How to Make Pendleton Baby Blankets

Pendleton Baby Blankets

Pendleton Baby Blankets: Baby blankets don’t just provide comfort and warmth for a newborn; they often serve as a keepsake for the rest of a child’s life.

Most baby blankets have an outer covering made of soft materials and an inner layer providing insulation. They are often made of fleece and cotton.

Follow one of these templates to create a personalized baby blanket for the little one in your life.

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Making a Fleece Tie Blanket

Start off with two one-yard strips of fleece material.

You can choose any colour or pattern you desire.

  • Fleece tie blankets are extremely easy to make because they don’t require any sewing and fleece is a relatively cheap material. You can buy yards of patterned or solid-colored fleece at any craft store.
  • For example, you might want to choose your child’s favourite colour or a theme pattern with animals, a sports team, or flowers.
  • You can also mix and match patterns and solids by using a single color on one side of the blanket and a patterned print on the other.
  • In this case, you will need one yard of each style you plan to use.

Lay your first piece of fleece with the rougher side facing up and then lay the second yard of fleece on top, soft side facing up.

In other words, the rougher sides of the fabric will be touching each other.

Pendleton Baby Blankets

Slide your self-healing mat under the fleece and cut off the rough selvage edges of the fleece using scissors or a rotary cutter.

Make sure to use the lines on your template for a straight cut.

You do not need to cut the other edges unless they are uneven or you are using a rotary cutter with a patterned cut.

Pin your four-inch by the four-inch square template to any corner of your fleece and cut around it so that there is an outward-facing right-angle chunk cut out.

Repeat for the remaining three sides of the fleece.

Pendleton Baby Blankets

Take your tape measure and lay it across the fleece from the top of one right angle to the other so that there is a four-inch strip of fleece below the tape measure.

It’s helpful to pin the tape measure down so that it doesn’t move.

Keep the tape measure in place and use your scissors or rotary cutter to cut strips of fleece one-inch-thick all along the four-inch section.

Only cut to just below the tape measure line.

Repeat for the remaining three sides of the fleece, making sure to pin the tape measure in place.

You should now have fringes along all sides of the fleece that are one inch thick and four inches long.

Pendleton Baby Blankets

Separate the top layer of fleece from the bottom layer of fleece for each fringe and tie the two together in a double knot.

Continue to tie each fringe together until you have made your way around the entire blanket.

Double-check to make sure that each tie is tightly knotted and you’re finished!

Creating a Knitted Blanket

Decide on the size of needle you want.

You can use small or large needles for this project, just be sure to use one strand of yarn throughout if using a small needle and up to three strands for larger needles.

Begin by casting on the correct number of stitches.

You can cast on by making a loop with your yarn and threading the top strand under and through the loop.

Grab the threaded strand and pull both strands tight until you have created an adjustable slipknot that allows you to alter the size of your loop.

Place the slipknot on your needle and pull tight.

Use the backward method to cast on by twisting the yarn into a loop around your index finger and wrapping the loop over the top of the needle.

You will have a single twist that allows you to pull the yarn tight around the needle.

  • If you are using size 7, 8, 9, or 10 needles, cast on about 150 stitches for a medium-sized blanket.
  • If using a size 11, 12 or 13 needles, cast on between 70 to 80 stitches.
  • For even larger needles, cast on between 60 and 70 stitches.

Pendleton Baby Blankets

Once you’ve cast on your foundation row, use a garter stitch to knit your blanket to your desired size.

Bind off your stitches by inserting the left needle into the stitch you knitted first, and pulling it over the second stitch, and completely off the needle.

Knit one more stitch, thread the left needle into the first stitch on the right needle.

Finally, pull it over the new stitch and completely off the needle.

Continue to bind off the remaining stitches and then cut the remaining yarn leaving a six-inch end.

Use your needle to draw the loose end through the last stitch.

Pendleton Baby Blankets

Constructing a Double Crochet Blanket

Start with 18 ounces of medium worsted-weight yarn and a size H crochet hook.

You may want to purchase yarn specifically for babies’ skin, though any kind will work.

