29 Tips to Work as NYSC Camp Counsellor

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If you’re looking for a fulfilling career where you can genuinely help others.

Counseling might be a great fit for you.

There are lots of different types of counselors.

So spend some time thinking about what you want to focus on.

Some popular options are being a school counselor.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

NYSC Camp Counselor: https://drugxpert.blogspot.com

A  counselor, or an addiction specialist.

Whichever you choose, start by making sure you have the right education.

You need a Bachelor’s Degree, and probably a graduate degree, too.

In the US for exmple, there are specific licenses and certifications.

Involved with counseling, so work on fulfilling the requirements of the state where you live.

Once you’re ready, look for a job that you think would be a good fit for you.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

1. Get the overview

  • Assisting and Caring for Others 
  • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates 
  • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work 
  • Thinking Creatively 
  • Performing General Physical Activities

2. What Does A Camp Counselor Do

Recreation workers design and lead recreational and leisure activities.

For groups in volunteer agencies or recreation facilities.

Such as playgrounds, parks, camps, aquatic centers, and senior centers.

They may lead activities such as arts and crafts, dance, sports, adventure programs, music, and camping.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

3. Know their Duties

Recreation workers typically do the following:

  • Plan, organize, and lead activities for groups or recreation centers
  • Explain the rules of activities and instruct participants at a variety of skill levels
  • Enforce safety rules to prevent injury
  • Modify activities to suit the needs of specific groups, such as seniors
  • Administer basic first aid if needed
  • Organize and set up the equipment that is used in recreational activities

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4. Know the specific responsibilities

The specific responsibilities of recreation workers vary greatly with their job title.

Their level of training, and the state they work in.

The following are examples of types of recreation workers:

Activity specialists provide instruction and coaching primarily in one activity, such as dance, swimming, or tennis. These workers may work in camps, aquatic centers, or anywhere else where there is interest in a single activity.

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Recreation leaders are responsible for a recreation program’s daily operation. They primarily organize and direct participants, schedule the use of facilities, set up and keep records of equipment use, and ensure that recreation facilities and equipment are used and maintained properly. They may lead classes and provide instruction in a recreational activity, such as kayaking or golf.

Camp counselors work directly with youths in residential (overnight) or day camps. They often lead and instruct children and teenagers in a variety of outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking, horseback riding, or nature study. Counselors also provide guidance and supervise daily living and socialization. Some counselors may specialize in a specific activity, such as archery, boating, music, drama, or gymnastics.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

5. Earn your Bachelor’s Degree in psychology or a related field.

You need a solid education to become a counselor.

If you don’t already have a degree, start looking into colleges you would like to attend.

While some schools have specific counseling programs, you can actually choose from a wide variety of majors.

Popular choices include education, psychology, and sociology.

Whichever you choose, make sure to keep your grades up so that you can get into a graduate program.

  • If there’s not an affordable college near you, look into an online program. Just check to make sure it is from an accredited university.
  • If you think you might want to go into private practice someday, taking some business classes could prove really useful.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

6. Find an internship to gain experience.

Talk to your advisor or career center about how to get an internship.

They’ll likely have great advice for you.

If you already know what kind of counselor you want to be.

Look for an opportunity in that area of specialization.

  • For example, if you want to be a substance abuse counselor, try looking for internships at a hospital or rehabilitation center.
  • It’s okay if you haven’t decided on specialization yet. An internship can help you to figure that out!

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7. Complete your Master’s Degree.

Most counseling jobs require a Master’s Degree.

Sometimes you can complete this after you are already employed, but if not.

You’ll need to earn your MA before applying for jobs.

It is possible to get a job with a Master’s in psychology or sociology.

But it is more common to earn the degree in your area of specialization.

  • If you want to be a school counselor, for instance, you should look for schools that offer a Master’s in that field.
  • You can expect to take a wide variety of courses, including classes on ethics and laws related to counseling.

