23 Tips to Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online: Pizza is a staple in any community. This type of business might offer food for delivery, carryout or dine-in.

Over the past few decades, the prepared food industry has boomed as consumers increasingly rely on quick and easy meals to accommodate their busy schedules.

Pizza, one of the most popular prepared foods, can be tailored to fit numerous tastes and has become a staple product of thousands of take-out and delivery pizza businesses.

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Promote Pizza Parlor Online
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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

However, it’s important for any entrepreneur to be aware that the majority of new prepared food businesses fail in their first year due to lack of essential business strategy and management skills.

If you have your own business, it’s important to promote your brand in order to attract new clients.

Focus on a few simple strategies to help you get the word out there about your company.

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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

Does your pizzeria have an online marketing strategy? If not, it’s time to adopt one.

While traditional print marketing continues to be a great way to promote your pizzeria.

If you’re not also working online marketing channels.

I can guarantee you’re missing out on opportunities to promote your menu items and specials.

Find new customers, and create a more convenient customer experience.

Collectively, that means you’re missing out on profits. At Detroit Style Pizza Co.

We’ve made a concerted effort to promote our pizzeria in the digital arena.

Below, I’ve shared 10 ways you can promote and enhance your pizzeria online.

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

1. Gain culinary experience.

Though you don’t need any certification to start a pizza business.

It’s a good idea to attend a culinary trade school where you’ll learn to cook more than a pizza.

Offering additional dishes on the menu could attract more customers for your own pizza business.

  • Whether you actually attend culinary school or spend years working in a pizzeria, the important thing is to gather the experience you’ll need to help your business be successful. This could be done through formal education or through hands-on experience.
  • Some pizza chefs recommend traveling to Italy for an apprenticeship to learn the original art of making delicious pizza.

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2. Make sure you are compliant with all laws.

Schedule an appointment with your local health and safety authority to check your location.

If all is in compliance with health and safety regulations.

You will be issued a permit that allows you to conduct business.

  • Additionally, keep in mind that you will need to acquire a liquor license.
  • If you want to be able to serve alcohol at your pizza establishment.
  • This is another thing you will need to look into with your local health and safety authority, as regulations vary from state to state.

3. Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

If you are interested in starting a pizza business in your home.

You can do so as long as you make sure you apply for a proper food license.

Without this license, it will be illegal for you to prepare and serve food to people for money – so don’t skip this step.

Check with your local city hall to find out exactly what attaining the license entails.

Since regulations can vary from place to place.

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

4.  Add online ordering to your website

If you don’t have a website, launch one. If your website doesn’t offer online ordering, add it.

You don’t have to pay a developer for a completely custom solution.

Third-party services handle all the technical legwork and allow you to focus on your menu, specials, and order fulfillment.

We use Hunger Rush by Revention.

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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

5.  Use social media extensively

Social media can be one of your most powerful promotional allies – especially Facebook.2

We routinely add our promotions and events to Facebook.

And also add special Facebook-only promotions for our fans.

In one recent promotion, we placed $50 gift cards near well-known Detroit landmarks and sent our Facebook fans on a scavenger hunt to find them.

When the Tigers played in the World Series.

We gave away pizzas to the first person to post the score on our Facebook page after each home run.

When we host tours, attend events, or have celebrity customers, we also always post photos on Facebook.

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

6.  Get a mobile app

Mobile apps make it more convenient for customers to order from you.

And that convenience can translate into many repeat orders.

Again, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for custom mobile app development.

Hunger Rush offers them, and so do many other companies, tailored to the needs of pizzerias.

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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

7.  Write a blog

Your blog is a great way to connect with customers (so long as your content is interesting).

And it’s also a great way to boost your search engine rankings.

A well-written blog makes your pizzeria more relevant.

If you don’t have the time or know-how to do it yourself, hire a writer to do it for you.

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

8.  Write guest blog posts and articles

Not only should you write your own blog.

You should also write posts and articles to be published on other websites.

Guest blogging has helped Detroit Style Pizza Co. get featured in notable industry publications such as Pizza Today.

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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

9.  Sell brand merchandise and more online

No one who enters your pizzeria should leave without the chance to purchase a tee shirt.

But if they do they should be able to buy one online.

You can also sell gift cards and other merchandise – shot glasses, beer glasses, coffee mugs, and more – online.

Detroit Style Pizza Co. sells mail order pizzas and Authentic Detroit Style Pizza pans and lids online.

As well as a “Make  Your Own Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Gift Set” so customers can make their own at home.

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

10.  Local search engine optimization

As noted, blogging and guest blogging can help with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

But there are other strategies.

Such as making sure your website is properly optimized and making sure your pizzeria’s profile on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing is fully complete.

Often, those profiles are what display in search results.

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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

11.  Local search and site marketing

If you employ an intelligent online advertising strategy, you can reach targeted local customers via search engine and website ads.

Learn how to target your ads to your best customer base.

Or hire a pro to help you), and advertise on search engines and websites your local customers visit frequently.

12.  Email newsletter

Give your customers a chance to opt-in to an email newsletter by offering an incentive to do so.

We regularly send newsletters with our latest news and special VIP-only discounts.

The newsletters give us a chance to bring our customers into the fold your business on a more personal level.

Email – and also allows our most loyal customers to print new coupons every month good for deals only they can access.

