomato farming is money spinning agricultural business idea that is capable of contributing to Nigeria’s gross domestic product (GDP).

But let me pause here and ask this question; are you aware that this country.

Nigeria is importing tomato pastes worth over five hundred million US dollars annually, even till date?

However, Nigeria could not help because the demand exceeds supply of this produce to meet the needs of  Nigerian.

Though no one seems to become aware of the potential of tomato production in Nigeria.

Some Nigerian farmers have decided to gaze some other places.

Without acknowledging that tomato production is one of the money making agricultural business idea.

Which is quite a profitable business.

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