NYSC Camp Counselor

8. Get a doctorate to widen your career options.

It’s not necessary to have a doctorate to work as a counselor.

However, if you wish to work in management or one day teach college courses on counseling.

It is a good idea to pursue a doctorate. Depending on your field, there are a few options:

  • Ph.D., which is offered in psychology and counseling.
  • Psy.D., an advanced degree in psychology, which is based more on clinical training.
  • Ed.D., which is a doctorate for educators and administrators.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

9. Learn about typical duties for a school counselor.

School counselors help students, staff, and parents in a variety of ways.

One of the main duties is to help students find ways to succeed academically and to prepare them for college or a career.

Counselors also serve as a support system for students dealing with personal problems.

Being a good communicator is really important for this type of job.

  • As a school counselor, you will also communicate with parents and help other staff members deal with students.

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10. Work on developing your interpersonal skills.

As a school counselor, you will interact with a lot of different types of people.

Being able to listen effectively is really important.

When you talk to students, make sure to let them express themselves and don’t judge.

Remember that students come from all different backgrounds.

  • You can practice being a good listener and being non-judgemental in your personal life, too.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

11. Complete the experience hours required by your state.

Many states require you to fulfill a certain number of hours of either an internship.

Or practicum before you become licensed. Look online to find your state’s requirements.

Just do a simple search like “school counselor requirements Nebraska.”

  • For example in Colorado, you must complete a minimum of 100 hours internship and 600 hours practicum. Your graduate program should be able to help you make a plan to fulfill these hours. What your typical day consists of will depend on where you do your internship.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

12. Pass the required exams in your state.

This will vary depending on where you live.

But most states require you to pass an exam or series of exams before starting work.

Look online to see what your state requires.

Register to take the test, and spend time studying and preparing.

  • Several states require both the Praxis I and parts of the Praxis II.

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13. Apply for your license or certification.

Different states use different terms, but most will require you to get either a license or a certificate to work as a school counselor.

After you pass your exams, you can apply for the accreditation you need.

Check the regulations in your state to find out the process.

  • In some states, you might be automatically certified after finishing your exams. In other states, you might have to earn certification in a certain field, such as K-12. For example, in Colorado, you can do this by taking certain college courses or taking an online exam through the state.
  • The American School Counselor Association website can help you with your research.

14. Look for a job in your field.

Once you’re qualified, you can start your job search.

Look online for jobs that you think you would like.

For example, if you want to work with teens, search for a job at a high school.

If you’d like to work at a public school, check the websites of school districts for job postings.

Your university career center can also help you find opportunities.

  • You can use popular sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed to look for jobs.
  • It’s also a good idea to reach out directly to schools where you want to work. You can send a professional email introducing yourself and ask to be notified when jobs become available.
  • Use your personal and professional network. Ask your friends and family to let you know if they hear of opportunities. Also, reach out to your former classmates and professors and let them know you’re looking for a job.
  • School counselor jobs might also be listed as “guidance counselor.”

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15. Continue developing the skills you learned in school.

One of the most important parts of being a counselor is genuinely caring about people.

Work on being empathetic, non-judgemental, and genuine.

You can hone these skills by having in-depth conversations with your friends and family members.

It also helps to read a lot of books. Reading can help you learn to relate to people and be more open-minded.

16. Get in the habit of practicing self-care.

Being a counselor can be tough at times and you might feel very emotional.

Set aside time each day to relax and do something you enjoy.

  • You could try meditation, yoga, or getting together with friends.
  • You might also find it helpful to see a counselor yourself.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

17. Finish your experience requirements.

In addition to earning your degree, you need to complete a certain number of clinical hours.

Each state has different requirements, so check to see what your state requires.

You can look online, and your graduate program advisor should also be able to help you figure this out.

You will typically need to complete anywhere between 1,000-4,000 hours within 2-3 years.