Make a foundation chain of 132 stitches.

To do so, slide a slipknot onto the crochet hook, wrap the yarn around the hook from the back to the front and draw a new loop through the knot.

Stitch one double crochet stitch in the fourth chain stitch from the hook.

To do so, wrap the yarn around the hook, put the hook through the fourth stitch from the hook, wrap the yarn around the hook again, and bring a new loop through the stitch.

Next, wrap the yarn around the hook again, bringing it through two of the loops on the hook.

To complete the double crochet stitch, wrap the yarn around again and draw it through the last two loops on the hook.

Repeat the double crochet stitch for the entire 132 foundation chain so that you create one double crochet stitch for each chain stitch.

Pendleton Baby Blankets

At the end of the row, flip your blanket so that the last stitch made is now the first stitch to be worked for the next row and make three chain stitches.

Make one double crochet stitch in each double crochet stitch across the row and then flip the work again and stitch three chain stitches.

This step will be your crocheting pattern for the rest of the blanket.

Continue this movement until you have just under a foot of yarn left.

Cut the leftover yarn down to about six inches and thread it through your needle, pulling it through the last loop on your crochet hook.

Incorporate any loose ends into the blanket with small stitches before trimming the ends.

For more advanced crocheters, add variation by using multiple colors of yarn.

To incorporate multiple colors, finish the last double crochet of a row and wrap the new color of yarn around the hook.

Pull it through the remaining two stitches on the hook and continue crocheting with your new color.

  • Your baby blanket will be about 32 inches (81.3 cm) wide and 35 inches (88.9 cm) long, depending on the tightness of your crocheting.

Sewing a Simple Baby Quilt

Cut a 44-inch by 44-inch square from a fabric of your choice. Cotton is usually used in this style quilt.

Put the square of fabric on top of a layer of quilt batting and then place the two on top of a piece of flannel. The batting and flannel should be a few inches bigger than the quilt top.

  • Use safety pins to hold the three materials together.

Tape a piece of masking tape diagonally from one corner to the other.

Use the edge of the tape as a guide as you stitch across the quilt using a sewing machine.

Take off the masking tape and move it slightly to either side of the line just stitched, pressing it back onto the quilt diagonally. Follow the tape with the foot of the sewing machine to create a second diagonal stitch.

Pendleton Baby Blankets

Repeat step 5 moving from the center out to the corners on either side of the original stitch.

Switch the tape so that it stretches from opposite corner to opposite corner and repeat steps 4 through 6. This will create several small X shapes where these diagonal stitches meet the stitches you just created in the opposite diagonal direction.

Trim any unnecessary edges of the quilt once you’ve completely sewn it together.

Cut out 3 and 3/4-inch strips of fabric to use as binding for the edges of the quilt. You may want to use a solid color here to tie the patterns you used together.

Sew the 3 and 3/4-inch strips together on the short side to make a long piece of fabric about 5 yards (4.6 m) long and fold it in half lengthwise.

Pin the rough edges of the strip to the raw edges of the quilt on the flannel side. Make sure to cover all four sides of the quilt.

Finally, sew the binding to the edge of the quilt. Leave a 1/2-inch seam.

Turn the quilt over and sew the folded edge of the binding to the front of the quilt. You can use any stitch of your choice for this step.

Pendleton Baby Blankets

Things You’ll Need

For the Fleece Tie Blanket

  • Tape measure
  • Straight pins
  • 4 inch (10.2 cm) x 4 inch (10.2 cm) square cutting template
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Self-healing mat
  • Sewing pins

For the Knitted Blanket

Approximately 1,000 yards (914.4 m) of yarn

Knitting needles (size of your choice)

For the Double Crochet Blanket

18 ounces of medium worsted-weight yarn

Size H crochet hook

For the Simple Baby Quilt

  • 1 14 yards (1.1 m) printed decorative quilt fabric
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Quilt batting
  • 1 14 yards (1.1 m) woven flannel
  • Bent safety pins
  • Masking tape
  • 1 yard (0.9 m) solid cotton fabric
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine

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