20 Tips to Open Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business

Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business: Photoshop allows you to use its Quick Selection Tool to cut out images of existing photos.

Learning how to perform this task means that you will be able to select a certain part of a photo.

Cut it out, and save it as a new image or insert it on other images.

You can make interesting and eye-catching designs such as collages by learning this basic Photoshop skill.

It happens often in photography.

You take a great picture of a person in the foreground.

But something is not quite right about the background.

Photoshop’s Quick Selection tool enables you to relatively easily select that person and paste her into a photo with a more suitable background.

Take advantage of the Refine Edge dialog to make more precise selections.

Dramatically cutting down on the editing you’ll need to do to the person once she has been moved to the new photo.

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Photoshop's Quick Selection Business

How to cut out an image in Photoshop

1. Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business:Open Photoshop on your computer.

2. Open the image you want to cut a section out of by selecting “Open…” under the “File” heading.

3. Select “Duplicate Layer…” under the “Layer” heading. When a box pops up, click “OK.” This creates an editable duplicate photo.

4. Click on the “Quick Selection Tool” in the Photoshop Toolbox. This tool will help you select the area you want to cut from your picture.

5. Hold down your mouse and trace the area that you want to cut out of your photo with the Quick Selection Tool.

The Quick Selection Tool will automatically select the section that you want to cut.

6. Deselect any extra areas that you do not want to be cut by clicking on the “Subtract from selection” icon that appears in the horizontal area above the Toolbox and clicking the unwanted areas.

7. Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business: Right-click your selected area and select “Layer via Cut.”

This cuts the selected area from the picture and places it in a new layer.

8.  Business: Open the photo out of which you want to cut the person.

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9. Click the “Quick Selection” tool on the Tools palette and then click the

“Auto Enhance” check box on the Options bar to help smooth out the selection capabilities of the Quick Selection tool.

10. Click and drag the Quick Selection tool around the person you want to cut out. The selection line will automatically snap to the outline of the person.

11. Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business: Click the “Refine Edge” button on the Options bar to load the Refine Edge dialog.

12. Click “View” on the Refine Edge dialog and select “On Layers” to isolate your selected person on a transparent layer so that you can more easily see her outline.

13. Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business: Click the “Smart Radius” check box and click “2” to set the radius of your selection. Modify this number up or down to fine-tune the selection radius.

14. Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business: Set the “Smoothness” field to “10” to as a starting point for smoothing out the selection. Increase this number for a less boxy outline of your person.

15. Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business: Click “OK” to accept the settings on the Refine Edge dialog.

Photoshop's Quick Selection Business

16. Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business:Press “Ctrl-C” on your keyboard to copy the selected person from your photo.

17. Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business:Open the photo into which you want to paste your person.

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18. Press “Ctrl-V” on your keyboard to paste the person into the new photo. Photoshop automatically creates a new layer for the person so that you can edit her without affecting the rest of the image.

19. Photoshop’s Quick Selection Business:Click the “Move” tool on the toolbar, click the person and drag her to the location in the photo where you want her to appear.

20. Apply any additional formatting and, when you are satisfied, click “Layer” and click “Merge Down” to merge the person with the rest of the photo.

You can now do many things with the cut image, including copying it onto other pictures or deleting the other layers in your current Photoshop document and saving the cut image layer as its own picture.

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