18. Make sure to check the requirements

  • Many of these hours have to be completed under the supervision of a licensed counselor.
  • Make sure to check the requirements in the state where you want to work.
  • Typically, you’ll complete most of these hours by doing individual counseling sessions with a client while under the supervision of a licensed therapist.
  • You might also have to do a certain amount of hours in different areas, such as individual and group counseling.

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19. Take your licensing exam.

Every state requires you to have a license to work as a mental health counselor.

Most states use either the National Counseling Exam (NCE) or the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE).

Some states require you to also take a state exam.

  • Look online to find the specific requirements for your state.

NYSC Camp Counselor

20. Become board-certified to increase opportunities.

If you work in private practice, you don’t necessarily have to become board certified.

Many other employers, like schools or hospitals, might require it.

Look into certification if you want to be able to explore more employment opportunities.

Many states require the Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor either instead of state licensure or in addition to state licensure.

  • Check out the website of the National Board for Certified Counselors for more specific information.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

21. Search for a job in your area.

There are many different types of mental health counselor.

You could go into private practice by yourself or with some other counselors.

You can also look for employment at hospitals, universities, and many different corporations.

  • Search online for job openings.
  • You can also ask the career center at your school for help finding a job.

22. Work on building your interpersonal skills.

Being an addiction specialist can be really stressful.

A lot of your patients might be very emotional.

So you’ll need to work on staying calm.

When you are in a stressful situation, work on maintaining your composure.

You can do this by taking some calming breaths and pausing for a minute before speaking.

Get in the habit of doing this in your personal life.

It will come more naturally at work if you do.

Other important traits include:

  • Adaptability
  • Integrity
  • Being organized
  • Critical thinking

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23. Take the required exams.

Each state has different requirements, but most will require you to take at least one exam.

Check out the website of the National Board for Certified Counselors to learn more about the requirements in your state.

Your graduate program can also help you find this information.

  • Register for the exam a few months before you want to take it and pay any necessary fees.

NYSC Camp Counselor

24. Apply for jobs that fit your specialty.

When you’re searching for jobs, be aware that employers might also advertise for an Addiction Specialist.

Figure out whether you want to work in private practice, at a government agency, or a health care facility.

  • Do an online search for jobs in the state where you are certified.
  • You can also get help from your college career center.

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25. Keep up with your state’s continuing education requirements.

Once you have a job, check with your state board about recertification.

To keep your credentials, you’ll need to be recertified at some point.

It might be as soon as 3 years or as long as 10.

  • You might be able to get recertified simply by doing the tasks you already do at your job.

26. Know the Important Qualities

Communication skills. Recreation workers must be able to communicate well. They often work with large groups of people and need to give clear instructions, motivate participants, and maintain order and safety.

Flexibility. Recreation workers must be flexible when planning activities. They must be able to adapt plans to suit changing environmental conditions and participants’ needs.

Leadership skills. Recreation workers should be able to lead both large and small groups. They often lead activities for people of all ages and abilities.

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NYSC Camp Counselor

Physical strength. Recreation workers need to be physically fit. Their job may require a considerable amount of movement because they often demonstrate activities while explaining them.

Problem-solving skills. Recreation workers need strong problem-solving skills. They must be able to create and reinvent activities and programs for all types of participants.

27. NYSC Camp Counselor

For recreation workers who generally work part time, such as camp counselors and activity specialists, certain qualities may be more important than education.

These qualities include a worker’s experience leading activities, the ability to work well with children or the elderly, and the ability to ensure the safety of participants.

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28. Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

The NRPA offers four certifications for recreation workers:

  • Certified Parks and Recreation Professional (CPRP)
  • Certified Parks and Recreation Executive (CPRE)
  • Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO)
  • Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI)

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NYSC Camp Counselor

29. Know the Advancement

As workers gain experience, they may be promoted to positions with greater responsibilities.

Recreation workers with experience and managerial skills may advance to supervisory or managerial positions.

Eventually, they may become directors of a recreation department or may start their own recreation company.

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