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

13.  Press releases

Well-written press releases with target distribution have a powerful impact on your pizzeria.

First, they can lead to exciting local and national news features.

Second, they reinforce your brand image and prominence.

Finally, press releases contribute to SEO efforts.

They show up in a lot of news feeds as well, which makes it far more likely new customers will order from your pizzeria.

By trying these online marketing tactics, your pizzeria will reach new customers and increase foot traffic!

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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

14.Create a brand image, or logo.

 Widespread brand recognition is your goal.
As it will give your business credibility and inspire others to spread the word about your business.
Grow your brand by placing your logo in your business stationary, business cards, email signatures, brochures, signs, website and merchandising materials.

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

15. Network.

Meeting professionals from other, related businesses is an effective form of business promotion.

As it provides you with opportunities to learn about your competitors, ask for referrals.

Form mutually beneficial partnerships in complementary industries and spread awareness about your business throughout a group of like-minded people.

 Network with other professionals in the following ways:

16. Attend networking group meetings.

You can find networking groups and clubs on the Internet, in newspapers and in trade publications.

  • Introduce yourself to people at the meetings. Explain what it is your business does, what you offer that makes you stand out from your competition and what you are looking for in business relationships.
  • Ask relevant questions during group discussions. In addition to promoting your business, you can learn a lot at networking meetings. Additionally, asking open-ended questions encourages others to participate in the conversation, and sets you up for more introductions.
  • Hand out your business cards. Set up private meetings with those who express an interest in getting to know more about your business.

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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

17. Advertise.

 Consider these methods for advertising your business:

  • Signs. You may opt for storefront signs, billboards, marquee boards or street-side yard signs.
  • Print. Place print ads in magazines, newspapers, coupon books, trade journals and industry magazines. Choose print mediums that are suited to your business. For example, if you run a technology parts recycling warehouse, then you may consider placing ads in computer classifieds and technology magazines.
  • Commercials. Television and radio commercials are effective ways to promote your business to a broad audience, but they are relatively costly forms of advertising.

    Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

  • Advertisements. You may opt to pass out promotional materials at trade shows, at store fronts, in parking lots or in any other highly-populated areas. Some businesses, like nightclubs and entertainment venues, hire street crews to hand out advertisements and attract new customers.
  • Direct mail. You may purchase mailing lists targeted to your segment of the consumer market, then mail out letters, brochures, catalogs or postcards. This method is effective when you want to provide potential customers with paper coupons, vouchers, business cards or promotional merchandising.
  • Public relations (PR) firms. You may hire a PR firm to create publicity for you in the form of news write-ups and press releases.

    Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

  • Internet. Promoting a business online involves setting up a business website, participating in industry/trade forum discussions, running a blog , setting up accounts on social networking sites, using pay-per-click and banner ads, listing your business information in business directories and employing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Every business, regardless of its size or scope, could benefit from Internet marketing, and many Internet marketing mediums are free to use.
  • AR Advertising. Short for Augmented Reality Advertising. It enriches the user experience by bringing life to the prints, when it’s enhanced with extra layer called a digital layer.

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18. Build business partnerships with other organizations.

In effect, piggyback off the success of another business.

Taco Bell has recently unveiled the Doritos Locos Taco.

Which is a branding coup for both Taco Bell and Doritos. Whenever you think of one brand, the other brand comes to mind, and vice versa. Business partnerships can be very effective advertising tools.

  • Note: it’s tough to build a business partnership with an established company when your company isn’t yet established. Businesses understand the value (or lack of value) you’re giving them, and may want something in return or simple avoid business with you in the first place.

19. Offer freebies.

Pass out merchandise with your company’s name and/or logo on it so everyone you meet at networking events.
Trade shows, client meetings and even personal social gatherings.
Things like pens, magnets and calendars are good merchandising ideas.
As these tend to stay in use, and within view, for extensive periods of time.

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

20. Develop relationships with your customers.

 Customers are people — not numbers — and it is important that you put consideration and effort into building personal relationships with them.
For example, when you send out Christmas cards each year.
You not only gain customer loyalty but you also inspire customers to promote your business to the people they know.

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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

21. Encourage customers to talk about their experience using your business.

There is no tool more powerful than people talking with their family members or friends about your product or the quality of your work.
If your customers are fully satisfied then you should ask them to refer you or your product to their family or friends.
It is important to realize that your customers may not do so automatically.
And sometime a little poke requesting them to refer your business may work wonders.
Go ahead, be bold and ask for more work.

Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

22. Take some business classes.

Even though you will be involved in the food industry.
It is still important to have some kind of business savvy under your belt.
You will be responsible for ensuring your business runs smoothly.
And providing your employees with reliable income.
So it will be beneficial for you to gain some insight on the business aspects of running a pizza place.

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Promote Pizza Parlor Business Online

23. More tips

  • For the first 2 years in business put your profit back for the business to grow.
  • It is important to build your business through word of mouth or referral.
  • If you have done things right and your customers are happy with the task performed than they would gladly refer you to their family members or friends.
  • The important thing to remember here is that even though people are happy with your product or work, they will not make the first move of telling others unless you request them to do so.
  • Go ahead, be bold, and ask for more business and people will oblige.
  • If you order pens, make sure the staff at the reception area or front lobby (if you have one) uses those to promote the company.

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