Better Understanding/Proper use of Sewing Machine

Better Understanding/Proper use of Sewing Machine

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sewing machine is a major sewing equipment.Proper use of Sewing Machine

It is very important in successful sewing.

It is also an expensive and complicated piece of equipment.

It is therefore very important that one chooses it carefully and wisely.

It is also important that it is handled carefully.

In order to these, you need to its various parts, and be able to maintain and operate it properly.

Types of sewing machines

There are different types and makes of sewing machines.

However, all sewing machines are basically similar.

They may differ in type and number of kinds of stitches they make.

They can also differ in the way they can be operated.

The following are common types of sewing machines:

1. Hand sewing machine:

This is simple. It is operated just with hand. It requires to be placed on a table

Proper use of Sewing Machine

2.Treadle sewing machine:

This is operated with the feet. The worker has both hands free for guiding the work. It normally has a special stand.

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3. Electric sewing machine:

This is operated with the aid of electric motor.

Some hand and treadle machines can easily be converted to electric sewing machines by using the electric motor.

Some machines make just straight stitches, while others make both straight and zigzag stitches.

Proper use of Sewing Machine

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Machine Identification:

Before purchasing your sewing machine, you must first of all identify the following:

  1. Presser bar regulating thump screw
  2. Face cover
  3. Take-up Disc
  4. Thread Take-up Spring
  5. Tension Disc
  6. Face cover thread guide
  7. Presser foot
  8. Slide
  9. Needle plate
  10. Spool pins
  11. Bobbin winder tension discs
  12. Stitch regulator
  13. Bobbin winder
  14. Balance wheel
  15. Needle bar
  16. Needle clamp screw
  17. Needle

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Proper use of Sewing Machine

Proper use of Sewing Machine


Guidelines for choosing a sewing machine:

  1. Compare similar type of sewing machines by different manufacturers.
  2. Compare their servicing arrangements, parts, prices and any other necessary information.
  3. Consider the money available. Buy the best your money can afford.
  4. Consider the weight of the machine. Very heavy ones may be too difficult to carry about.
  5. Before paying for the machine, check to ensure that you have the instructional manual or handbook, all the accessories and spare parts that accompany the machine.
  6. Before carrying away the machine, it is necessary to have the dealer demonstrate to you how it should be operated. Then try it yourself.

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