The 50 Best Progressive Insurance Careers

Progressive insurance careers: Progressive is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States, with a wide range of job opportunities for people interested in working in the field of insurance. Progressive offers a variety of different positions, from entry-level to experienced, as well as internships and management roles. If you’re interested in working at Progressive and what they offer their employees, read on to discover some of their most intriguing job opportunities.
Progressive also offers a number of great benefits for their employees, such as healthcare coverage, dental plans, a 401K program, paid time off and more. To learn more about what Progressive has to offer those who want to work there and see if it’s the right career path for you, keep reading to discover all their various job openings at Progressive.

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The 50 Best Progressive Insurance Careers

Progressive insurance careers:

Progressive insurance is more than just positive and negative outcomes. It’s a spectrum of opportunities that are suited to nearly any type of personality and skill set. Whether you’re a tech guru, risk taker, or someone with an eye for detail, there’s an ideal job at Progressive waiting for you. We have the whole breakdown of their various departments and roles right here. Let’s take a look at some of their best progressive insurance careers:

Claims Adjuster

Claims adjusters sit at the center of Progressive’s insurance operations. They’re the first people to get a call when someone has been in an accident and needs their car fixed. If a customer has a claim, an adjuster will get in touch to help them understand how it works and how much it will cost. Adjusters review the details of the accident and then look for a way to pay for the damage as quickly and easily as possible. They may ask a customer to send in photographs of the car or go with them to the repair shop. If a customer needs to be reimbursed for medical bills, an adjuster will work with them to choose a doctor, get the paperwork started, and then follow up to make sure the bills get paid.

Claims Investigator

If a customer’s car accident isn’t the fault of another driver, the adjuster will need to figure out who is responsible. The adjuster will start by contacting the customer, getting their side of the story, and taking notes. Next, they’ll talk to witnesses and get their statements. If the adjuster still can’t figure out who is at fault, they’ll pass the case along to an investigator to find the missing information. Investigators typically start by looking at things like the police report and witness statements. Next, they may talk to the customer and witnesses again or visit the accident scene. Most investigators use their computers to organize their notes and gather evidence. They might record interviews or take photos of the accident scene. They also might review medical records or talk to doctors to get more information about injuries.

Loss Control Specialist

People who work as loss control specialists develop ways for Progressive to reduce the risk of paying out for car insurance claims. They do this by studying the data about car accidents in certain places or for certain types of cars. Along with other data experts, they look at weather reports, driving laws, and how customers drive. Their findings help Progressive decide how much to charge for car insurance in each area. While loss control specialists focus on car accidents, they also look at other types of claims, like those for theft or broken windows. They study things like how often people file claims for those types of damage. They analyze weather reports and talk to other specialists about ways to reduce the risk of those types of damage. Loss control specialists work with other departments at Progressive. They may talk to engineers and data analysts, or they may meet with customers to ask about their driving habits.

Customer Service Representative

As one of the first people that customers speak to when they call Progressive, customer service representatives (CSRs) make sure that everyone who calls the company gets the help they need. They might start with an easy question, like explaining Progressive’s auto insurance policies or helping someone sign up for online billing. CSRs also deal with more difficult calls, like those from people who are confused about their bill or have been in an accident and need to file a claim. They might talk to someone who is angry because they got a high bill or a low offer for repairs.

Data Analyst

Data analysts look for trends in the data that loss control specialists collect about car accidents and damage. They help engineers and other specialists find ways to make cars safer and reduce the risk of damage that leads to claims. This work often starts with studying the data and identifying trends. Analysts might use a computer program to sort data into charts or graphs so they can see different types of data all at once. They might write computer programs to find patterns in the data that aren’t easy to see with the human eye. Analysts also might look at data that customers provide through surveys and focus groups. They can use that information to improve Progressive’s products, like its website or apps. They also can use data to create reports that managers and executives at Progressive can use to make decisions.

Estimator/AVM Coordinator

Estimators work with loss control specialists to decide how much Progressive should pay when someone makes a claim. They start by looking at the damage to a customer’s car. They also talk to the customer and the repair shop that worked on the car. They also look at how much similar cars cost to repair in their area. Engineers and loss control specialists also contribute to estimating repairs. With all of this information, estimators make an estimate for how much Progressive should pay for repairs. If a customer disagrees with their estimate, estimators work with them through the claims process. This includes reviewing the customer’s car, talking to them about the damage, and deciding on a fair payment. Estimators also work on other types of damage, like broken windows, or claims for other types of damage like flooding. They use the same process to decide how much Progressive should pay.

Financial Services Representative

Financial services representatives help customers with their finances. They start by asking customers questions about their financial lives and goals. Then, they can help customers find ways to reach those goals, like building a retirement fund with an IRA or getting a lower interest rate on a credit card. While financial services representatives start out talking to customers over the phone, they also meet with them in person. Representatives are licensed to help people with investments, retirement funds, taxes, mortgages, and more.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists use data, research, and customer feedback to decide which products to promote and how to promote them. They look at data about Progressive’s customers, their needs, and what other companies in their industry are doing. They also talk to customers and prospects to find out what they like and dislike about Progressive’s products. While marketing specialists may write reports, make charts, and design presentations, their main job is to communicate their findings to other departments. Engineers, customer service representatives, and financial services representatives all use their findings to improve products and make them easier to understand for customers.


Underwriters review customer information when they apply for Progressive insurance. They look at things like where customers live, the make and model of their car, and their driving record. After reviewing this information, underwriters decide how much to charge customers for car insurance. They start by looking at the car itself and how much damage it will likely cause in an accident. They also look at customer data from previous years to see how often customers file claims. After deciding how much to charge for insurance, underwriters package the policy and send it to a sales representative. The sales representative then talks to customers about Progressive’s policies. After customers buy a policy, underwriters work with other departments at Progressive to get the policy started. They make sure that customers have everything they need, like their policy booklet, and their insurance card in the right place.

What is a Progressive Insurance Career?

A progressive insurance career comes with a lot of responsibility. While it is true that progressive is not a traditional company, it still has its share of bureaucracy. There is no room for complacency in this company, and employees are expected to come up with new and creative ways to improve their process and products. To get a promotion in Progressive, you will have to prove your worth by demonstrating your abilities with every single task you are given. Progressive doesn’t hand out promotions simply because you’ve been with the company for a couple of years. This company expects all of their employees to go above and beyond, and it rewards those who do. Progressive is a great company to work for, and it is a good choice for anyone looking for an exciting career in insurance.

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